Before the Networking Event – Networking Series (Part 1)

What is networking? Networking is defined as the interaction between people to exchange information and to develop contacts. So in the world of business, how do you use networking to your advantage? Well, let’s follow Ila’s example who’s
preparing for an upcoming networking event. First, she must determine her goals. Why is she networking exactly? As a third-year accounting co-op student,
she’s looking to work at the local firm in Ottawa. Next, she must do her research and find out in advance which organizations are going to be attending that networking event. Once she knows which organizations will be attending, looking at each company’s website is the perfect way to find more information about them. This will help her avoid having to ask: “What does your company do?” which is something that you can easily find online. The next step for Ila is to update her resume. Asking someone to look over it and give you feedback is a good way to make sure it stands out. Once you’ve updated your resume, go ahead and print out a few copies. Don’t forget to make business cards too. You can find a variety of templates online
and use one that appeals to you. Ila also has to update her LinkedIn profile. Many organizations are using LinkedIn profiles instead of resumes nowadays. Creating a summary statement or an elevator pitch is a great way to distinguish yourself. You should include who you are, what your skills and experiences are and what you’re looking for at this point in time. You can also memorize this and use it at the actual networking event. Finally, getting a professional headshot is
a perfect way to make your profile stand out. By following all of these steps, you’re
now finally going to be ready to attend the actual networking event.

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