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And that’s why you don’t feed your dog
Jack Daniels, Ron. Haha! Lesson learned. And now Herb joins us for the forecast. How’s it looking for rebranding our businesses
this season, Herb? Thank you, Ron. We are in for a few surprises in this process
here, folks. We start out with lots of energy and high
expectations in Phase I but we can expect a light sprinkle of uncertainty and confusion
around niching down in Phase II. For Phase III, hold onto your hats, people,
because there will be strong winds of “What the heck am I really doing here?” which
may lead you to stop responding to emails from your brand strategist for several weeks
time. Things brighten up in Phase IV. You’re going to have clarity and think that
it’s all smooth sailing from here. But watch out because in Phase V you’ll
be blown away by the desire to throw everything you’ve worked on in the trash and start
over. Who knew rebranding could be so emotional,
Herb? It’s not all fonts and color palettes, Donna. Let’s check in with our friend, Todd, who’s
live on the ground rebranding his business as we speak. Todd, can you hear us? Welcome to the $#!T storm, people! I’m 4 weeks late on writing my web copy
because I’ve got too many ideal clients and I’m too afraid to get specific. Wow, Todd. Haven’t you heard the riches are in the
niches? Is it niche or niche? I never know. Nobody knows, Todd. I’m struggling to hold onto my sense of
self out here, Ron. I’m questioning everything! I can’t see the forest for the trees. Whatever you do, Todd, don’t ask randos
in Facebook groups for advice. Ain’t that the truth. Poor guy. Let’s hope he has a good strategist… Hey, Todd. I got your back. Hey, this is RKA and this is another episode
of Awkward Marketing. Because marketing your business can be awkward,
sometimes awful, I’ll help you make it awesome. And speaking of awesome, if you want more
awesome videos, you’re going to want to hit subscribe. And like this video! It makes my mom so proud… Branding: The Untold Story – an emotional
journey you had no idea you were taking until it was much too late. Here’s what most people don’t expect about
rebranding their business – it’s an emotional process, people. If you haven’t cried in the shower while
sobbing, “WHO AM I?” mid re-brand, you might not be digging deep
enough. Okay, crying is optional but there’s one
thing I know for sure after working on hundreds of business rebrands. Whether you run a company or you have a personal
brand, the process of rebranding requires you to dig deep and look at your business
with a magnifying glass – which can push you emotionally, spiritually, even physically. But most people don’t know this – they
think rebrand and they get excited – fonts, colors, mood boards! But, design is only a small part of the picture. What is a brand, anyway? Well, I’ll tell ya what. It’s not the LOOK and the FEEL. It’s your relationship with your customer,
how they see you, remember you, talk about you. Jeff Bezos, or as I like to call him – The
Bez – says “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” Most people do rebrands because they want
to adjust these perceptions. What people are saying about them when they’re
not in the room doesn’t match what they want to be known for – Maybe their business has pivoted in a new
direction. Maybe they have new products and services. Maybe they’ve shifted to a new audience. Bridging the gap between how people perceive
you and how you want to be perceived requires you to examine your why, your who, your strengths,
your weaknesses – this is scary stuff. And it’s hard. It can make you question and second guess
every little decision you make. Emotional rollercoaster? Thy name is rebranding. It gets even more challenging when you’re
working with a brand strategist because, if they’re doing their job right, they’re
going to hold up a mirror to the holes in your brand – the gaps between what your
customers see and what you want them to see. And when this happens, it can feel like this
person doesn’t “get it” or get you and that can send you right on down into a tailspin. A savvy brand strategist’s job is to see you
through your customer’s eyes and help you close the gaps. Think of it like braces for your business
– closing those gaps can be a wee bit painful. If you hire a “yes” man or woman to do
this job – it might reduce the stress of the rebranding experience (because a nodding
head goes down easier than one challenging you to think bigger). But I’ve got news for you – that “yes”
man is leading you nowhere. But even if you know it’s for your own good,
when the branding $#!T storm hits ya, you’ll probably still feel blindsided, confused,
terrified. Which is why I’m making this video because,
in my experience, if you can prepare for the storm – your brand identity can survive
in one piece and be stronger for it. So, here’s what I want you to know before
you do your next rebrand: Number 1: Your brand is always evolving – it’s not
static, it’s a dance you do with your customers. So the goal of a rebrand shouldn’t be to
set things in stone, but limber you up so you’re more agile and can dance with more
ease. If you approach rebranding with the mindset
that you will continue adapting long AFTER the process is done, it will help you stop
freaking out about every single decision you make. Number 2. Goes hand in hand with Number 1. Branding is not a one and done process – people
often see a rebrand as the process of redoing their look and feel like their logo, their
colors, their style guide, their website – and then you launch, and you’re done, thank
you very much, moving onto more important matters. Sorry, but branding never ends. And a big part of your rebranding process
should be mapping out how you’re going to reinforce and develop your brand reputation
long after you “launch” the new you. When this comes up in the rebranding process,
it can be overwhelming and frustrating because it makes you think, “Hey! I’m doing all this work and when I’m done,I
have to do MORE WORK? Isn’t there a shortcut?” Yes, there’s a shortcut. It’s through Lost Profits Lane. You don’t want to go there Number 3: It’s not all about you, boo. Rebranding the right way focuses on your customers,
how they see you, what they LOVE about you, what they DON’T love about you, and making
sure those things match what you’re offering and how you’re offering it. This is where I see brand strategists and
clients butt heads. You might describe the problems you solve
one way, but if that’s not how your ideal client describes their problems – you’re
setting yourself and your rebrand up for disaster. Braces, remember? Rebranding your business is like braces – and
a good brand strategist is the wire between your teeth pushing those bad boys together. It can feel uncomfortable, but when those
braces are off and you head into the world with your new and improved grin, you’ll
be grateful for all that discomfort. Say cheese!

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