5 Minutes on Networking

Welcome to the UCD ‘5 minutes on’ career
development series. My name is Michelle Coen and I
work as a Career & Skills Consultant here at the UCD Career Network. In this 5-minute video, I will
introduce you to the concept of Networking and how your network can help you as you research
career opportunities. When you mention the idea of networking to people – it conjures up lots of difference
images, some people are terrified of the idea, or they
think it’s only for sales people, some thing you do at
conference where you hand out lots of business cards. Others think you have to be an extravert to
be able to network effectively. But, to put it simply, networking is about having conversations, it’s about meeting
and building contacts with other people in your field of
study, interest or business. In other words, networking is
a supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups
who share a common interest. Building a network of contacts and connections in your chosen degree area can really benefit
you when it comes to researching opportunities;
your network can help you explore career options, find
out about internships, prepare for interviews or find out more about specific roles in organisations. For example, a postgrad student in your school may have completed an internship in a company
you are interested in, you could arrange to meet
with them and they will be able to provide you with a
valuable insight into the role and culture of that organisation. Here at UCD, your network will include your
peer group – the fellow students in your class who
study the same subject as you, the students in the years above and below you as well as
the master’s and PhD students in your school. Your network will also include your tutors and lecturers, as well as the members of the
clubs and societies on campus relating to your own interests
and your degree. The programme office,
internship managers and career network team are also part of your network here at UCD LinkedIn is a great way to keep all your connections
in one place, so be sure to connect with the various groups I’ve mentioned here to build
your professional network. To stay active in your network Attend company
presentations on campus or industry events in your
related degree area. These type of events help you stay up to date
on what is happening in your sector, helps you build a professional network
& help you identify professional strengths and
weakness related to your degree area In summary, networking at university is about getting to know people, exchanging information
and ideas and building relationships. It’s about knowing yourself and what you
want, and in turn what you can offer others. Think about how you can participate and contribute
to conversations related to your degree area, check out employer and professional association
events and use LinkedIn to connect with your UCD
and wider network A good tip, simply meet each new person with
an openness to learn more about that person, a
willingness to help if you can and an offer to stay in touch. Finally, To found out more about our services,
visit the UCD Careers Network website or follow us on
Facebook or Twitter. You can also view the other workshops in the
series on our website, it includes 5 minutes on recruitment fairs, effective
applications and interview skills,

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