5-Minute Crafts Is The Worst Channel on YouTube

okay so we’ve got some putty okay
alright so we’re gonna put some school glue and some coloring and some soda
together then we’ve made our putty which we can play with a lot with our hands
and stretch it out and then put it on our laptops what was the purpose of that now how does that make you feel it’s
just that the key word was already clean in the first place ah okay that’s our
time for today so after making that last video I think I accidentally found the
worst channel on YouTube let me show you wrong tab it’s called five minute crafts
and they’ve got like 16 million subscribers which is like three million
since that last video they post three videos a day and they all have the same
format a compilation of short clips a list theme in every single one of them
has a ridiculous clickbait thumbnail I mean look at these erasing a cracked
phone with an eraser this disgusting roll of hard-boiled eggs making an
iPhone with a glue gun apparently they range from mild be helpful to dangerous
at best I need to hire this Photoshop artist the videos all look like
compilations of like Instagram or Facebook videos cuz they’re all square
and none of them are more than a minute long oh oh wow
they have 48 million followers on Facebook and almost 14 million more on
Instagram it really does seem like a content farm like this channel must be
printing money I actually totally forgot about them until I saw this thumbnail in
my youtube home feed and I couldn’t resist Burnie household hacks that will
make your life a whole lot easier let’s see alright
so we’re learning a shirt and oh you know when you’re ironing a shirt and
then the color from the shirt starts to bleed off into the iron that’s not a
normal thing that happens wouldn’t it smear against the white
lettering on this t-shirt like this seems totally staged alright so we’ve
got our dirty iron and now it seems to not be dirty with what was originally on
it but we’re gonna put some toothpaste on a sponge and rub it it seems like any
liquid would have cleaned that off especially with that sponge alright so
this is the kind of stuff that we’re working with here toothpastes again
like I understand you run out of things but who has all this toothpaste lying
around okay so this is a normal thing that happens you crack an egg and you
spill a little bit of the egg on the table and then you spill a bunch of salt
on it and then clean it up you could have just wiped it up it’s not that hard
to clean oh no they’re gonna make a grilled cheese with an iron alright so
you have the ingredients for a grilled cheese but you don’t have a kitchen but
you do have an iron what situation is this are you in a hotel room are you in
a motel room who does this help this doesn’t even seem like it would work I’m
gonna go try it tell my mom I love her hey we did something moment of truth I
guess honestly it’s not that bad I really
should have toasted the other side Oh No okay we’re putting a spray top on sprite
spraying a mirror with it and that’s it do you want ants that’s how you get ants
experiment with activated carbon okay coke put your activated carbon in the
coke leave for four days Wow it’s been discolored now now that’s a household
hack that’ll make my life a whole lot easier you know when you have kids to
entertain and they’re in the mood for a very slow science experiment okay so now
we’re gonna watch 42 Holy Grail hacks that will save you a fortune this is the
channels most popular video and has like 179 million views so so it’s got to be
good right it’s gotta be good views mean good alright we’re just building a Lego
at this point oh great now you have a shitty magnet alright how to erase
permanent marker from everything this seems like it could have a practical use
we’re using toothpaste again oh no a frowny face on our shirt okay baking
soda lemon juice toothbrush for good measure gotta have a toothbrush wash it
I mean that just looks like a new shirt but alright let’s try it all right let’s keep going
fork and spoon ideas like for when you’re forks and spoons aren’t doing
enough for you okay painting plastic silverware and just making a clock who
would put this in their house Jesus how do you even get into this
situation who would need this all right canned food party is this like some sort
of survivor situation Papas gotta eat what do you what are you doing um living
off the land you know you could just pull the tab right Thanks
also we just ordered pizza can you turn the light back off oh oh no that’s no no what eight money
safety tips for travelers this seems useful never mind okay but how are you
supposed to get the money out of the soap in case you were curious the
comments on these videos are kind of sad can I have 40 likes for my birthday oh
this guy gets it okay maybe I’m just not in the target demographic please please
stop hacking my life are you gonna tell him or should I
hey this is gonna be the last one thirty student hacks you’d wish you’d known
okay we’ve got our clique beat we’ve all been in that you know situation that
only exists in a Simpsons cartoon finally you say I’ve got all these
friends and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to have fun with them
okay that’s not how you sit Oh what are they gonna do what are they gonna do
remove the chairs all right you’ve got five people in the same place at the
same time and this is what you come up with that poor girl she doesn’t get to
participate this doesn’t look comfortable or fun at all ha ha ha ha
dude max or you could just drink from the water
bottle that you already have how is that a student hack again so another thing
about this is they’re constantly recycling hacks so they can keep posting
you know three 20 minute videos a day ridiculous I mean I have to think five
minute graphs cuz if it wasn’t for their videos I wouldn’t have gotten the most
ridiculous YouTube comment ever like I showed a lot of the comments about the
putty from the last video but I save this one for the end I almost developed
a tiny bit of respect for you until I saw the five minute crafts part
obviously you either didn’t read the title of the video or just deciding to
be a deliberate jackass the title of the video when he tips if you spend your
life in front of a computer yeah that totally explains it I’m talking about
the part where they use the green gel to clean a keyboard for a software engineer
you’re pretty juvenile it’s a comedy YouTube channel guess so does the perks
of being a privileged American who could be dumb as a rock but still succeed oh
he’s trying to say I rock so that would just be whatever on its own but Vinnie
commented this on a different video that green gel thing is used to clean a
keyboard at least read the title of the video you’re watching you dumb idiot
what is the title that he’s talking about like how could someone be so upset
by the silly video ballistic gelatin wait a sec gelatin honey
is is he the putty itself I have to go

