An electronic cupcake maker VS um, the oven?!

– Hello everybody. Question, is this cupcake made by man with the assistance of an oven or machine? Let’s find out in today’s video. (triumphant music) You know, when it comes
to making cupcakes, you normally use a cupcake
tin just like that, but not today, because this is the
Deep Fill Cupcake Maker, I have literally had this gadget in my house for about a day, which is not the typical
lifespan of a gadget in my room, as you know, but I was bombarded
with requests for this, I think probably with Christmas coming up, loads of you guys wanted to know if it was a legitimate thing to get, so today we are gonna do that. I’ve just been to the shops
and got some ingredients. The important thing today, folks, is not that we’re gonna use cupcake mix, it’s just to compare it
versus the actual machine, so let’s get the same mix twice. I’m pretty certain we’ve
got about 10 billion of these at home, but just in case. Like I mentioned, today’s video is not about the
actual cupcake recipe itself, I’ve done loads before
here on the channel, it’s not about Amy
drinking her water bowl, it’s simply about one, does this work better
than the standard method, is it quicker, does it taste different? We’re gonna find out, I’m kind of excited, ’cause I get to eat two
lots of cupcakes, oh yes. Simply pour some mixture,
close the lid, relax, ah and let the Cupcake Maker
do all the hard work. The Cupcake Maker will let you know when your cakes are ready
with a buzzing noise, nice. So basically, it takes
the effort out of it, especially if you’ve got a
ready-made mix like I have, you can do this hopefully
in the speed of an eye, is that the phrase? Speed of eye? Quick of an eye? Speed of a flash? Quickly. JMPosner, that’s who’s
made it for the home, okay, cool, never come
across that company before. We open it up, a little bit of that, we’ll give this a clean and hopefully, well, we can make six, nice little troughs there
for our cases to fit in, let’s see if they fit
in there first of all. (cheerful upbeat music) Yeah, actually taking a
look at it a bit closer, you can see that I was kind of thinking that the cupcake cases probably need to go as high as the metal bit and
then is that gonna squish ’em? I don’t know, I guess
that doesn’t contact, there must be a heating
element too, we’ll find out, I mean, it closes, that’s the good thing. Six and six, batter up. (cheerful upbeat music) Okay, so I haven’t checked
with the machine yet, but I imagine there’s gonna
be a preheat setting on it, but most cupcakes get baked at 160 C, so I will preheat my oven
in the interest of fairness. But interestingly, from when I
read the packaging just then, I haven’t looked at the
instructions fully yet, but it says these cupcakes
are made in minutes, a standard cupcake in
the oven in the tray here should take normally about 15 minutes, so it could halve the time, hm. Alright, so one of my
favourite hacks of all time just a standard ice cream scoop is normally enough for a cupcake and then you get some of it
on your work surface, amazing, I normally fill them
about three-quarters high, just in case you’re interested. (cheerful upbeat music) Alright, so that is our
bog standard cupcakes done, oven’s preheating, let’s
get them out of the way. Important, should a cake fail
to show the results desired, there may be several reasons for it, so they’re putting blame back on you guys. Place the cupcake mix into the
centre of the cupcake cases, okay. (cheerful upbeat music) Alright, the oven is preheated,
good work, dude, good work. Try to complete this as soon as possible to ensure even cooking, hang on a sec, should I have put it in, should I have preheated it? No, no, no, no, really? Yes. No, so just like preheating an oven, we have to preheat this too, but I think we’ll be alright. (suspenseful orchestral music) Oh no, we won’t. Okay, okay, no, not you, because
you’re part of the test, so I’m just gonna carefully stick them in another cupcake tin
just for the time being, whilst we preheat this. You know, from looking at the
instructions to something, it’s always good to start at step one, so connect the main plugs
to a UK socket, switching, our appliance is now getting hot, yay, we’ve got a light, alright. On completion of the preheating cycle, the audible tone will sound, you are now ready to use the Cake Maker. Okay, it’s then at that
point, I’ve opened it up and then we stick those other ones, that we’ve just taken out in and then we’ll get those in there. Suddenly the oven just
seems a lot more sensible. Alright, so right now, I am just waiting for this thing to beep, it’s smelling like it’s
getting hot actually. A little bit of exciting news
is coming, I keep teasing it, next few weeks and months,
I will be announcing it and also I finally wanna get rid of all the gadgets in my room and one thing I’m mulling over is not sort of taking December off, but every day in December going live, like a calendar, but just live and doing a giveaway of a
gadget every single day, I’m trying to work out
the best way to do that, if that sounds okay, do let me know, but other than that, that’s really what I’m thinking with that and there’s a much bigger
thing to tell you about, kind of like a new chapter, if you will, but all good and I’m just
waiting for this to beep, so I’m just killing the time. (electronic beeping) Hey, look at that! Ooh, ooh, that is hot, oh my gosh, okay. Boom, okay. Close appliance and press
together for a short while, okay, short while, baking
time is eight to 10 minutes. On completion, the buzzer. Right, let’s get our cupcakes in the oven. ♪ But maybe gonna ♪ ♪ You’re gonna be the cupcake gadget ♪ ♪ Thing that saves me ♪ ♪ Then after all ♪ ♪ You’re going in a share ♪ Sorry, mate. I’m not really getting
