Create a query: SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.0

Create a query We can create a query in Web Intelligence using a wide range of data sources. When we launch Web Intelligence, we are prompted to create a new document or open an existing document. In this example, we will create a new document based on the eFashion universe. For data sources that are stored in the repository, we need to enter user credentials for the Business Intelligence platform. After we have selected a data source, the query panel opens. The universe outline panel, on the left side of the query panel, displays a list of all the objects available in the data source. We can select the objects from here and drag them into the result objects text box to build a query. In this example, we will build a query that displays store name, year, quarter, and sales revenue. The query is now complete and ready to be run. Visit for more tutorials on Web Intelligence and other SAP business intelligence products.

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