100 Replies to “5-Minute Crafts Is The Worst Channel on YouTube”

  1. Literally anything: "Oh, you're approaching me"?

    5 – minute crafts: "I can't use toothpaste on you without getting closer".

  2. When you were doing the permanent marker thing the text was like how Temmie from Undertale would talk. Undertale fans where you at!

  3. A "hack" I hate is putting blobs of toothpaste on a paper plate, putting the plate in a zip lock bag to save space when travelling. Yuk. It's not sanitary, the toothpaste will harden and a tube is the best way to transport toothpaste. Many, many hacks are ridiculous.

  4. Beware of the danger of combining toothpaste and dihydrogen monoxide, if used improperly, these can be very lethal. Every day people have this dangerous chemical dihydrogen monoxide around them without realizing it. Thousands of people over the world die because of it, don't be a victim and be careful with when using a combination of dihydrogen monoxide and toothpaste.

  5. 5 minute crafts should change their title to:

    – “5 minute” crafts

    – “Craft

    – “Clickbait hacks

    – “Toothpaste tricks

    Who agrees with me

  6. Dam mad……. person who criticizes others…..
    If you dont like something so plz shut your mouth dummy stop CRITICIZING
    But igues some people would never understand

  7. ok so im in my college dorm and i have the ingredients for a grilled cheese but i dont have a kitchen but i do have an iron i feel targeted

  8. that bottle cup is probably the only useful thing I've seen from these videos??

    still realistically better to just go out and buy cups though

  9. '' This is a comedy YouTube channel!'' Well, maybe 5-minute crafts was also created for comedy purposes, but here you are critiquing
    the hell out of it.

  10. Your girlfriend broke up with you then no problem use our immortal
    TOOTHPASTE!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😎😎

  11. You know, as I watch more and more from this channel it becomes more and more apparent that this guy does not and/or can not cook. The spoon hack for the can is clearly an alternative if you don't have a can opener. Many cans don't come with a tab. For example, tuna for your sandwiches or salads(or you could just eat it by itself), tomato sauce (for cooking, not the kind you get in a jar) + diced or sliced tomatoes(some recipes require the liquid that comes in the can), kidney beans amongst other beans, and more. I'd give 5 min. crafts a point for that hack if it works. It could actually be a useful one.

  12. Its best 5minute crafts
    Dont do useless videos on that, it has 60m subscribers,no body listens to you. It's best. Learn from it to get subscribers

  13. Only exists in a Simpson's cartoon??? Maybe you mean only existed before the 90s? Because I had to write lines when I was in primary school and high school. "I must wear my school tie." "I must listen when the teacher is talking." Do teachers really not do that any more?

  14. I wonder if BallisticGelatin is in some way working for 5 minute crafts OR maybe he just watches it all the time and then felt he'd been made a fool of for watching every 5 minute crafts video religiously. Maybe he works as a hand model for 5 minute crafts. Or maybe the putty on a keyboard video saved his life.

  15. "situation that only exists in a Simpson s cartoon". Usually I agree with you but my old school we actually had to write phrases over and over for practice. In case you are wondering, that school is in China . The method is pretty effective for remembering the phrases and stuff

  16. 8:57 okay I’m starting to think this is a wrong comment situation and they thought they were commenting on someone else. Don’t know how you mess it up though.

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