much freshly baked smellage going on right now and
that’s from the oven too, so we’ve gotta be fair about this, at the moment, it’s kind
of like a smell of mystery, of intrigue, of confusion. Well, basically I’m just
waiting for this to beep, I’m gonna risk it, I’m
gonna live on the edge, I’m not gonna go, ooh,
and have a peek, no, I don’t wanna ruin the cooking process, I wanna be like beep,
you’re ready, we do it and then on the rack. Alright, I’m a little confused, because the light has gone out, but there’s been no noise yet, but there is a little battle
scar, you can see there, a bit of cake on the side, that
appears to have been cooked. (electronic beeping) We just got beepage. (triumphant music)
Oh my gosh! Ooh! They’re all burnt a bit,
but oh, they’re spongy, look, they’re bubbly, can you see that? Yes, let me just get my ear
away from that hot plate and turn this off. Yeah, maybe I put a
bit too much batter in, because there is a sort
of nice, crisp lid on it, but hey, it’s not burnt, you know, it’s charred, that’s
the way to look at it. Ah, I think, yeah, you’re
supposed to do that with some spatula or tongs,
but I’m feeling dangerous. If you’ve slightly underfilled it, ay, ay, ay, hoo! If you’ve slightly underfilled it, you would probably miss
that burning on the top, but I’m not that bothered about that, it’s effectively, I think it’s cooked and there’s only one way to find out. I mean, there’s no
denying they’re cupcakes, so let’s get the other ones out of there. Oh wow! The baked cupcakes, no burnt top, apart from
that little one there, that’s trying to like escape, they are looking good. Yeah, there’s actually a difference in colour there, isn’t there? But that is darker, I mean,
let’s ignore the middle, but that anyway is a lot
more probably evenly baked next to the slightly
brown top, but you know, a bit of crunch comes
with that, it’s not, yeah. Alright, so all there is
now to let these cool down, we’ll decorate them and see if there is actually a taste
difference between the two. I’m gonna put some Sharpie
under the bottom of the ones that we’ve done in the
Cupcake machine thing, because if I decorate them
and they all look the same, I won’t actually be able
to tell the difference, ’cause I’ll probably eat
on a lid anyway, so yeah, well and also because
I’m gonna cover the lids, this is some mirror glaze,
I saw it in the supermarket, I did get a clip of me getting that, basically mirror glaze is quite, not the easiest thing to make, but I wanna dunk all
of the cupcakes in it, so I just wanna see if this works really, you just bung it in the microwave. (electronic beeping) 30 seconds, stir, 30 seconds basically, it’s like melting chocolate. There we go, nice, so
let’s do some dunkage. Look at that. Oh! Let it drip dry, it does say if you put a
light frosting on first, you’ll get a much smoother
finish, but look at that. That’s gonna cool and set
and be shiny, awesome. Alright, so that answers my own question, that (laughing) is why I
put Sharpie on the bottom, I actually can’t tell
which one’s which now. Let’s try and use me funky, oh! (laughing) I did it again, oh no! Alright. (cheerful upbeat music) Yeah. Folks, something interesting
is happening, alright, so there’s a batch of six cupcakes, one, two, three, four, five, six, that are holding their icing well, now there’s another batch, one, two, three, four, five, six, look, where the icing is sliding off, now I wonder if that’s something
to do with the heating, the way they were cooked, maybe the oven holds the heat longer, so they’re warmer, so it’s sliding off. I’m right, you know, every single one, where the icing is sliding off has come from the oven, so it’s probably retaining
more of that heat, so it’s driven it right into the centre, does that mean that the other
ones aren’t cooked through? Alright, so we’ve got one of each here, see that, okay, so this was the one baked in
the oven, looks pretty good and again, looks pretty good and there’s no real visual
difference on the cake, the cakes look similar. Slice into it, ah! Nice and squidgy, the other one, a little
tougher, just a teeny bit, it’s more airy and spongy, but with this one, I think it’s more compact,
that is more dense, it’s kind of turned into more of a loaf. So there is a slight weighty
difference to it as well. It’s good, I mean, it’s a cupcake,
they’re both gonna be alright, there’s no weird stuff going on, there’s no like Brussels sprout tea vibe. Please destroy these
immediately using fire. Mm, wow! That is way more noticeable
than I thought actually, it is like a banana bread kind of density, but without the moistness,
so it’s like a loaf, I don’t know if it’s the way it’s cooked, whether it’s compound and compact, ’cause it’s not got all that space to rise and it doesn’t, I don’t
know, maybe that burnt top has stopped it from really
getting all that aeration? But it works, it’s alright. But I think for me, for the cost of it, the oven’s always gonna win. Does it work? Yes, it does. Would it make an amazing Christmas gift? Yeah, I guess, some of you
guys were asking me that, yes, it would work for that purpose. I don’t think it’s something
you’d use regularly and I don’t think it’s
gonna really save you any time or hassle really or help anyone with this ability in any way
in making a cupcake any easier, I preferred the taste of the cupcake one, but all in all, a pretty fun thing. So as always, if you’ve
seen any cool gadgets, do let me know, you’ve been sending me loads of links you’ve found, I’ve got tonnes upstairs in the last week. Thanks so much, guys,
have a Barr-othon now and follow me on social media,
all bits and bobs like that and I’ll see you very soon. Goodbye. ♪ Check your level player,
no matter what your style ♪ ♪ The kitchen’s for me, moustache,
goatee, maybe all three ♪

