Add New Endpoints Function – Developing Scalable Apps with Java

When you’ve got it all working, then go ahead and extend the code. Add a function greet by period that takes the name and a period or a period’s a time of day like morning, afternoon, evening. And return a HelloClass object whose greeting field includes a greeting using the name and the period. For example, if the name is the name is Kippy and the period is morning, the message in the Hello Class would be: Good morning Kippy! And if the name was Ken and the period was evening, the message would be: Good evening, Ken! Add this Endpoints API function to your app, try it out in the API’s explorer, and update index with html to allow people to call this function from the UI. So just to remind it to go to the API Explorer. Go to /_ah/api/explorer and when you’ve got your app working and it’s got this new function. This function must have this exact name because we’re going to test it and if you use a different name our test won’t work. Go ahead and enter your app id here

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