11 Websites That Will Pay You Daily Within 24 Hours!

In this video, I’m going to be showing you
11 websites that are going to pay you daily for whatever you’re doing. There’s a ton
of different stuff. We got a couple different things here. We got 4 more
websites here and we got websites here. I’m talking about websites that’ll pay
you to watch videos. I’m talking about websites that’ll pay you to share links.
I’m talking about websites that’ll pay you to take pictures. We have a lot of
cool stuff. Some of these can be done. These apply to all different countries.
Okay? So, you know, some of them work in some countries. Some of them work in
other countries. You can do some of these no matter what age you are.
But either way, these are great opportunities to get paid daily and you
can get started online for free. Let’s check this out right here. Okay, so the
first website is actually my favorite because it gives you a chance to be a
secret agent. And this website is called fieldagent.com. And I’m going to be
going over some of these in groups of 3. So field agent, we’re going to go over
line. It’s a work at home opportunity. It’s not done at your computer which is
interesting. So, I’m going to be addressing some of these jobs where you’re not just
working on your computer. And you know, let me know what you think. And then this
one… Oopsies, I totally spelled this wrong. But this is called app trailers, okay? And
this is where you watch videos and we’re going to check these out on my computer
right here. Let’s check them out. So, field agent. Look at this. So you know, it pays
to be a field agent. And it’s available on the Apple Store and the Google store.
And you make money, you can get paid via PayPal you can get paid daily. And you
see, you know you have to complete your agent profile and all this stuff. Now,
what you’re doing is you’re a secret shop or a mystery shopper. It’s actually
a field of work. And it’s how companies and brands and grocery stores and
business owners brick-and-mortar business owners get competitive
intelligence. They send people to go into other stores and just kind of look at
the merchandise and take pictures. How are things laid out. You know,
what new companies what new products are in you know their competitor store, etc. It gives them intelligence. And what you’re doing is you’re taking
pictures. You know, you’re taking pictures of their displays. You’re taking pictures
of products. Like this. You’re taking pictures of what craft beers other
companies are placing in their stores. And big companies pay them for that. So,
you get money just going in a store and taking pictures. That’s it. Now, lime. Now,
lime is crazy. You know, it’s these scooters that have taken over America.
They’ve taken over other parts of the world. And it’s really easy just to rent
scooters. You kind of like walk up to these scooters. You take a picture of the
scooter and suddenly it unlocks the scooter and you can ride it around for
like 20 cents an hour or something like that. So, it’s a great new service that’s
offered. But the problem with these scooters is that they’re just all over
the city and they need to be recharged because they’re electric. So, it’s created
this new category of jobs for people called juicers. So, you could be a lime
juicer and all you have to do is collect these limes, collect these scooters and
you have to take him to a library or your home or a friend’s place. Plug them
in and charge them up. And that’s the job. Now to become a lime juicer, you want to
go on the link in my description and you’ll come across this site that’s
really hard to read which says become a lime juicer and start earning with lime
today. And what you’ll do is you’ll go around cities and you’ll pick up these
scooters and you’ll charge them up, that’s it. Really easy. You know, a lot of
people what they do is their friends pickup truck and they go take them all
to the library or some you know public space. They just plug them all in. They
get a big extension cord they blow out circuits. They charge them all up and
they make money. So, you make I think like 5 to 10 dollars per line and let you
juice. So, if you collect 20 scooters in the night, you just made 200 bucks.
It’s a really good business model. Get paid really easily. Now, the next site
where you can get paid daily is called AppTrailers. And app trailers is
available on Apple and Google store and all you have to do is watch trailers of
apps. You earn reward points and you can transfer those reward points into PayPal
money. Can transfer it to Amazon money or
Starbucks or Google money. Whatever you want, you can take those reward points
and put them into anything and you get paid daily. So, check this out you install
the app and you watch videos and you get money. That’s it. You’re not going to become
a millionaire doing this if that’s what you’re hoping for but you’ll earn a
little extra. Instead of you know just scrolling through the Facebook newsfeed,
like you know Pavlov’s dog, you can actually be watching videos and make
some money doing it. Boom! Okay, so let’s go on to these next.
I’m going to do a group of 4 here so they’re you know I’m just not jumping
back and forth between my computer. But this one is called GigWalk, okay? Now,
gigwalk is sort of like the secret shop or is you’re doing little
micro jobs for big companies such as Deloitte or Red Bull or you know,
Paramount Studios or whatever. You know, sometimes it’s surveys but oftentimes
it’s you have to go around cities and do little jobs or grab something or do
something for somebody else. So, you’re working for big companies, you’re doing
little jobs. You might go to a store and take a photo of you know a Wells Fargo
or you might do something like that. But you’re working for big companies. If you
work for gigwalk you’d be called a gig walker. Pretty cool. Manifest is a
really cool site. It’s where you can raise awareness for charities and get
paid doing so. So, if you have a lot of friends who are like giving money to
charities, it could make some money, extra money giving money to charities. Next one
is called Scrible. Now, with Scribie, if you know other language or if you just know
English, you can get paid to either translate or you can get paid to
transcribe. Now, transcribe is a fancy word for saying you are writing down the
words that people are saying. So, like in this video, you know, I might put up a job
on Scribie that says, “Hey, write down every single word I said in this video.
