Cambium Networks ePMP FORCE 180

Today we are talking about the Cambium Networks FORCE 180. The package includes a PoE power supply, a mounting bracket, a power cord and a mounting clamp. After unlocking the cover cap on the back, you can install the ethernet cable. Just like the installation of the ethernet cable, the cover cap has to be unlocked for the installation of the mounting bracket. After sliding the mounting bracket in place, it locks itself. In this case we use the mounting clamp for the installation. After loosing the locking nut, the vertical alignment can be adjusted without any tools. This is the part of the configuration. In our case a radio relay connection should be established. The master should be configured as “Access Point”. Right now you have to enter the “Device Name” and the “SSID”. Finally you need to set the wireless password. The slave should be configured as “Subscriber Module”. Right now you have to enter the “Device Name”. After you navigate to “configuration ->radio”, just enter the SSID and password again.

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  1. Experienced link point-to-point at a distance of 10 km, the running speed of 30 Mbit / s.

  2. hello, does the receiving unit need power and a router hooked to it or only the sending unit the only one that needs the router and power? thank u

  3. Сегодня тестировали Cambium ePMP Force 200 2.4 ГГц

    Часть 1

    Часть 2

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