100 Replies to “An electronic cupcake maker VS um, the oven?!”

  1. The difference was massively noticeable in the texture, dense vs airy which I find quite bonkers!
    * You can get the cupcake maker from here
    * More kitchen gadgets on the kitchen gadget testing playlist

  2. these can be cool and fun for older kids or people who are living a dorm style life… My mom got me a grilled cheese maker years ago.. It's cool being able to make hot sandwiches in my room. I think my younger sister had a mini cupcake maker or something.. You can make more than just cupcakes.. I think there are recopies for other things out there.. One off the top of my head is quiches.

  3. I'm guessing the target demographic for this gadget is university students. Most dorms won't let you have a toaster oven or roaster oven, because the exposed heating elements are a fire hazard and would drive up the premiums on their liability insurance. Things that use covered elements like this are okay, though, at least in most schools.

  4. I can see this being a plus if you have kids, but don't quite trust them with the oven yet. Preheat, quickly add paper or silicone liner, half fill to avoid crunchy tops?

  5. I don't really see the difference between you putting cupcakes in the oven, and you putting cupcakes in cupcake shaped oven…

  6. For me a waste of money or anyone with an average kitchen. But, on the other hand it probably be great for someone in a studio flat without an oven. And I'm sure you could make biscuits (w/gravy) breads , and maybe eggs or even pancakes.

  7. Is it me or are there literal sparkles in the cupcakes lol. Seeing some shine when he got them on the wire rack.

  8. Even if the gadget out-performed the oven, I'd still prefer the oven. With the gadget, you are limited in the amount of cupcakes you can make at one time. With the oven, you can make up to 4 batches of 12 cupcakes at one time. With the gadget, you have another item cluttering up your cupboards or taking up counter space when not in use. With the oven, it's already built in to your kitchen, is in regular use, and can double as extra cupbord and counter space (if it's part of your stove, like mine, and not built into your wall) when not in use.

  9. I think gadgets like these are sometimes handy when you are using your oven to cook a meal. Compared to the grilled cheese toaster this thing is aces 🙂

  10. well if you're baking a lot of cupcakes in your lifetime this could be more energy efficient than heating an entire oven cavity every time.

  11. Great item for a dorm room or apartment that doesn't have a big oven. I know in a lot of places in Asia, such as in Japan, the 'oven' is basically a toaster oven, very small. This would be a neat, fun, and usable gift. I bet you could good little egg omelettes in it also!

  12. Awesome video, what makes me wonder tho, and maybe what could be a reason why to use the cupcake maker is the question of energy. We could asume that heating the whole big oven possibly takes more than just heating little box, but then, eletric water kettles are very energy hungry.

  13. You have to make sure cupcakes are cooled first before you ice them. Or the heat just makes the icing slide off. Well you know now for next time. 🙂

  14. Another example of a Youtuber not bothering to fully read the manual and understand the product before trying it. RTFM

  15. Ganhando pra fazer propaganda da máquina kkkkkk, eu tenho uma dessa porém na cor vermelha e preta, realmente é boa mas não precisava exagerar também

  16. Love your vids Barry. I winder if you can make other things in the cupcake maker like mini meatloaf or something.

  17. 12:46 "I preferred the taste of the cupcake one". Do you mean you preferred the cupcake from the cupcake maker ?

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  19. The glaze must have still been warm before you put on the white icing and toppings on. Since that chocolate glaze is heated up probably best to wait for that glaze to cool first.

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