5 Crucial Reasons Why I Use Siteground Hosting πŸ‘πŸ½ Over Hostgator

what’s up internet marketer is his Ike
possum in your marketing Jim calm today I want to talk about five very important
reasons why I use siteground hosting and not any other hosting out there why I have
all of my sites on the siteground hosting service and why you should move
your niche site from its current hosting to scicrop okay there are five reasons
why I use Sacre reason number one it’s fast but I mean when I mean fast is they
get your site up when someone clicks on your site your site’s there it was all
its images all its all the logos who use all all the information on there will
appear to your traffic quickly so that they can check out your content and get
hooked with your content it’s really important you gotta understand that
people not or not they don’t stay on your site for long
you need your site to be fast and providing the content they need as fast
as possible okay not only that is good for SEO the faster site is the more
rewards Google will give us you’re wise okay so you got that and the reason why
you can get much you can you can create a very fast user experience on sycron is
they have an in-house cache plug-in that’s right it’s a plug-in only to
psycrow only for psych around users so if you are a sycron member then you get
you get access to their in-house cache plugin not only that on top of that
within the sycron cpanel you can actually connect your site to CloudFlare
making your site even faster okay that’s a reason number one reason number
two it’s safe okay I haven’t had any situations with
hackers ever since I moved us a crown so I want to chalk it up to them I believe
because there’s they use plugins on on the siteground such as loginizer
which limits login attempts by would-be attackers that’s another reason reason
number two reason number three customer support their customers
summer support is unbeatable I mean back when I was with Hostgator and I’d asked
a question heaven forbid I asked a question it’s all up to me to answer it
okay they just went in circles they went in loops saying you should take care of
it you should you should use these resources and take care of on your own
not with Sacre they do as much as possible to fix whatever issue you have
and they have – not one but two avenues actually three avenues to get support
number one is a chat you can chat directly on sycron with an actual sycron
rep number two is their support ticket system you can email back and forth with
their support to get your issues resolved and number three you can call
them okay that’s three three reasons three three powerful support channels
you have a sycron now I have two more I have two more reasons why you sycron and
a lot of people don’t talk about them but I think they’re very important
number one they give you a free SSL or yes
not as not sll SSL certificate so that you can have your website as an HTTP now
if you don’t know it’s it’s a it’s an encryption it’s a form of encryption
that when your site appears in a browser all the information on that site of
yours is encrypted okay google chrome requires this now so you know usually
you have to pay for the certificate if it was another hosting company but now a
sycron it’s a hundred percent free and the final reason okay that I like sycron
is when I was with my old hosting company I was worried about a site
transfer how much that would cost because I didn’t know how to take my
site from its current host from its current host and move it over a sycron
luckily a connect you could have it done for free using the siteground website
transfer wizard okay all you got to do is input the data so input the
information from your old host into your new siteground into your new site
ground into your new psych round cPanel and
then they you just follow the steps really quickly really easily you can
have your WordPress website transfer it over from your old host to sycron so
those are the five reasons why I use sacrum okay so if you’re not on cyclone
get get on them right now they’re great they’re amazing and you won’t regret it
and your traffic your users your audience they’ll appreciate it too okay
so just they create a better user experience for your site okay so take
care this is like pause make sure to hit that Bell button to get more tutorials
more guides and learn all about niche niche blogging from me okay take care
and talk to you later bye

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