And I’ll pay you money to do it.” And number 7 is ClearVoice, okay? So,
ClearVoice is where you get paid to actually write or post in different
companies on places like Facebook or Google or Twitter or on other people’s
blogs or on forums or just to write articles. Any
sort of writing and kind of social posting, they pay you in ClearVoice and
you work for big companies and I’ll show you some of those in a second. And we’re
going to go over the last bit right after this. We’re going to get to numbers 8, 9, 10, 11. Which number ten is my favorite in how to get paid daily. So
check this out. So gigwalk is easy. You can check the
links in my description but you can see gigwalk right here and what it is is
you’re working, you’re doing little jobs, for big brands. Now, check this out.
So some of the brand’s they work with that you might be doing jobs for. Again,
this is I think only available in certain major countries. But you know Red
Bull, CROSSMARK, Wrigley, frito-lay. You know, Unilever. These are billion-dollar
companies right here that you can do work for, okay? Really exciting stuff. Now,
in order to sign up for this, you’ll want to either go up here in the top. It says,
“Gigwalkers”. You’ll click on that. Or you will scroll down to the bottom of the
page and you’ll see a section that says “gigwalkers”. And they have some of their
common questions right there answered as well as that so you can just click there
and you can sign up, get started learn how to it all works, okay? Next is
manifest. Not going to spend too much time on this. But basically you are sharing
charity causes. And if people donate, you get paid. Now, they haven’t paid out that
much but they have paid out money. And if you’re already going to be sharing a
charity, why not make money doing it? So, they’ve already paid out their users
almost $200,000. So, there is some money and sharing good
causes, I guess. Scribie is audio transcription, okay? So, it’s taking videos
like this and you’re writing down every word. It’s kind of boring work. Look at
this. It’s not that much money. You get paid like 10 cents a minute. Now 10
cents a minute, I don’t know if that’s a minute per video or whatnot. But if we
look at 10 cents per minute times 60 minutes, that’s about $6 an hour.
So, that’s alright. You know, $6 an hour for anywhere in the world. You
know, like a lot of place in the world, they don’t have any money. They don’t
have any jobs. So, this could be a very easy way to earn
$6 an hour. Okay? ClearVoice is another company where you’re working
with brands. And you are doing in this case, writing for them. So, as you see here
there’s, you know, some big companies such as LifeLock, Cabela’s, Orkin, etc. And in
order to sign up for this, you could click here “join the talent network”, okay?
Right there or you can click this button up here which says Talent Network. Okay?
And we go there and it says take a peek at our Talent Network. Find freelancers
you just say.. I’m going to click join. But they’re looking for freelance writers in
all these different categories, okay? So, go to our freelance page to get started.
And here it is. Clear voice for freelancers and what you do is you have
to upload your resume, upload a few things and hopefully get accepted. So, go
for it. Okay, so let’s finish out these jobs where you can get paid daily. There
are a lot of options here. If this is crazy how many ways there are to earn
money from the internet, just type in the comments “crazy.” Because a lot of people
think that earning money online is like or working for yourself is some magical
dream. But what people don’t understand is we’ve just been living under a rock.
We’ve been brainwashed by the fake news media for so many years. We’ve been
brainwashed by the education system for so many years into making us think that
the only way to make money is working a job as being as somebody else’s slave.
And it’s not true. As you see, this internet revolution is happening and
there are so many ways you can earn money working for yourself. You know, or
working on your own terms at least. So, if that is just kind of blowing your mind
or if it’s shifting your paradigms that I grew up with that everybody grew up
with, type in “crazy” in the comments. Because I really believe a revolution is
happening and that is why I’m so passionate about bringing this
information to you. You have everything you need.
You can work for yourself you don’t need that commute, you don’t need that boss.
You don’t need to dread going to work each day. You can set your own schedule.
First sight is Qme. So Qme is kind of a mixture of things. It’s… You can take
surveys and you can get rewarded for shopping. I’ll go into that in a second.
The next one is being a bird catcher. Okay? It’s working for a company called
Bird. This can pay very well. Again, it requires you to actually live in a city
where birds are. Mostly the US and Canada. And birds are scooters, by the way. Not
like actual flying birds. So, number 10 is TestingTime and number 11 is PostLoop.
And testing time is a site where you get paid literally just to browse web sites.
