3D Printing with the Maker Select V2 – Ep4.5 | Mounting a Camera

Hey everyone Patrik CK here with a follow
up to episode 4 of 3D Printing with the Monoprice Maker Select V2. I guess we can technically call this one episode
4 point 5. Ever since I got this printer I’ve been
trying to find the best way to record the printing process, because I personally think
it’s an amazing thing to see something literally grow from nothing in a couple hours. I’ve been frustrated by the fact that both
parts of the printer actually move, constantly. Something I knew I would have to tackle going
in. Due to motion of both anises the footage of
the printing process looks pretty awful and I’ll be the first to admit it. It’s pretty obvious that the camera has
to be mounted in such a way that it and the print can move together. Of course this is easier said than done. You could just stick a mount directly to the
surface of the print bed but this takes up valuable printing space and you will also
have to remove it completely every time you have to calibrate the extruder height. Not to mention with the bed getting up to
60 degrees C or 140 degree F any adhesive will probably create a mess of the print surface,
not an ideal situation. So the next logical position is on an arm
attached to the bed. Again easier said than done. My first idea was to attach a metal bracket
to the set screws on one of the corners but the first and second iteration of this resulted
in really wobbly footage. It was also a pain to take on and off and
lastly it had the unintended side effect of loosening the set screws during printing,
something kind of obvious now. Then I realized, I have a 3d printer, there
must be something I can print that would attach to the bed and provide a solid platform for
my old GoPro camera. I searched online for examples and to my surprise
there simply wasn’t much out there, but then I stumbled on Purkkaviritys’ channel. He has a video where he shows a simple design
for a camera arm and mount that slides onto the print bed and is basically held on by
friction, although in a reply to a comment I made he did have to correct that fact and
say some kind of adhesion would be necessary. Never the less, I borrowed on his design concept,
which was made for a different printer, and modified it to work with a special characteristic
of the V2 design. Most may not have noticed this, I didn’t
until I started looking, but the bottom plate of the print bed has a smooth round channel
about 1.5 centimeters or 0.6 inches from the edge that goes around the whole plate, I assume
for added strength and rigidity. You can see it clearly from underneath or
if you look between the plates here. I thought I could use this channel as a kind
of positioning anchor for the arm to keep it from moving back and forth while printing. This inspired the prototype for what I’m
calling the monorprice maker select v2 camera mount system or MMSV2-CMS for short. This design like the original is made to simply
slide onto the printer bed but unlike the original it will snap into place using these
grooves. As I was designing the arm I did have to go
through a couple iterations to fine tune the fitment. After the first-round I didn’t realize the
arm would have to clear this tiny gap between the bottom of the bed and the base support. Another adjustment I made was to make it wider
for extra stability and to accommodate more of the GoPro mount. The last thing I added, that was really critical
for the whole thing, was this arm that will squeeze between the two plates and hold the
whole mount in place. The final design measures in at 80.7 mm / 3.2
inches long by 16.7 mm / 0.65 inches tall by 31 mm / 1.2 inches wide. The easiest way to print it is on its side
which took about 2 hours on normal quality. When it was done I stuck the stock GoPro mount
with the original 3m double sided tape a very slight angle toward the center of the bed. Then I slid the whole thing into place and
done. I must say there is nothing more satisfying
than hearing that snap when the arm locks in place, one of the added benefits is you
can take the arm off and on without having to undo anything. Seeing it in action, I think it works great. It feels pretty sturdy and resists most horizontal
movement. There are still some small vibrations when
watching the playback at normal speed but at high speed you don’t notice it and since
no one is going to watch a 3 hour print at normal speed on YouTube I think we’re good. Of course nothing is perfect. The top of arm started to warp downwards from
the heat of the bed it was pushing against but I didn’t see a noticeable impact. I’ll be fine tuning this thing some more
for a while. I uploaded the design to both the Trimble
3D Warehouse for my SketchUp users and to Thingiverse if you want to print it as is,
links to both in the description. The nice thing is you can modify it to suit
your needs, you can make it taller, or narrower, or even print a mounting bracket directly
to it, pretty much anything as long as you remember the clearance issue on the bottom. If any of you peeps have ideas for improvements
or a completely different idea for a mount don’t hesitate to share! Well this has been Patrik CK, like and share
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out and hope to see you all next time, thanks everyone!

