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  1. Just found this channel… quite nice tips here. Not rushing campaigns is one of the best tips from this. It's common to hear from sales or from your boss that we need sales tomorrow. Well, planning is key. Without it you might not achieve the desired results.

  2. 1. The end on mind
    2. Time frame
    3. Identify milestone
    4. Identify budget
    5. Choose your channels
    6. Launch
    7. Optimize

  3. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Are there any recommendations for those who have just started working in this filed?

  4. I am from Ukraine and I cannot reach your website to check out your service. Is reason your security settings ? I am in rage . Not about your decision but about the situation.

  5. Awesome! God has blessed you. May He continue to. Thank you for sharing this wonderful advice with the world. †

  6. thanks g! you're a real marketing gangster. great advice! Will use it on my next job interview. one tip from me!!! start and end videos with introduction. like a TV news reporter. people want to know the name of who's speaking

  7. I like this bruh, you know am a junior copywriter and i have got a big project of running a campaign for leads generation in crypto industry, closed a $500 dollars bide for this project.

    All i need is my client to be happy with the results im going to give.

    Please if there is anything you cad add up to advice me i will appreciate!


  8. Finally someone with brains! I opened about 10 videos on the subject, but this one stands out as being really intelligent. Thanks for sharing, and all the best!

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