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  1. Thanks rafa for produce a very good quality video in term of the points and picture. Everything was true. I hope all tribes all around the world will get they right, freedon to live in the jungle

  2. none knew about us, BORNEO, the land of Headhunters…and if they want to know about us, they are about to get our trees and land….may God will punish them..

    Welcome to Iban tribes..the most fierce in Borneo..

  3. I was traveling through Malaysia and Borneo recently. The people are wonderful, and nature so beautiful. But I could see how important it is to raise awareness to the problems around logging and palm oil. Palm oil is such a big part of Malaysian economy that they promote it in all the ways possible, with pro-palm oil propaganda everywhere. Back in Europe and U.S., don't forget to check in the ingredients in products to avoid it! Thank you for this beautiful video.

  4. cubo tengoa baik baik doo baso jang tey ne kubeu o tun jang …….. kanek papa ne o barak tun jang .. penan .. temananem .. kedeu .. doo .. kete ..cubo ba be matie aturan kadeak bae nenget dung tangen menjadi matie wkwkwk tun alew belituk hoiii malaysia jangan asal mengklaim itu bahasa kami tapi potong baju penan kung (jakun) namen tey ne (tau arti dia) tegoak tajem (tajam) ati (belum)

  5. powerful documentary very sad to see what people will do for greed I wish these tribes all the best Raphael great film hope the message brings change al

  6. The last thing these beautiful people need is Christianity! The daily struggles they face, only to be bible bashed by some religious nut.

  7. We destroy these rainforest but i guarantee the cure for cancer is in one of them… Every disease has a cure that just hasn't been found, these incredibly diverse ecosystems need to be preserved we have to much to learn from them.

  8. Seems like a great doco just couldn’t watch it 3min of it without a soundtrack of music playing the whole time wtf is it a doco or soundtrack

  9. The British Guy Should Talk Thrash About All The Bullshit Going On In His Own Country Instead Of Going Somewhere Else.

  10. I know this may come off as vapid or ignorant, possibly totally missing the poing of this video; im only 21 minutes into it so far (and am loving everything I've seen save for the destruction of the island by greedy businesses.)

    I really think it would be an amazing thing to make a survival video game that is essentially these peoples way of life. The way they hunt, the way they have villages, the way the communicate to other tribes, the way they cook amd everything. Having family members who are their bridge to society, literally everything, because I think it would be a really great way to spread the word about these kinds of things.

    They seem like such beautiful and genuine people, maybe sales of the video game and any DLC or MTX could share/donate a large portion of the proceeds to preserving these islands and forests. At the very least to help these villages get more goods that they need.

    I would play the hell out of it, I would financially support it 100% and I think it could be a big hit if the right studio got ahold of it.

    Okay, now to finish the documentary.

  11. اليوم عرفت ليش ربنا مبتلي مليزيا في الزلازل والبراكين لان سمحو لعباد الصليب ان ينصرو القبائل البدائية في الغابت بدل ان يهدونهم لدين النور والتوحيد

  12. This makes me really sad. Unfortunately American culture will take over and they will all be enslaved to debt and materialism.

  13. He keeps saying the gov wont help them but if the gov helps the tribe they aren't tribal they're just beggers getting a hand out right …

  14. Sorry brother, looked as though it was going to be very interesting, but only made it o 2:41 before I bailed because it was too depressing, with all the logging and palm oil environmental damage.

  15. Thank you for sharing. I loved this video, such beautiful camera work. You did a great job and I hope you received much recognition for putting yourself in great danger and your hard work on this doc. . Wenatchee Washington USA. MAGA

  16. Every industrialized nation is guilty of destroying this beautiful people. The military of the United states and the militaries of every internationalized country has assisted large multinational corporations in securing resources in places such as this and in the Amazon jungle by eliminating any resistance. Then they make big promises designed to impoverish and enslave. The philosophical differences between us pagans and nature based spirituality and christianity is disturbingly obvious, christianity seeks to overcome and dominate nature, this veiw is seen in their architecture and their hyper consumerist attitudes they are the takers and the enemy of everything pure and natural. We all need and I mean NEED!! To never purchase or use any product containing palm oil and drive a world wide boycott on consumer products having originated from the equatorial regions of the planet, knowledge being the only exception. Large multinational corporations are the enemy of every person on earth, you think the government controls the military HA! Think again, they're withholding technologies you would not think possible, fossil fuels are no longer necessary for our energy needs yet these corporations exploit it and us for the holy dollar at the expense of all. Big government big business and big religion are the evil empire. Treat them as they treat you, with extreme prejudice.

  17. Tribals in the Indian subcontinent get so much. They get reservations in school, colleges,jobs.. they don't have to score much yet they can get scholarships in everything they wanna do and they get jobs and opportunities too as seats are already reserved for them, ST quota, their land is protected. No citizens from other part of the state are allowed to buy land there. They are almost all Christians now..and their original tribal tradition for which they are protected and catered for are on the verge of dying because of westernisation and they are borrowing and accepting western culture which is also hampering their tribal people who still want to keep their tradition alive.

  18. The World Timber Supply from Borneo are looted by the Government of the day, led by both Suharto and Mahathir( a mafia government )

  19. I am too originate from North Borneo but now live in the US. I was born near the jungle and as a child I had to gathered woods and foods from the jungle. The Malaysian government do not care about the indigenous tribes all over Malaysia. They treat them like low class citizen or petrified minority. All they cares about is money, election and their achievement off ravaging the tribal lands.

  20. Well. I thought I was smart and crafty. These people are geniuses. Those krantom leaves to relieve stress. I would need the tree. Ok who tried to remember what the meaning of the sticks/leaves were when trying to leave a message for others?

  21. It's so sad I wish I could do something for these people but I am just a poor nobody.But you can bet that if I had the way I would help 100%.

  22. I only shows just how backward we are.
    Learning is about going forward not backwards, and unless we start to learn from around us then we are doomed to kill ourselves off.
    These people show just how easy life is if we fall in line with nature and learn from it.
    There are very few people who can name the plants they have in their back garden, in fact, looking around me I see how few people actually bother at all in keeping a garden, and the trend is to build houses that really do not allow for a garden of any size.
    The ignorance of the every day man and woman about every day things is becoming more noticalbe as the years pass, and I am sure that this is only a reflection in education as a whole.
    In the real world just how often do we use algibra or the like, i think education about life its self would be far a better use of the education system.
    This was a very interesting video and well made.

  23. Have to say this is probably one of the most fascinating documentaries I've seen, it takes us into the world of incredible diverse beauty of nature and survival.

  24. This documentary is a work of a genius. Awesome job i wish you had more ..anyway keep up the great work…from philly Pennsylvania

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