2019 Changwon K-POP World Festival – Global Audition EP.2 – Chile

(Chile) We’re in South America, on the other side of the globe. Among all the South American countries, we’re in Chile, where the passion for K-pop is the strongest. (Splendid stages) A lot of talented people who love K-pop participated. There were splendid stages you couldn’t take your eyes off from, as well as high-quality performances. The responses to the performances were the best so far. Global Audition in Chile will start right now! (Chile is the longest country in the world.) Chile is the longest country in the world. Because this is the case, it has a variety of charms. (South American tradition and modernity coexist here.) In particular, Chile’s capital Santiago is called the “Europe of South America”. Culture and the arts are very developed. (Culture and the arts are very developed in Santiago.) We can see many musicians on the streets. The first place our staff visited in Santiago was a quiet park. (We can hear K-pop from somewhere.) Our ears were captured by the music, and we followed it instinctively. (That’s amazing!) We found some friends busking passionately. (We found a team busking in the park.) – Hello, we are ROYALS D.C. / – We are ROYALS D.C. ROYALS D.C is a big fan of the group KARD. They know all of their songs. Not only are they participating with a KARD song, but they are also famous for covering KARD songs. (Yes, KARD!) They really are big fans of KARD. They start to smile as soon as we mention KARD. ROYALS D.C member Daniela wanted to show us something. She invited the staff to her house. Daniela, what do you want to show us? I’m curious! Hurry up and show us! (ROYALS D.C received a prize with a KARD song.) (It’s an autographed poster by KARD.) (She is showing off the things she has collected.) Daniela proudly shows us the prized collection she has collected. (But…) She suddenly starts to draw. (She suddenly starts to draw.) This is really important to me. She tells us that it’s important to her and concentrates on her drawing again. She continues to draw. (The staff put the cameras away for a moment.) The staff, tired from waiting, pull out. (I’m done now.) It seems that Daniela has finally finished. The staff quickly go to her room. (This time…) Daniela is looking for something. (She shows us the drawings she’s done so far.) She shows us the drawings she’s done so far. (She shows us the drawings she’s done so far.) I also drew this, but doesn’t it look a little boring? There’s a special meaning hidden in these drawings. All of them are for KARD. KARD came to Chile around twice. We tried really hard to talk to them when we met them. We made a book and included things like our KARD cover costumes, things we did, photos, and drawings. She did those drawings to give them as a gift for KARD. I’m so jealous of KARD! KARD accepted our gift and looked our way. ROYALS D.C actually succeeded in giving their fan art book to KARD at KARD’s concert. KARD member J.seph was moved and gave them a sweet look while accepting the gift. (Even as he was tired on his way home,) (he held the book carefully with both of his hands.) KARD heard you will participate in Global Audition. They prepared a message for you. No! – One, two, three! Hello, we’re KARD. / – We’re KARD. ROYALS D.C, it’s nice to meet you. She said “ROYALS D.C”! (She said “ROYALS D.C”!) – We know this team well. / – Yes. We will cheer for you so that you can practice a lot and get good results. I really hope you will win so that we can meet in Korea. – Go, ROYALS D.C! / – Go, ROYALS D.C! (Go, ROYALS D.C!) I’m sorry. Oh, my! (They tear up after seeing KARD’s message.) ROYALS D.C performed at various places until now because of their love for KARD. They’re thankful to KARD for appreciating their feelings. I’m so happy. I honestly didn’t expect it at all. After seeing us love and admire K-pop for a long time, I think our prayers were answered. (Children approach ROYALS D.C.) At that moment, when they were crying tears of joy, children approach them. (Please take a photo with us.) They are young K-pop fans who recognized ROYALS D.C. ROYALS D.C is like a popular celebrity. (I’m so happy.) For K-pop fans in Chile, ROYALS D.C is the object of envy. (ROYALS D.C is already the object of envy.) (They also admired KARD.) ROYALS D.C also admired KARD. They are already stars and the object of admiration of the next generation of young Chilean K-pop fans. Go, ROYALS D.C, the future of Chilean K-pop fans! (The power of K-pop to surpass generations is amazing.) (The