A new learning path is out: Web developer!

Hi, I’m Mathieu, co-founder of OpenClassrooms, a company I started in 2007. I created
this company because I wanted to help people in learning new
stuff in technology and now we are 35 people in the company and
we are helping more than 3 million unique visitors every month. I’m American and I live in Paris,
France now and I had a pretty roundabout way to technology so
I haven’t always worked in Tech and it wasn’t my plan to ever work
in Tech or even to help other people learn how to code. Because I didn’t know how to code
5 years ago so I was living in New York City working at
Kickstarter and it felt silly to work for a website without really
understanding how the website worked. So I decided to learn how
to code and I moved over to the engineering team at Kickstarter
6 months later. And at Kickstarter, on the side I had been
giving internal workshops, called ‘Github for poets” which
taught Github which is a kind.. of code hosting platform,
that’s really easily accessible for beginners. I was teaching how
to use that to people at Kickstarter that were’nt on the development
team. I also started coaching at Rails Girls, helping young
women get into programming. And so therefore when I came to
France, it just seem like the natural avenue would be to continue
that same spirit of helping other people learn how to code
since I was very lucky to have people who helped me
on the same journey. We worked hard to understand
what is a great course and how to build a great course and I’d say
first that a great course is a great instructor. It’s someone
who understands what people want and creates a course that helps
as many people as possible. Education, since it has no borders,
you need to adapt a certain set of knowledge to each different
country and it’s pretty cool to have done that not only in
my native country in the US, but also now I’ll be doing that from, you know, taking French courses and adapting them into
english and considering how we have to make modifications not
only to the content but to the tone and to the ultimate objective
of someone taking the course. We decide who is going to be the
target and work hard on the summary of the course and then
we decide if it’s going to be videos or text, which type of exercices…
So we have this knowledge on how to
make it work together. And I think when people learn
how to code they take all the theoretical knowledge that they find
online but they don’t actually find that they are able to apply
it in a job setting or during an interview so with OpenClassrooms
you really cover all your bases theoretical and in practice. So not only are you taking a
course online for your ultimate career but you’re actually getting
something that has real value in the real world and real
recognition by a governmental body. And even though this only exists in
France right now it’s something that OpenClassrooms definitely
want to do for the English speaking world at some point. Which is why we’re also pursuing partnerships with primarily English speaking
companies in the hopes that we could combine our course content
with their business practices and really make a great synthesis
of different points of view.

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