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  1. As a native English speaker I pretty much follow the proper pronunciations, however we English speakers need to modernize the spelling of our modern language. The sooner the better. It is ridiculous we still use spellings that almost go back to Middle English period,to where if you heard someone one speak it as it use to be pronounced, you’d swear it was a very foreign language. Come on English, get real!

  2. Yes, ma'am, we would very much like you to make many videos of this type. Probably won't I never get to pronounce properly, but I shall try. I am a member of 2 expats clubs, and there is no point in explaining to you why. I need to understand lectures on many topics / subjects and to converse clearly with all my comrades from all over the world. I don’t know exactly, but let’s say I know 5000 words, sentences /phrases, expressions. I’m not going to learn again how to pronounce all that.
    Club members tell me to keep my French accent that is charming but just focus on "the "th sound" "s sound" and "Z sound" that I pronounce unproperly. Have you ever done any course / classe(s) on this topic? Thank you ever so much. Nice video indeed. Cordially. L'anglais est une langue vraiment difficile à prononcer. Pourquoi ça? Et vous dites que le Français est difficile ! Merci encore.

  3. I have come to realise that the problem is not the pronunciation but it how the words are written. They should write them the same way we pronounce them. Lol

  4. This is how Californians pronounce these words, not the rest of the United States tho. Today is 24, September 2019. She's very helpful .

  5. No one I’ve ever met in my life has ever said “ uhmonds” (skipping the “L”) It’s ALWAYS, pronounced all-mond and this is true all over the US. Others below have said the L is also pronounced in the UK

  6. In a video about proper pronunciation, shouldn’t she know that the correct pronunciation of the letter „h“ is „aitch“ not „haitch“? The actual letter „h“ in the word is silent.

  7. The English language has got to be the best example of redundancy , Indulgence of idioms a waste just as we waste everything else

  8. Lots of native speakers pronounce the L in almond.
    Al mond and some all mond. Both seem exceptable. A mond is not so popular in usage in Canada/ US

  9. Jewelry. Jew lery is used often in Canada. Many people us the pronunciation jewlry for one item and jewlery for more than one item.

  10. Though I have been a teacher of English for more than thirty eight years , I confess I benefit much from these lessons. You are an excellent teacher indeed. Thank you. My name is Amir and I live in New York now as I am originally from Egypt.

  11. Can you really tell native English speakers that the word is not pronounced vegetable that it's pronounced vegtable? Nah! It all depends on where you come from. Same with comfortable.

  12. Today I have a chance to see you videos. It gave me a better understanding about some basic grammar. I think you did your you well. Will you make a video about the thesis statement if you have free time

  13. "A good example to people whose
    English is painful to your ears?
    The Scotch and the Irish leave you close to tears.
    There even are places where English completely
    Disappears. In America, they haven't used it for years!
    Why can't the English teach their children how to speak? " – My Fair Lady

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