next place we visited was…) The next place we visited was the Centre Gabriela Mistral. (Centre Gabriela Mistral) K-pop dancers who are famous in Chile all went through this place. Like any other day, it’s full of people who are dancing to K-pop. (It’s full of people who are dancing to K-pop.) They really wanted to say something after finding out that a Korean crew came to film. We like a lot of groups, but we love TWICE the most. (They confess their love for TWICE.) Why don’t you confess your love for TWICE here? Tzuyu, I love you so much! (Tzuyu, I love you so much!) Please visit Chile. Mina, get well soon. Please! Yes. (Thank you, Chilean friends.) (We suddenly receive a tip-off.) We suddenly receive a tip-off. This team traveled 30 hours to come here. (Did this team travel 30 hours to come here?) Where are you from? We came from Arica, which is in northern Chile. It takes 30 hours by bus. IGNITE came from Arica, which is in the far northern end of Chile. All of us really love K-pop. K-pop attracted our attention, and it’s the reason we’re here. We’re a top-ranking group in Arica. We came here to show everyone our talent. Even an exhausting 30-hour bus ride can’t beat the passion of youth. (A team is practicing under someone’s lead.) A team practicing in perfect order catches our attention. He says he’s deeply involved with Global Audition. (He participated in the 2014 Global Audition in Chile.) His name is Kevin. He participated in the 2014 Global Audition in Chile and won confidently. (He won confidently.) He even advanced to the finals of the Changwon K-pop World Festival, which is the stage of people’s dreams. (He confidently advanced to the finals.) He gave hope to Chilean K-pop cover teams. It’s a really good thing for someone to have memories. I’m happy that I also have that kind of memory. I hope you can also feel that happiness. Isn’t that right? Using his experiences from the audition, he is helping his friends. (Kevin is helping another team.) There’s another team that Kevin is helping. – It’s CROSSFIRE. / – Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. (What kind of friend is Kevin?) To be honest, he’s very strict. But I’m always thankful to him. If he hadn’t helped us, we wouldn’t have been able to reach this level. Kevin has met BTS. That’s why he can teach us perfectly. During the previous Changwon K-pop World Festival, Kevin met BTS. (A surprise BTS fan meeting) (He sat just two seats away from RM.) (He was really excited.) Kevin wants to share that precious moment in Korea and his valuable experiences with his friends. We hope his friends also make good memories. Among the youth of Chile, activities that promote K-pop, such as posting on social media or online video sites, are gradually increasing. (The chances to get to know K-pop) (are gradually increasing through online video sites.) (But here…) There’s a Chilean content creator who is promoting Korea in a special way. Her main content is K-beauty. She introduces and reviews various Korean cosmetics products. After hearing that she will also try out Global Audition, we visited her. (So we went and visited her house.) Hello! She greets us with a bright smile. She’s Meredith, a popular beauty content creator. Just in time, she’s preparing to do a broadcast. How was your day? Everyone, I’m Meredith. I brought something new today. It’s a Korean facial mask. Look, it’s a green Shrek! (Here it is.) Here it is. (It smells so nice.) It smells so nice. I’ll put the Shrek facial mask on my face. I’m Shrek! How did Meredith end up reviewing Korean cosmetics? I thought Korean women’s skin looked unbelievably nice. I never used Asian cosmetic products before that. The reason Meredith is special is because of her K-pop cover songs. Not only is she a good singer, but her Korean pronunciation is also good. (Meredith is also very good at singing.) She says that she is most confident in singing Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon’s solo song, “U R”. I chose “U R” by Taeyeon to sing in the audition. I think that this song is a beautiful song. These people are dreaming of K-pop in their own way. What kind of Global Audition will they prepare in Chile? (The Global Audition is held at Teatro La Cúpula.) This is Teatro La Cúpula, where the Global Audition will be held. (Flashy lights) There are flashy lights, a big LED screen, and equipment for concerts. (There is also equipment for concerts.) There’s also a big audience that has filled up the venue. (The audition is like a popular singer’s concert.) It