Bluehost Review: Are You Throwing Away Money? [2019]

Here at we’ve
reviewed well over 100 and 50 web hosting providers and today we’re doing a deep dive
on Bluehost. Because 7 months ago I’ve set up my website
using Bluehost, and today I’m here to report everything that’s worth knowing before purchasing. So, I hope you’re ready because we’re starting
right now. Let’s jump right into what kind of performance
you can expect using Bluehost hosting. Well, for the past 7 months I’ve monitored
my website using Uptimerobot. And the results were really good. My website was down for only 1 hour in total
during the period that I was monitoring it. That means that 99.98% of the time users were
able to reach my website no problems at all. Which is awesome, it’s really close to the
99.99% that Bluehost advertises. The average response time was around 1000
milliseconds. Meaning users will have to wait around 1second
until they see the first elements of your page. 1000miliseconds is a bit on the slow side
for my taste. I would expect around 200 to 300 milliseconds. Overall, the load speed was nothing shocking
or incredible. But it was definitely not disappointing. My website with Bluehost scored a 99% with
PageSpeed and a 85% with Yslow. With the website being fully loaded in just
1.2seconds. You’re always aiming for less than 1 second,
but I’ll take 1.2 as it’s not that far off. It is worth mentioning that if you’re like
me and you get unlucky during your purchase you can always try asking the support staff to move
you to a different server. It worked for me in the past, using different
hosting providers. But you will be dealing with the luck of the
draw again. Their cheapest plan is only $2.95 a month
and gives you an insane 50 GB of SSD storage space. And by the way, this is a lot. To put this into perspective an average WordPress
website will take up around 1GB worth of space and most other hosting providers will give
you 10GB maybe 20GB at best with their cheapest plans. Bluehost will give you 50GB. You’ll also get a domain name to register
for free. And an SSL certificate to make your website
secure. If you do not plan to host more than 1 website
on your account. This plan will absolutely be enough, I only
recommend upgrading if you’re looking to host multiple websites. However, what I don’t like about this is
the amount of information they ask you when purchasing your plan. And the fact that some of the features are
“auto-included” in your cart that you need to uncheck manually. This could lead to some confusing situations
where you spend more than intended. if you’re not careful. Keep in mind that there are no monthly plans. So, it’s not really $3 per month it’s
actually a $106 dollar single time payment that will allow you to use their services
for 3 years. The shortest amount of time you can buy their
hosting for is for 1 year. That will cost you $59.40 and is also a one-time
payment, not a monthly one. By clicking the link in the description you’ll
be able to take advantage of Bluehost special offers. You’ll also be supporting my content. So, thank you for that. So, I’ve been building websites and using
various web hosting providers for quite some time now. But I know that when you’re a beginner and
just starting out it’s a bit hard to determine what’s cheap and what’s expensive. Well, think of Bluehost as the middle option. And, here’s a comparison to help you understand
better. Let’s compare a 1 year price with an SSL
certificate and a domain name to 2 other hosting providers. Bluehost will charge you $59.40
Hostinger will charge you $42.99 GoDaddy will charge you $164 This makes BlueHost an excellent down the
middle choice. That I would recommend to anyone who’s looking
to host with WordPress. If you’re interested in Hostinger I have
a detailed review about them that you can check out right here. And make sure to take advantage of any ongoing
Bluehost sales by using the links in the description. Okay, but what if you never created a website
in your life or have very limited experience. Does Bluehost help out with that? Yes, yes they do. If you’re a beginner you’ll most likely
want to use WordPress or a website builder to create your website. Bluehost offers easy access to both – for
free. WordPress has been recommending Bluehost since
2005. And with a good reason, as soon as you create
your account you will be able to install WordPress on it automatically. Access to themes, plug-ins and easy editing
right out of the box. An excellent choice for beginners. They also have an interesting partnership
with Weebly. Weebly is a drag and drop website builder. So, by using Bluehost you will have access
to all of the themes that Weebly offers and will be able to use their editor for free. Another noteworthy point, is that BlueHost
uses a skin for their cPanel. To make it a bit more user friendly. So, you’ll have an easier time navigating
the menus. Than with most other hosting providers In my opinion there’s a huge downside when
it comes to Bluehost. And this hasn’t impacted the business in
a major way just yet. But it might in the future. Because in 2010 Bluehost was acquired by EIG,
that’s Endurance International Group. And what they do is they go around purchasing
hosting providers That later continue to operate under their
original name, but sometimes the services lose quality and users without even knowing
support the same company by using different products. EIG owns some of the largest hosting brands
like Hostgator, Bluehost, Fatcow and over 50 more. But why am I telling you all of this, because
I’ve seen people have issues with one of the EIG owned providers and then they switch
thinking they’re now a customer of a different company, and they’re supporting a different
company. But in reality they just started using another
provider owned by EIG. And ran into similar issues overtime without
even knowing it. Ofcourse, this hasn’t impacted me personally,
but I know that different people have different experiences and I always try included information
that might be crucial to your buying decisions in my reviews. So, while I’m on the topic of issues with
Bluehost let’s talk about a couple more. Bluehost servers are located in the U.S. Meaning
if your visitors are from Europe, Asia, Australia or etc. They might experience a slower loading speed. I say might, because Bluehost is using cloudflare
to minimize the impact of this. Cloudflare has servers all across the world
and it stores a copy of your website. When users are visiting your website Cloudflare
determines which server is closest to the user and shows them a copy from that server. Making loading speed as fast as possible. Bluehost will take care of all the technical
stuff for you so you wouldn’t have to worry about it. They also have 24/7 support available as well. In my interaction, the support agent joined
the chat in like 2 seconds. And answered my questions in a couple of minutes. I had to do some follow up questions to get
a complete answer. But overall, I enjoyed the experience. So, am I glad I used Bluehost to start a website
7 months ago? Absolutely yes. The biggest technical issue I’ve ran into
was my website being down for 20minutes, but besides that it was all smooth sailing. The prices are affordable especially considering
you’ll be getting Cloudflare, SSL, Domain name, an email box and 24/7 support included
and freakin 50GB of SSD storage space. Their partnership with WordPress ensures a
quick and painless WordPress integration and if website building is more your style, you
can use Weebly that’s built right into Bluehost. If you found this review helpful and you want
to start using Bluehost, quick start links are in the description below and if not you
can watch more reviews for other hosting services. My name is Emit with the team
and thanks for watching.

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