A2 Hosting Review: Actually TESTING Their Plans [2019]

Speed and blazing fast. 20 times faster!
The best speed, turbo servers. These are the words that A2 hosting is using on
its website but are they really as fast as they claim to be? Well, I want to find
out so I bought in the most expensive plan that A2 hosting has to offer
called “The Turbo Plan” and I’m going to put it to the test. As soon as I bought my plan I’ve used
their automatic WordPress installer to create a website. Since I bought the
turbo plan my automatic WordPress installation came with a couple of
benefits. Most noticeably the performance enhancing A2 optimization plugin. This
plugin offers page caching, database caching, image and code optimizations and
extra security. All of this should make my WordPress website lighter and
increase the loading speed dramatically I’ve ran some performance tests to
determine how effective these optimizations are and here are the
results. First the stability test. I’ve used
Uptime Robot to monitor how stable A2 hosting is. And in the 10 days of
monitoring my website was down for 7 minutes. Meaning visitors were able to reach it only 99.95% of the time 7 minutes doesn’t seem like a long
time but it adds up to almost 4 and a half hours over the span of 1 year.
There were a couple of spikes in response times and this is never a good
sign as you want your performance to be as consistent as possible. Meaning no
spiking! Overall A2 hosting stability is acceptable but not exceptional. Next, I’ve
used GT metrix to measure how fast my website loads during this test I’m
mostly interested in the fully loaded time metric. My website loaded in just
0.8 seconds that’s an incredible result the aim of any website is to go below
1 second or at least as close to 1 second as possible and seems like there
might be something to this turbo plan after all. Because it is quite rare that
I see websites loaded under 1 second with just the default installation. Let’s
run a comparison test against GoDaddy Hostinger and DreamHost. All with the
default WordPress installations. Keep in mind that I’m doing these tests on a
completely default WordPress installation and theme. So while the
difference is only in milliseconds right now as my website will grow and scale up
so with this difference. It might become much more noticeable later. Okay but what
about international speed is A2 hosting any good in Europe and Asia or is it
just for the United States? Well, let’s check it out.
While not getting an A+ rating and A is still a good result.
The only real slowdown happens in Bangalore and Singapore but that’s
because I’ve chosen my data centers in the US. So, it is kind of to be expected
and shouldn’t be that much of a problem. Ok A2hosting offers some
incredible website loading speed that’s for sure but I believe there’s also one
more thing that’s very important to mention some users who use A2hosting
had their websites down for almost an entire month because of an issue A2
hosting had with some ransomware. And, this didn’t happen in like
2014 or 2015 this happened just a couple of months back based on the information
I managed to find online and that A2 hosting provided themselves.
It seems that ransomware found its way into A2 hosting’s Singapore location
and spread all across their network impacting a large majority of
windows-based servers. To prevent any further damage A2 hosting took down
the remaining windows-based servers themselves until the problem would be
fixed. The way ransomware works is that it locks all files it infects and to
get an unlock key you usually have to pay money to the hackers that infected
your system. And even if you do pay you’re not guaranteed that the hackers
will release your files because at least from my experience hackers don’t tend to
be the most trustworthy and kind people. So, it was definitely a very tough issue
to handle on A2 hostings part. But they did handle it, the unfortunate side
effects of this that some users had their websites down for days, weeks and
the most unlucky ones even for a month. Luckily, at the moment it seems like the
crisis was contained and completely dealt with. I hope A2 hosting will
never encounter similar issues and they will put all of this behind them and
this just goes to show that these sort of things even happen to the best of
them so internet security is very important. Let’s take a quick look at A2 prices
and compare them to other major hosting providers. It’s really hard to look at
the prices on a month-to-month basis because each a hosting provider has
different deals for different periods of purchase. To make a fair comparison I’ll
be seeing how much a domain name plus 1 year of hosting will cost. To
guarantee the lowest possible prices on all of the plans I will be using coupons
and discounts links, you can find these same links in the description down below
if you want to use them for yourself. 1 year of hosting plus a domain name with
A2 hosting comes out at $39.92 you also get an SSL certificate
for free. An SSL certificate is that little green
lock next to your domain name. Bluehost would cost you $59.40 and you would also get an SSL certificate for free. SiteGround
comes in at $63.35 cents. SiteGround also does offer SSL certificates
for free. And, Hostinger costs $34.62 if you
use the code HOSTINGREVIEW at checkout for an extra 10 percent off. And of
course you still get an SSL certificate for free. And GoDaddy currently had a
special promotion going on by using the links down in the description below you
can get a domain name and hosting for 1 year for just $12. No SSL
certificates though but you do get email services for 1 year. And, as I mentioned
I’ll leave all of these coupons and special promotions in the description
down below and I want to be super transparent here I support myself and
the channel from affiliate links. These videos take a large amount of time and