almost looks like an idol group’s concert. The place is full of energy from the start. Finally, the last rehearsals start taking place. The participants do their best in the rehearsals, as if they are performing on the real stage. You can feel a strange tension in the air. There’s IGNITE, who traveled 30 hours by bus to come. The team that just finished their rehearsal looked very good. People prepared a lot, but this is a rehearsal. I think they prepared well, considering the entire show. The passionate Chilean participants even made their own LED footage of their performances. How did they think of preparing this? (How did they prepare such a splendid stage?) Five years ago from now, KBS visited Chile once to see the popularity of K-pop in South America. (The Global Audition team already visited Chile) (to see the popularity of K-pop for themselves.) Ever since then, Chile’s K-pop culture has continued to develop. (The 2019 Global Audition took place thanks to this.) Let’s take a look at what the 2019 Global Audition in Chile looks like. (What kind of great performances will we see today?) (A traditional Chilean performance before the audition) Starting with a traditional Chilean performance, the preliminaries started to heat up. The audience also became excited. (I’m excited!) (They fill up their empty stomachs in the cafeteria.) What do they need in order to perform on stage? Of course, it’s energy from food. (As much as they love K-pop,) (Korean ramyeon has also been prepared as snacks.) As much as they love K-pop, the participants fill their stomachs with ramyeon. (It’s delicious.) There’s nothing left. We ate everything. – It’s delicious. / – It’s delicious. Participants who have finished eating check themselves for the last time before going on stage. (After eating, they check for the last time.) OVERHEAT, who will perform first, is ready. (OVERHEAT, who will perform first, is ready.) (The MC is announcing the start of Global Audition.) OVERHEAT, I will look forward to an amazing stage. (The nervous audition starts.) (I must record this!) (OVERHEAT is performing “Eclipse” by GOT7.) (The hands of the staff are getting busy.) Since it’s a splendid stage, everyone is busy. The judges have also become serious. (Girls In Motion is performing) (“Really Bad Boy” by Red Velvet.) (People can’t take their eyes off the performance.) (KIM is performing “Want” by Taemin.) It’s one splendid stage after another. The next stage is by ROYALS D.C, who received special support from KARD. – Go, ROYALS D.C! / – Go, ROYALS D.C! ROYALS D.C, KARD is watching. I hope you do well! (ROYALS D.C got energy from KARD’s support.) As a talented group, they are showing off their talent through an intense and powerful performance. The heat of the audience is added to their performance. (They pose for the ending in a cool way.) (ROYALS D.C comes down from the stage) (after doing their best.) How does it feel to finish performing? I would like to thank KARD first. We were very stressed, but they gave us courage. KARD’s message helped us a lot. Everything we do is for them. The preliminaries continue to take place. As the performances become more intense, the audience is getting passionate. (The stage is exploding.) The participants and the audience are becoming one. The wild performance is striking. It’s a feast for the eyes for the audience. (File X’s performance devoured the stage.) Do you think you did a good job? We did everything that we wanted to do. I’m happy that we could perform like this. (Meredith is performing “U R” by Taeyeon.) Meredith sang her favorite Taeyeon song sweetly. The glamorous passion of South America stood out in the 2019 Global Audition in Chile. After practicing with sweat and passion, the participants gave their performance their all. They can’t stop crying tears of joy and relief after finishing their performance successfully with their hard work. Good job, everyone! (Good job, everyone!) Only the results are left to be announced. (Which team will win today?) File X! Congratulations, File X! (File X won the grand prize.) Their hard work and effort have produced good results. File X can take another step forward toward their dreams. I’m so thankful that we could meet as a team. First place isn’t important. It’s important that we enjoyed it. I’m so happy. I loved the stage. I promise that we did our best. The love for K-pop that the youth of Chile showed will make our special relationship with Chile shine. (See you next time.)

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