6 REAL websites to travel full time!

– I wanted to do this so badly, but I get seasick. So, that was the end of that. Two bonus tips! Bonus tip number one! Hey guys, my name is Shayla. I make these videos every Wednesday. I’ve started this channel
in 2015 traveling full-time, now I’m home, settled in a little bit. And, because I was traveling full-time, I’ve got four years of full time travel. I wanted to make some videos
to teach you the things that I learned, so that you can learn them
from me and know them. I’ve made videos about what to
know if you’re going to stay in a hospital, tips for solo
travelers, how to stay safe as a solo traveler, how to
get cheap airline tickets, all sorts of stuff. If you want to check that out, you can check out the link below. But, today we’re going to talk
websites to be able to travel full-time. So, honestly, there are a
million ways to do this, like so many, but I’m going
to go over a few that I know just from being out there
and talking to people because I feel like a lot
of these videos are like, “Well, you just got to get
out there and make it happen.” Like, yeah that’s true. It’s also so nice to just– here’s a website that’s super
helpful that can help you, and you can be off traveling
next month, or next week, or whatever. So, I’m just going to go
through; I’ve got six of them. And I’m really, I’m excited
to share this with you because I feel like it’s
actually tangible information. So, place number one
is doing Work Exchange. I did it in Costa Rica, I
taught yoga at a surf camp and got to live there and
eat there for $100 a month. It’s basically where you
go do work for some place, and in exchange, they feed you
and they let you stay there. Two websites that I used
for this are World Packers, and I work with World Packers, so I’ve got a discount code
on the year membership, and the other one is Work Away. So, you can go teach in Africa,
you can teach in Napala, you can work on a yacht in Greece, you do yoga in Costa Rica, you can do photography for hostiles, you can do social media for hostiles. There’s so many opportunities on there, and it’s just such a cool place. If you want to do all the research, World Packers and Work Away. I am somebody that’s just like
“Yeah, cool. I’ll just start. I just want to start.” World Packers is great because
you have the discount code, but I’ve also talked with the founders. They were travelers, they
created this to help other people be able to travel, they super
vet all of their hosts to make sure that they’re real. There’s a lot of good things, so definitely check that out. That’s how I started traveling,
was just on Work Exchange. I went and worked in
Cost Rica and taught yoga and then, I went on the Appalachian Trail and worked in a hostile
and was cleaning toilets, and whatever. So, you have to be a little bit flexible, but it’s a way for you,
literally, to travel all the time. You have to pay for your flight, and sometimes you have
to pay to stay there. Second way is staying at someone’s house. There’s a website called
Trusted House Sitters. I interviewed a couple
that traveled like this for like eight months, and
I’ll link that video. They got to watch dogs in Switzerland and go on hikes with these dogs. They were stoked because they’re like “Oh, it’s a way to, like, have
pets while you’re traveling.” Oh, that’s great! But, you can do it in San Diego, you can do it in Switzerland, you can do it all over
the world and, basically, you just maintain their house
for them while they’re gone, and you could live anywhere in the world. Pretty awesome. Thing number three is being a
nanny or an au pair somewhere. So, the two websites for
thing are GreatAuPair.com and AuPairWorld.com. I have a video on this because
I was an au pair in Spain. Again, you pay for your flight out there. Sometimes you get paid for
this, sometimes you don’t, it really depends on the country. I just went for three months,
so I wasn’t on a work visa, I was on a travel visa, and
they paid me like $100 a week, or something. You go and you help
the kids learn English, or you help them with their homework, or maybe you’re driving them around, or maybe you’re doing the laundry. Literally, I was just
there to speak English to the children. I had another au pair friend,
and she was doing the laundry, and the driving, and the school. Like, she was a second mom. So, ask lot’s of questions. I have a whole video about
that if you want to learn. But, going and traveling
to different countries and taking care of kids. Someone also just messaged
me about something called an Adventure Nanny. Sounds amazing. Seasonal work is a thing! So, the fourth one is called CoolWorks.com A few hot, seasonal work things
are being a rafting guide, a white water rafting guide,
being a scuba diver instructor, being a surf instructor,
being a fishing guide, being a waitress. Be a ski instructor or
snowboarding instructor and go– I know people who
do it in Colorado in the winter here, and then they
go up to Australia and do it on the opposite times. I worked up in Alaska for a season, a video on that will be coming eventually. But, I went up there for the season and I was waitressing in the restaurant that this lodge was in. Some people were there
to do the housekeeping, some people were there to waitress, some people were there to
cook, some people were there– there was a fishing spot across the river. Seasonal work is a really big thing, and Cool Works is one website
to find some seasonal work. Thing number five is if
you already have a job, and you’re working from
home and you’re like “Ugh, I just wish I–
I’m working from home so I might as well be traveling,” there’s a thing called Remote Year. Last time I checked it
was like $2,000 a month, and that covers your place
to stay, your internet. I don’t know what it all covers, honestly. You go to a different country every month. Somebody that I know that
is on Work Exchange is “30 and a Wake Up.” I’ll put his link below
if you’re interested. He does, like, apartment tours,
you can see the apartment, but they put you in an apartment, and then they give you a coworking space where you will have reliable internet because a lot of times,
that’s super hard to find. Okay, this one’s probably the
toughest one to break into, but if you’re like a graphic designer or a personal assistant, or
you can do something like that. Fiverr, rev.com, and Upwork. Fiverr is where people
like me will go on there and be able to get a new
logo for five dollars, or something. If you have a service to
provide, you could go on there. I think it takes a little
while to get some traction, which is difficult, and you’re
not getting paid a whole lot. But, depending on what
country you’re living in, it might work. Rev.com is making subtitles. My sister tried doing this, and again, she’s got a full-time job, so it’s kind of a lot. But basically, you watch people’s videos. I send my videos in to rev.com. If you’re a creator
and you need subtitles, I’ve got a coupon code below
to get you up to $10 off of your first video, so it’s a dollar a minute
for somebody to transcribe, and then, you just
upload it to your videos. Anyway. But if you’re looking for
a job, you can type that, and the faster you are, the
more money you can make. And then, Upwork is kind of
like Fiverr, so it’s, again, people are looking for other
people to work for them. So, like I said, those
are a little bit tougher, but if you’re determined
and you have a skill that you know will be good
for people, then hop on there. Then, I’ve got two bonus tips. Bonus tip number one is, I
don’t have a website for this, which is why I didn’t include it, but you can be a stewardess on a yacht. I wanted to do this so badly, but I get sea sick, so that was the end of that. I know that you need to get
some sort of certification because I did look into it. So, you need to get some
sort of certification and then, you can be a stewardess, and that just means that
you’re sort of the maid and the cook on a yacht. I know people who’ve done this, and they’ve traveled all over the place. Very cool. My last bonus tip is Google Flights. Just get yourself on a plane and go! I know of these websites because I know people who have used them. Most of them, I personally have not used because I go out, and I
network with everybody, and I just try and make friends,
and I just talk to people. “Oh, you want to run our
pub crawls here, cool!” “I have a dance studio and I’d love if you
would teach yoga, cool.” Oh, I’ve got this, I’ve got that. Because I’m in the country. So, people are always messaging
Airbnb’s or restaurants and being like “hey, do
you have work for me?” And they’re like “Yeah, if you get here.” And then, 90% of them never come down. So, if you are there, in front of them, your odds are a lot better. So, just get on a flight. I really hope this is helpful. I think it will be, I think this is, like, good information for all of you. There are links below to all of this. Thank you guys so much for watching, and I’ll see you next week. Bye! (upbeat music)

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