วิธีทำดาบคอสเพลย์ #Propmaker

Welcome to the Prop Maker! So today we’ll be making one of the most requested props. Which is Katana sword! So let’s start! These are tools we’ll be using this time. First, soft wood the size is 100×12 cm. You don’t have to use soft wood like me. But personally I prefer soft wood because this makes our prop more sturdy. You could also use Balsa wood if you want. You won’t have much problem when cutting it but the sturdiness is less than the soft wood. Next pencil and pen. Fret saw. I’ve always use it for sawing wood that isn’t too much thick. And get more detail. And it can also be use in the small space. Next cutter. Because we’re using softwood which could be cut by the cutter. Scissors Next sand papers to scrub the blade part. Next Chrome spray paint. We’ll be using this to paint our blades Adhesive tape! To hide the part that we don’t like the color to get struck when we’re rainting. Next is rope the size should be about the shoe lace size. And around 3 meters in length. Glue Air dry clay. We’ll be using this to make rubber foam be in the best shape before we paint. Then Acrylic paint to make some detail on our prop. Next is Latex glue. We’ll apply this before we paint you can look for the previous EP to know why we did this. And last one is rubber foam. That’s all so let’s get started! First is draw your pattern. There’s download link in the description of the video. There’s various style so you could choose the one you like! Then use our fret saw to cut the pattern off the wood. Doing this will require quite a lot of focus and efforts. So if you’re not used to this you could start from balsar wood. Also this fret saw blade are really thin. So watch out if it is too hot when you’re using it will break really easily. So if the blade is getting hot wait a minute before continue doing. So try finding the blade with good quality. For how to cut is like the picture just trim out the wood bit by bit. Because our saw won’t last if you try to cut all of this in one time. Then use cutter to get the work done neatly. Like this and be careful. Then draw the detail of the blade. There’s some that look likes a wave too. But the pattern we have will be the normal straight one After that use chemical pen to make it easier to see. Then we’ll have to divide the blade in to two. Use your pen again to divide one side into two part which will be your blade side. Then again your cutter. Then trim the blade part slowly don’t over do it into the other side. Or it’ll look weird. Do it until it’s sharp enough for you. Then use sand papers to polish the blade Use the thick one will be easier in doing this. And that’s done. Next use black Acrylic color. Paint it on the groove and the back of your sword. Do not paint the outer side of the pen. After the color had dried use glue tape to cover the black part. You could use cutter to trim the part that is over extended of the tape. Then use the spray color we prepared earlier Then wait for the spray to dry out and be careful not
to touch it. Then pull out the glue tape from earlier. Next we’ll be making the guard. Draw the pattern in rubber foam the cut out two of them. Use hot glue to stick them together. Then use cutter to cut and make detail like in pattern. Then cut another foam the size of the guard thickness to hide the part we put together. Then trim the border nicely. You could use solder like me to make the detail or using rubber foam are okay too. And that’s done for our guard. Next will be handle. Cut two rubber foam with the size of handle. Stick with the wood using hot glue. Then trim the edge of this part using cutter or scissors. Doing this will make it looks not too rectangular when you bind it with rope. Then use little rubber foam. To stick it as a collar which katana usually have. Then paint with Acrylic color. You can choose freely which color you want. Next the rope I’ll be using is black so for the edge will be painted in black. Next is one of the most important part which is the rope. Estimate wherre the center of the rope is and stick it with the handle here. Flip to the other side then start from the left. Put it to the other side and twist. Bring it to the back. Hold it tightly then do the same with the right side. If you don’t understand scroll back and watch again! Then do the same repeatedly until the tip. When you reach the tip tie it together then stick with hot glue. The remaining rope is then cut off. Then cover the tip by rubber foam. Actually there’s a lot more about katana’s rope. Which is too much for prop making so we’ll leave it just this. Then we’ll be making scabbard. Cut and assembly the rubber foam like in pattern. Do it slowly so it’ll be nicely done. This shouldn’t be too hard since we’re using rubber foam. Trim the part that is over-extended. But careful not to make it shorter that the blade. Then bend it to oval shape. You could also use hair dryer to make this easier too. So bend it until it’s done. Then cover the tip with rubber foam again. Then use scissors or cutter to cut the over-extended part. If it is nicely done already you don’t have to do this. Then use air dry clay to hide the leaked part. Then use sand paper to polish the work one more time. As the same before coloring use latex glue to coat first. Mix it with water first. Then use your brush to coat it. Do this repeatedly 2-3 times. Then start with base color. If you’re making the black one then lucky you one pain it one time and that’s done. The other just do it the way you like. So this is mine the purple one are table tennis balls. So, be sure to try it your self. Or you could cover leather it too. But today is just the basics of making swords or katanas. So this one is the leather covered one. It’ll be more sparkly than the one we made today. And thanks for watching. Be sure to get in touch with us at our fanpage. Or you could comment in this VDO Thank you again and Goodbye!

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