A Message From Chad and Steve

Chad: Hi, YouTube. This is Chad and Steve.
We’re the cofounders of this site, and we just want to say “Thank you”. Today, we have
some exciting news for you. We’ve been acquired by Google. Steve: Yeah, thanks. Thanks to every one of
you guys that have been contributing to YouTube community. We wouldn’t be anywhere close to
where we are without the help of this community. Thanks a lot. Chad: We’re going to stay committed to developing
the best service for you. You know, developing the most innovative service and tools and
technologies, so you can keep having fun on our site. Steve: The most compelling part of this is
being able to really concentrate on features and functionality for the community. We’ve
certainly been listening to the problems that have been coming in, surfacing on the customer
service, as well as develop for broad cam. We’re definitely keen on just reorganizing
our efforts and energy back into building up the community and resolving these problems
that you guys have been having. Chad: And this is great. Two kings have gotten
together, and we’re going to be able to provide you even better service and build even more
innovative features for you.>>[laughter] Steve: I don’t know.
Just keep going. Two kings. Interviewer: What do they mean for the user
community? Steve: Two kings? Chad: Two kings have gotten together. The
king of search, the king of video have gotten together. We’re going to have it our way.>>[laughter]

100 Replies to “A Message From Chad and Steve”

  1. Honestly would youtube even be here today if it wasn't for google? Google has the money to keep this titan of a sight up and free for the public.

  2. So you are ok with being aquiard by google yet you made the people mad by making two adds before each vid money money money

  3. Came here because of a 10 year old book called "A YouTube Reader." Man, this video looks old now.

  4. EVERYONE!!!!!


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  6. this this is the founder/CEO that we want not susan. im not hating i just prefer them + jawed karim over susan.

  7. People dissing these guys but I bet if you were in this position to receive hundreds of millions for your website, you would take it. They would have no idea about anything google would do. So no it’s not some huge mistake.

  8. أنسخ من أجل الحرية والديمقراطية وحقوق الإنسان على اساس تمركز لقوات الأمن العام في القرآن الكريم من المؤكدأنهف

  9. Google, you really screwed up YouTube. You are absolutely disgusting. You don't care about anybody except yourselves. Want proof? Ok! What about that time when Google made Google+ required to comment on videos? They did it so that they could make money toward Google+. And what did they do when people told Google they weren't happy with it? They STILL kept Google+ there. The only reason that Google no longer made it required was because nobody was commenting in the comments section anymore, which meant that their "Google+ Scheme" didn't work. And also, Gmail. People said they weren't happy with it, but they still kept it. So, now do you think Google cares? It is EXTREMELY RARE to find a YT channel without Gmail as well. In fact, the only possible way to have a NON Gmail YT channel is to have had it made in 2005 and early 2006. And their "Gmail" scheme is working, so they both make money from there, AND from YT. Hey Google! Make people able to use whatever email engine they want. No wonder AOL and YAHOO! went out of business, Gmail took all their users away. The only reason I have a Gmail is because of YouTube. I would be using Yahoo! Mail right now if it wasn't for the MONSTER YOU MADE out of YouTube!

  10. How good you ever give Google
    Or hand over YouTube to this
    D…😈Company ?
    Didn't you know what they would do with that !😨😰😱

  11. Its hilarious to read all the anti google comments and see the Deluge of SHILL accounts working for google responding to them… or maybe the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group, considering how tight google is with western intelligence services….

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