And what they’ll have you do is they’ll have you download a software program to
allow you to record your screen and they just want you to usability test. Because
the fact of the matter is now that there are thousands or tens of thousands of
different types of devices people use, different phones, different tablets
different computers. Different everything. TVs, people are using the Internet
everywhere and oftentimes companies have no idea what their website looks like on
a particular device. Because there’s just too many, there too many bugs. There too
many glitches. So, they use testing time they want to see your stuff going on. And
PostLoop will go into that. So, here we are on Qme. And Qme it’s kind of an
annoying sight. It blends a lot of different things. That blend surveys
cashback and affiliate marketing and see you can skit. Right here, “share your
opinion shop and search and earn real cash rewards.” So again, they will pay you
daily. And it says “earn cash not swagger points.” So, they’re big on making you
money. Earn money when you share your opinions which is doing surveys. Earn
money when you shop. Which is getting cash back on everyday purchases. And you
know what they’re not telling you to is you know they have a big affiliate
program. So, you can get money when other people sign up for Qme. Sign up for Qme
through my link. It’s in the description, right? Let’s move onwards. Now, Bird. Bird
is a scooter company. A lot of people think birds are these animals that fly
in the air but it’s actually a scooter company.
And they are popular across America. You know, they’re all over the place now. And
they’ve gone into electric bikes as well. And as you can see, they’re all over
America and over Europe now. They’ve expanded to Europe. Now, the way these
bikes and these scooters work is you download the app and you just put your
phone over it and it activates and you can start riding around on the scooter
the bike. Now once again, just like lime, they need people to collect these birds.
Take them to places where there’s power or electricity and charge them back up.
And you get paid something like 5 or 10 dollars per bird. You charge up and
your title would be you’d be a bird catcher. And you could make pretty good
money doing this. I’ve heard of people making hundreds of dollars a night being
a bird catcher. But you got to usually go out at night. Usually it’s like after 10
o’clock. You got a charge them but sometime between like 10:00 or 11:00 at
night and 5:00 a.m. in the morning, okay? And what you’ll do is you’ll charge them
and then you drive him and you have to put them in particular drop-off
locations where the people ride the birds. So, it’s pretty cool though. You
can make good money doing it. Bird catcher and Lime Juice or probably the
best paying jobs. But again you need to live in America. You can’t be in
Bangladesh. But I love Bangladesh. I haven’t been there but you know, I have
some friends from there. So, testing time. This is my favorite because this is
something that I use. and basically you’ll be using sites and
you’ll be taking videos of using other companies sites and they need you to
become a test user. So, you would sign up right here, become a test user to click
that button. Follow the instructions and get started. And last but not least, we
have post loop which is once again, writing content for companies. So, as you
see, they basically will just write articles or social media posts or all
different sorts of things for companies that need to be more active on social
media. So, very easy. You can sign up. You can get started fast and start getting
paid today. Yes! That was awesome. Eleven different
ways you can get paid daily. And let me know in the comments what your favorite
method of getting paid daily was. Remember, we have the secret age and
being a field agent or secret shop. We have been a lime juicer, going around you
know America charging limes. We have app trailers which is watching videos and
getting pay. We have gig walk which is doing little jobs you know for big
companies. Manifests, sharing charity causes. We have scribble which is
transcribing audio. We have clear voice which is writing stuff for big companies.
We have Qme which is doing surveys and getting cash back. We have been a
Bird catcher which is driving around America or Europe and you know catching
birds. And you know, we have testing time which is just literally using websites
and kind of you know narrating you know your experience and you know what you’re
doing and if everything makes sense. Then we have post loop which is doing social
media posting for different companies that need more social media. So, let me
know in the comments what was your favorite method of making money online.
And getting paid daily. So, let me know in the comments. Talk to you soon. Make sure
you subscribe to my channel if you want to see more videos like this. Like this
video if you got some content from this. And people, people, people. You just learn
all these ways to make money. What do I recommend to make money online and
there’s only one option. You must be new to this channel because it is affiliate
marketing. And affiliate marketing is basically selling products online and
earning a commission from the companies who want me to sell their products. And
it’s posting links. You can do it free, you can do to pay I have a 6-week
course and I have a money Club which you can join click that join button. $50 and
you get over 40 hours of content. You get 2 times a month where you can talk to
me live I’m an affiliate multi-millionaire. You get to have an
affiliate or an internet multi-millionaire in your network. Talk
with me whatever on a live stream. And I look forward to chatting with you guys.
Remember, drop out of school, quit your job and take back control
of your life. Start working for yourself. Be free,
Don’t let social media control you. Make sure you control it. Use it to make money
online. Work for yourself. Don’t listen to the fake news. Turn off your TV and start
living life on your own terms. I look forward to seeing you in the next video.
I look forward to seeing you in the money club and look forward to seeing
you in the comments. And I love you. Have a great day, see you later.

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