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  1. Sir, I've finally started a blog about tech. I am using Google blogger for this purpose and once I will improve I shall create a new website. But sir I'm not receiving any sort of traffic. Could you please help me with that?

  2. Hello sir my name is harshan i have a big facebook group over 60 thousand members (niche is work from home jobs and money money in online) I am the admin of that group. how can I make money by my group can you please tell me some monetization or sponsorship ideas
    Thank you

  3. Excelent, Neil
    You're the guy.
    I've been changing my mind about how to monetize my (future) blog.

    Actually I'm planning a lot of options like store, services, ebooks, customized sheets and courses.

    Yout tip about funnil is the best one (but not putting the others in a lower level of importance)

    Congratulations for your post and keep sharing all your (great) knowledge with us.

  4. I like the sad face thumbnail🤣 in regards to the whole funnel craze, I personally think it’s something you have to maximize now if you are at all on the fence about it. It works so well at the moment because there is still a large majority of sites who do not utilize funnels(ClickFunnels) to capture and convert leads. Same thing with $7 trip lines. But Once EVERYONE is doing it, or it becomes the “standard” in online marketing, consumers become privy and desensitized to it and it becomes less effective. I could be totally wrong, just my opinion. Upselling and down-selling of course is here to stay as its a core fundamental marketing principle.

  5. Thankyou for such great idea. However i am wondering,. How about an entertainment niche site, such as Shayari and Jokes based website, especially if they are getting Indian traffic and as you know such site generate way too low cpc, do you think there maybe some other option to monetize such kind of website with any product or anything. Nowadays i am working on a site shayari based website which has pretty good traffic and wondering is there something i can do as an adsense alternative option here or somthing. Thankyou for your time.

  6. Hey Neil! I have a question about making sales on my online smoke shop ‘Chiefchap.com’. I sell vaporizers, bongs, pipes and other things related to that. And because of the niche I’m in, I can’t advertise on Google and Facebook (sad face). Are there any ways I could start getting sales in the niche I’m in? I could use all the help I could get! It’s been a rough start..

  7. Great video! Do you think that a funnel is needed even for a affiliate niche site? Or do you think it is only good idea for selling products and services?

  8. Thank you for all your great advice. Now I need some visitors to my website and I can put your advice into practise.

  9. Hey Patel , why are you bald ?? Is it your family genetics problem ?My hair is falling down . I want to be bald. Is bald is affecting man's personality ??

  10. AdSense doesn't work if you set it and forget it. You have to prune irrelevant and spammy advertisers. Some ads are designed to deliver a message without clicks, so they pay much less. The trick is to find your best advertisers and deal with them directly.

  11. Hi Neil! These tips are heaven sent!! I tried to use Google keyword planner to see whats trending ( looking for a blog topic that'll make money) however is there a way to use the service without setting up an adsense account?

  12. Hey Neil, I am working with an enterprise who created a website for employees(only) not for the customers. How would I explain to them that website should be for the customers as well as employes(integrated)
    Thanks in advance. Your stuff always works

  13. Nail sir thank you so much for our help i want to know “how to edit videos like professional?” And how you edit your videos?

  14. I have made some money with my website by using traditional ads since the beginning, back in 2016. I don't sell my own product or service. In the recent months, however, I feel like I'm missing better oportunities to make more money. So I totally agree with you on the idea of having my own product.

  15. Here is my problem. I own a blog serving news and reviewing dramas. I picked the right audience and I have no product or service to offer. How can I monetize? 😭

  16. You said you had a jobboard initially and didn't make any money from it. What did you do to start making money from it? Just wondering. I assume you started selling subscriptions like they do and ads to companies directly vs google ads.

  17. Hello sir , I love your videos, can you suggest me topic for new blog which easy to rank on Google.

  18. I hate ads on my website and really tried to not have them on my site. As the site's traffic grew, I decided to sign up and use some premium ads. I still hate them, but the premium ads does generate nice passive income when you have good traffic…

    Ironically, the first two months I used them, it was the most money I made selling my own product I have on the site. I also thought the time on site would have decrease dramatically because of the ads but has not, which surprised the heck outta me….

    I hate the look of the ads on the site, but my mentally is, if it's generating income, and no one seems bothered by them, then I will keep it…

    What's your take on it?

  19. Hi Neil, So I have a website that hosts websites and an e-commerce website for dropshipping. What are the steps I can take to get them moving? I am relatively new to this.

  20. Hi, This video is just more then awesome. I have a question though, i have heard about funnels a lot but i think what if i am on an one product end niche like selling wordpress themes or something and i dont have a lot of knowledge to actually create a ebook for any topic, I know some of the ways but can you help with some that really work

  21. Hi Neil, can't you create written blogs of these videos as well? I imagine lots of marketers don't have time to sit and watch these.

  22. But as a noob blogger who needs money to start up and get going, isnt ads the way to go?

    I was going to create a blog in a niche and do answer posts(answering questions people type in google) to lure in traffic with long helpful content.

    Do as many as I can so I get alot of traffic.

    Then monetize with an ad network(one better than google adsense(it pays more).

    I just wanna start with baby steps to make some money at first

  23. Thanks Neil for all the great content you are sharing. Great source of learning. I have been watching a lot of the content you have been putting for marketing a business. Does everything you said hold true for B2B consulting and engineering companies?

  24. Neil Patel you are a rock star in my world!! I learn from you every day and your tips are fantastic and very actionable so thank you x

  25. Really you are a "Boss of Online Marketing", How you create these new ideas! That' Awesome! Nobody near you. Thanks and congratulation for giving us million dollars tips-just free!

  26. Just started watching and this is Unbelievable content ..Master of marketing in my book, with genuine and truthful charisma behind it.
    Damn, how do I have a conversation with you one on one with a global idea just helping people with their skin.

  27. Hi Neil, I was invited by a friend @Patrick from @IZIGO, and quite frankly i enjoy listening some of your videos… I'm following you.
    Thanks Patrick.

  28. I need help to market my paperback children's book. Any tips on how to market/advertise a paperback book with barely any money?

  29. Hello! So I have a quick question about keywords that confuses me a bit… Does a keyword have to stay together or can it be torn apart in a sentence?
    So let's take the example keyword: "best way to draw faces"
    When I write a blog article, does it have to stay together to rank for that keyword? Or can I, for example, write: "I know, faces can be tough to draw, but not with this article, which will show you the best way to draw them beautifully and easily!"

    An answer would be greatly appreciated. ♥

  30. Hey Neil – thanks for the valuable information. Yes, I'm going to work on creating better funnels on my site to make more money. You're a killer…the expert kind of course. But then we know what an expert is: an ex is a has-been and a spurt is a drip under pressure. But we all want to be like a farmer's donkey…outstanding in our field! All the best, Cheers Rick

  31. Hello Niel. I'm an avid fan of your videos and they are very helpful to digital marketers. Thank you for making them. I have a website called mylanguagecoch and no one knows about it because I don't know how to make my website reach the right audience. I have asked people to help me reach people from China, Japan and Korea but they don't know too on the how. I want to reach the right audience but I am not like you since I am a teacher by profession. I hope you can give me some guidance on what do I need to do with my website. Thanks a lot.

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