resources to properly test, script, film and edit. All of this is possible because
viewers like you use the links below when making their purchases. If you use
the link in the description you get a discount and I get paid a commission
it’s a win for both of us so if you find my content helpful
consider using the links below. Based on the price A2 hosting is definitely on
the cheaper side of the spectrum while offering excellent performance but at
the moment Hostinger and GoDaddy can offer a similar performance for a lower
price and keep in mind that I am testing the most expensive
shared hosting plans with A2 hosting the turbo plan and I am comparing it to
the cheapest options that other hosting providers are offering. But what A2
hosting has done differently and what I really like about them is their free
website migrations with every plan and they’re awesome
refund policy. Every single plan with A2 hosting comes with the free site
migration. Meaning if you already have a website that’s live and is hosted with
another hosting provider that you don’t like you can buy a plan on A2 hosting,
fill out a form and A2 hosting employees it will make sure your website is
migrated to A2 hosting as smooth as possible within 3 to 5 business
days. Website migration is usually one of the messiest processes when switching
web hosting providers and having a knowledgeable person perform the
migration will minimize the risk of stuff going wrong. And A2 hosting has a
very flexible “Anytime Refund” policy if you ask for a refund within 30 days you
will get refunded the full amount. But after the 30 days are up you can still
ask for a refund instead of the full amount you’ll get
paid for what’s left on your plan for example. If you had a 2 year plan but
after 1 year you wanted a refund you would get refunded for the unused time
on your plan. Which is 1 year. Pretty cool! This shows that a2 hosting is quite
confident in their ability to provide a quality and competitive service. But one of their main selling points at
the moment are these WordPress turbo plants and since I got the WordPress
turbo plan. Is it any good and would I recommend it? Unfortunately –
no. Because, I do think you can achieve similar level optimizations for free by
using such plugins as Jetpack or WP Super Cache yourself. Let me show you
what I mean. Let’s uninstall the optimizations that a2 has given me and
install a clean WordPress client. Then I’ll add some free plugins and use GT
metrix to test the loading speed again. And there you have it. Based on these
results I would actually recommend you with more serious to look at the middle
plan than a2 hosting is offering instead of the turbo one. While it is true that
turbo runs on better hardware you probably won’t notice big differences
unless you run a very content heavy website. And if you do run a very content
heavy website shared hosting isn’t probably the best solution for you. And,
the middle plan offers a lot of the same unlimited features for a very reasonable
price. And you can work on the optimizations yourself like I did in the
previous test. But I can’t deny that these Turbo optimizations will make my
website much faster. My main issue with the turbo plan is that I can achieve
very close or at least similar level optimization myself for free. For support you’ve got email, phone and
chat options. I’ve tried support through chat and it
took me around 10 to 15 minutes to reach and talk to a human agent. But once
connected my questions were answered very fast!
While nothing spectacular I’m happy that the option is there and it’s definitely
of a good enough quality. In conclusion, I like A2 hosting and I don’t think you
would regret your decision if you would move to a2 hosting but that being said I
would mostly recommend them to two kinds of people. If you already have a website
and you want to migrate it somewhere else
why not give a2 hosting a try. They will do the migration for you for free
and I’m like 92.576% sure they will keep you a
happy customer for a long time. And if you’re someone who’s about to start a
large-scale project because all of the little optimizations and tweaks that a2
hosting has in place really begin to shine once you scale big. And by the way
did you know that I actually have more reviews on my channel? I publish
reviews and website based tutorials on my channel every week so if you’re
someone who owns a website you’ll definitely find some valuable
information in the videos that are coming up. So, consider subscribing. My
name is Emit with the hosting.review team and as always good luck making your

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  1. Had to re-upload due to some audio issues πŸ™
    Grab a 63% Discount Though! – https://hosting.review/go/a2hosting-2019yr/
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  2. I have been a customer of A2 hosting for over a year now. I only became a customer because IX hosting, which was GREAT, closed up. In the year I've been a customer, there have been several outages, most of them lasting for DAYS at a time. The last major outage lasted for about a week, and they're down again now – every day my sites are down, I am losing money. Their tech support is slow, usually taking a day or two to respond. They seem to be completely gone on the weekends. I would definitely recommend that anyone considering A2 hosting to keep looking. Now, I have migrated my site to asphostportal.com

  3. i want to start a small woo commerce site to sell 15-20 digital products(logos and illustrations)(files will be hosted in aws server for download). Now On your website you recommended hostinger as cheapest and fastest, so i think i will be going for business plan and pay yearly. I can pay upto 6-7 $ pm or 70-80$ yearly, so should i go with hostinger or any other providers like siteground/a2/bluehost?

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