028 Publishing Your Website

Right now your web site is actually still private. And so if someone else who isn’t logged onto your WordPress tries to view your web site then they’re going to end up with a page that looks something like this. And the reason why I’m getting this right now is because I open up a new private window so that I can see what the Web site looks like to a visitor who’s not logged in. You can also do this by opening up your web site or trying to open up your Web site in a completely different browser so to publish your Web site. It’s very easy when your web site isn’t published. You’ll see this your site is currently displaying a coming soon page. Once you are ready to launch your site click here. This announcement is at the top of pretty much every page when you log on or go to any of these menu items. So just click there and your site will become live. Now if I open up a new private window I go to Ebner designs dot com. Now your web site is live for the public to see. You don’t really have to worry about anyone stumbling across your web site unless they’re actually typing in your URL directly and visiting it. Or if for some reason you do have a lot of blog content or content on your pages that does somehow get picked up by Google or other search engines. But we haven’t even indexed our site for search engines yet which we’ll be doing with a plug in. So if you want you can go ahead and make your Web site published. Or if you don’t you can keep it private until you edit it and put it all together. So now that our Web site is public we can go about and start editing it more and in the next lessons will be learning about adding more blog articles.

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