Computer Networking

[ Music ] My name is Lee Hilliard. I’m the department chair for
the computer networking program. In simple terms, it’s the technology
that allows everybody to connect to anything, anywhere, at any time. You see people walking around on their
smart phones now all over the place. We teach the technology that allows
that communication to take place. We all have two or three devices
now for jumping on the internet. I don’t know anybody who doesn’t have a laptop,
so it’s very, everyone is very connected now. And we’re very dependent upon
technology in this modern time. So with the more devices, I
mean the more troubleshooting and the more tech jobs will be
available to help those consumers and users troubleshoot their devices. You really have to be dedicated
because you have to spend a lot of time outside of class working on labs. So you know, it really takes a lot of work. The hands-on experience, we have
equipment racks set up in the room. You can see they wheel over to their work
stations and then cable everything up just as they would if they were out
in the, working out in the field. I also have equipment set up
that the students can remote into so they can work labs
while they’re at home. It’s a better use of the equipment that they can
access it without having to physically be here. The advantage to doing these courses
in a community college setting. The private training companies are
typically set up for one-week boot camps. Student that has no experience in the field is
not going to absorb this material in one week. So the community college setting provides
the opportunity for those students to get some hands-on experience with the
equipment in the lab, time to absorb it. They also get to do their social
networking in the class with the people that are already working in the field. [ Music ]

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