2018 Web Development Portfolio Night

Today, we are having a portfolio night. All of the students in the Web Development Postgraduate certificate program are showing the best pieces that they’ve created all year. I came to the portfolio show to see the amazing students. We’ve hired students for the last two years, and we plan on continuing to hire them. One thing that is very difficult to find are developers who could work really well together and all these projects are all group projects and you could see that they’re all very proud of all the different works
that they’ve done as a group together and when I go visit them they’re actually showing me who worked on what and who did what and they’re all
very proud of their work, and the final result that they all did together. And I find that very impressive. I’ve built some really amazing relationships here. One person may have more of a knack for, let’s say, programming, and someone else has more of a knack for design, and then someone else has a knack for organizing different people, and when you find the right people, that’s when you can create amazing projects. They come from all backgrounds. We have English Majors, and Graphic Designers, philosophers, and we’re teaching them the whole package. So it’s not just the code, it’s how to manage a shared vision and manage a consensus between teammates. And also, their persistence, their desire to learn this stuff, is what’s brought them here today, And I’m very proud of them. After moving to Canada, I had to continue my learning. Humber gave me many opportunities to learn so many new technologies. And I met a lot of people. I felt really welcomed. I really look forward to joining a company where I can use all my skills and my help my career grow. When I look at where I am now, I have so many more skills. Now I know how to interact with a database, I know how to create web pages from scratch. I’m able to do so much more now, that I’m excited to see what jobs I’m able to get, and where I can go with it and what I can do for the world.

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