5 Web Dev tools that really save your time

welcome to Red Stapler! In this video
I’m going to show you five online web development tools that will really save
you time so let’s check it out As flat and minimal design is trending these days so if you are looking for some flat icon to be using the new site. The online
tool that I recommend is flaticons.net This is a great tool that will
help you generate flat icon in just a simple click. You can select an icon
category from the list and then pick the right icon for you. And then you get to
customize the icon size and the background shape of the icon and the
color. And then you can download the icon as PNG file so you can further customize
it or use it right away on your site Generating favicon is a pain sometimes
as there are many technical things to consider such as dimensions, different
browsers and perhaps more. So why bother when you can let the tools do the job
once you have uploaded the picture to the site it will automatically generate
a favicon not just for your web browsers but for all
available platform like iOS, Android or Windows your favicon will come in package for
download and then also the code you need to include in a head section in your
HTML page Even though I am a developer and live by coding, I still find it troublesome to memorize all the things I need to include on a page when start
coding from scratch. Well.. with HTMLshell not anymore. You can pick what you like
to be included on the page like IE conditional tag or x-ua-compatible
favicon, Google webfont, jQuery or even Modernizer then you got a snippet for use! Cheers! when you start developing a new site sometimes you don’t have the content yet
but still you need to put something on the page so you can see how the design
looks like and here is one of my favorite tools for that. It’s the Lorem Ipsum generator! You can specify how much paragraph or how long your lorem ipsum
text will be and then click generate and the Lorem text is yours the lipsum.com also have the option to generate the Lorem text in many languages. For example let’s
change to French There you go! using CSS font icon on your site
instead of real icon image is beneficial for example the font icon is a vector
and it can scale and also you don’t have to worry about the transparency or other
browser support much. So if you are looking for your own set of icons, fontello is
the right place for you! There are many available free fonts for you to pick and
download and you can also adjust the size for previewing purpose and also if
you already have an SVG icon, you can let fontello to convert it to font icon for you. Simply drag it and drop to the site and then you can have your font icon from your SVG so that’s it hope you enjoyed this video
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