23 Replies to “3D Printing with the Maker Select V2 – Ep4.5 | Mounting a Camera”

  1. Love your videos!!!! really helpful!!! you should definitely do a fan mod. I heard that they really help with printing.

  2. Awesome videos! They've been very helpful in making my decision in a 3D Printer. The only thing I can't find is the noise level of the printer. Any description of that would be helpful.

  3. I've have the same printer in your videos and was very confused on the setting so I was never able to print good print but after seeing your videos I got some great print out of it but I ran into another problem. When I start up my printfile it begins to home itself and then all of a sudden it shows the monoprice logo on the screen and reboots I was hoping you could give me some input to this problem of mine or if you've had this problem too. Love the videos and thanks a lot

  4. Awesome video, i just got the v2 myself and it's so amazing how it just makes something from a string of plastic!

  5. That camera mount is great! Thanks for uploading the file, I will definitely be using it. I am ordering this as a second printer so your videos have been very helpful to see the quality and modifications you were able do out of the box.

    Just a few quick suggestions that I'm sure you already know of, but might help someone. To try to fix the warping issue on the camera arm, print it in ABS which shouldn't have any warping issues when printing PLA and should be a bit more rigid, but you may run into the same arm warping issue again when printing in ABS due to the higher bed temp (but should resist it better).

    You can greatly improve your PLA prints with a part cooling fan, but if you don't want to tackle that issue yet, just buy a cheap (<$5) USB powered desk fan and set it next to the printer (preferably propped up so it's blowing a bit above the bed height so you don't run into any bed adhesion issues). This should fix the bridging issue on your benchy, and will help the layers stick together better preventing odd layer lines in your prints. (I haven't seen any yet in your videos, but it's an issue I ran into a lot on my first printer).

  6. Man, I'm really enjoying this series. So many 3D printing channels are from people who already have a TON of experience in 3D printing, but watching you go through your journey and learning with you seems to be helping me more than them. I have been contemplating buying this printer, and I'm starting to lean even harder now that I have been watching your channel. Thank you. 🙂

  7. I'm very discouraged by this video, I have been filming and editing real time 3d prints for over a year and was just about to launch my channel and now you've crushed my dreams.

  8. Loving the series, and I have been looking into getting one of these myself and these videos are very helpful

  9. Hey Patrick – loving the series! As for suggestions – you may want to try wrapping the clip under the bed in some Kapton Tape – it comes in a wide variety of widths and is easy to cut with scissors lol Keep up the good work!

  10. Yo im thinking of buying this printer and this series is basically the only good one in youtube! Please dont stop! Keep up the good work

  11. OMG man, I love this series so much ha! Love that your first custom print was a shot at keycaps!!! I'm coming into this by way of mechanical keyboard building and wanting to make my own case, but had always wondered about keycaps. If you're curious my first and only keyboard project thus far was the wireless split Mitosis! Loving it and it only amped up my excitement for my next build, but right away I knew I'd need to start getting into 3D printing. Keep these up man! Got yourself a sub!! That mount is really really cool by the way! Great job!

  12. Great videos man. I love how much you are learning after every video, and your willingness to share thorough information. Thanks!

  13. Omg you should make a mount for your phone to connect to the printer to record. Maybe even an iPhone seven plus mount so I can record vids on my printer 😉😉😉

  14. Please correct me if I'm wrong. When you wedge this between the plates, doesn't it knock the hotbed out of level or at least bow it somewhat? I've tried something like this and with my camera mount connected to a metal bar clamped to the bed, but I got vibration. Maybe clamping to the carriage plate would solve that.

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