Acquia Cloud Hands-On Demonstration

The Acquia experience platform provides
two key sets of capabilities designed to make it easy for you to bring digital
experiences to life the experience Factory and the marketing hub Acquia cloud a foundational part of the experience Factory is the best place to build and
manage your digital presence Acquia cloud is a complete platform that helps
your DevOps team gain velocity and efficiency to start building
applications immediately, it accelerates web development with scalable secure
hosting unparalleled reliability and robust developer tools your teams no
longer have to invest in configuring servers setting up database replication
managing backups patches and more in this demonstration you’ll see how
quickly a DevOps team can go from getting a site up and running to
managing a codebase to even scaling operations first you’ll see how an
Operations team can quickly assemble the pieces needed to deploy a new site then
you’ll use built-in tools to monitor how well it is running and informed
decisions to scale your environment next you’ll see how easy it is to setup your
local dev environment finally you’ll see how Acquia cloud can be extended to
support complex CI CD workflows required by enterprise class organizations
customers who are just getting started with Drupal frequently choose lightning
Acquia’s curated distribution it includes the most commonly used modules to get up and running quickly with a minimum of effort to provide the greatest
flexibility Acquia cloud is also optimized for decoupled Drupal apps and
supports NodeJS so you can have a single secure compliant cloud for both use
cases awk we lightning is your starter kit for building sites and digital
experiences more quickly than ever on a Clea cloud over time off Nia cloud
provides the insight you need to stay ahead of problems that can affect your
online presence before they happen this includes the ability to see how
well your site is scaling as user demand grows as your team creates applications
and updates them over time you’ll want a historical view exposing insight into
the performance of new deployments you can quickly get detailed data including
load balancer requests varnish cache hit rate CPU and memory usage and more to
easily correlate deployments and performance in addition to the
infrastructure reports Acquia insight offers a simple score that summarizes
the current state of your security performance and Drupal best practices
drilling down a level you’ll see a report that shows exactly what your next
steps are with guidelines and how to resolve them quickly this removes the
time-consuming guesswork in reducing risk and improving performance when you
run into trouble Aqua is ready with the world’s best experts in Drupal cloud and
networking we can advise you on your Drupal applications and even deliver
personalized advice through dedicated advisory hours to recap Acquia cloud helps Operations teams get up and running ten times faster with Acquia lightning or the
Drupal distribution of your choice respond faster with key insights into
how to maximize your application and infrastructure performance optimize the
efficiency of your teams by having a CLIA as your trusted adviser in short
Acquia cloud takes away the pain and cost of building and maintaining a scalable
secure cloud environment on your own with your site up running and optimized
your dev team can focus on iterating quickly in response to business needs to
get started developers first set up a copy of the Drupal application for local
development you’ll clone the code branch database and file system and then you’re
ready to start coding it’s that simple developers love the flexibility to work
locally with popular tools for Drupal and PHP development to add new
capabilities through Drupal modules once complete you aren’t burdened with manual and lengthy deployment and testing processes simply push the updates to the
cloud and complete your testing staging and production phases with a simple
drag-and-drop workflow to eliminate and automate otherwise
repetitive and time-consuming dev activities Acquia offers cloud CD it
supports continuous integration and development best practices to manage
multiple code branches simultaneously getting your code to production faster
you’ll first construct a Yama file describing all the steps necessary to
assemble the Drupal code base that you’ll deploy on Acquia cloud the yem
will file includes code base installations database setup testing and
cleanup events everything you need to build and deploy your artifact some
devops team’s prefer to keep their application source code with the
pipeline’s the MMO file in an external code repository like github while
maintaining your Drupal build source code in aqueous clouds git repository
this lets you decide the best practices and project governance for your Drupal
application once you’ve finished authoring your gamal files you’re ready
to execute the build using aqueous pipelines a key component of Acquia
cloud CD you’ll first connect pipelines to the github repo with the yellow file
you just authored along with the supporting code necessary to
successfully build next you’ll trigger on your pipelines
build you can review the logs in real time to ensure everything is proceeding
as expected Ok we cloud and cloud CD tie together
many of the disparate and manual steps necessary to coordinate dev teams while
managing your codebase once complete your code is deployed to Acquia cloud and you’re ready to test to summarise Acquia cloud helps development teams quickly
set up a local dev environment to begin pushing updates to off via cloud perform
advanced CI CD workflows to streamline cloud based application deployment in
short awk we allowed works hard to relieve developers of the pain and
effort of building managing and iterating on your cloud-based Drupal
applications so you can stop focusing on the how and start focusing on your
customers so that’s a quick overview of Acquia cloud there is so much more we
could dive into such as advanced build and deploy tools with Acquia cloud API and cloud hooks managing applications using the command line remote administration
using production mode to protect your live application setting up two-factor
authentication for the Acquia cloud dashboard and so much more Acquia cloud makes it easy to reduce the risk and cost of deploying Drupal applications
into the cloud while accelerating iteration and innovation to find out
more go to or schedule a live demo Acquia we bring
digital experiences to life for the world’s most ambitious brands

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