Accept Donations Online Without a Website

Hi there, I am Muthulaxmi from Razorpay. 2018 was a difficult time for Kerala when the state battled the worst floods in history. The small silver lining in an otherwise dark cloud was witnessing how people rallied together to help one another and those in need. We grow stronger when we are there for one another and that is what keeps our faith in humanity alive! So whether it is a great cautious support like ocean cleanup, mental health awareness, or reaching out to assist people who are struggling, Razorpay Payment Pages allow you to easily and quickly collect donations without any hassles. Razorpay payment pages are specifically designed to accept payments online without a payment gateway integration. You don’t even need to have a website! You can use Razorpay payment page link as the landing page to accept donations. Payment pages can be designed and customized to match your branding requirements. They allow your contributors to donate through various methods like Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Wallets, Netbanking and UPI. Creating a Razorpay payment page is also as easy as 1-2-3! You can use one of our inbuilt templates or create a template of your own. Login to your Razorpay dashboard Click on Payment Pages Select a template Upload images and add information And you are done! You are ready to start accepting donations. You can do a lot more with Razorpay payment pages! You can accept fees, sell goods or services, register attendees for events and more. You can also accept international payments in 100 foreign currencies through Razorpay payment pages! Enterprises and startups around India have used Razorpay payment pages for various use cases. The best part is that there is no extra costs or fees for using payment pages. Just the traditional 2% on every transaction applied So get going with Razorpay payment pages right away. Your cause deserves a simple and seamless way to implement and receive support. Check out the link in the description to create a Razorpay payment page in a matter of minutes!

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