Creating a site on Google Sites for STAT 220

Hey there, this video is just a quick introduction to setting up a web page on Google Sites that we’re going to use for our project. Some of you might be more familiar with other software like WordPress or even just coding your own site in HTML. So if you’d like to do it some other way. That’s fine. But for those of you haven’t done much web design. Of course, this isn’t a class in making web pages. So what’s nice about Google sites is that it’s really simple, it’s integrated with Google Docs and Google Classroom, which we’re using this semester. And it’s easy to collaborate and since you’re going to be working in the group on the project that’s actually sort of a nice thing. So here I’m going to share my screen. So I just went to I logged in as my Truman self. If you have your regular Google self, make sure to log out of that and log in as your Truman self. There’s actually a newer interface. This is the old one. It doesn’t matter which one you use anyway. There’s a button that says Create And you make a web page. And again, you can make it in the classic style or the new style and make it in the new style for the particular reason and boom, you know, have a website. takes just a second to do. And then over here are all the different techniques you can do to build your website and You can put text, you can put things on there. So you just might want to name this project, something like you know STAT 220 project Summer 19. Either put your names or put your group number in an easy to find place. Or something so that it’s identifiable. Once you do that, it will make a link that has as close as it can. The name of this document name in it. So that you can share that web address with other people. It has a page title and then you can put stuff below. And what you’ll often put below is the web page stuff that you’ll make directly from Our studio because it does export as HTML, it’s actually super easy to copy that right into these pages. And so for each of the assignments. What you can do is Just make New tabs or new pages. You can set themes and set colors and do all those kinds of things up here, you can add collaborators, so that you can add the rest of your team. Only one person in the group will host it But you want to make it so that everybody in your group can edit it, it is kind of optimized so that you can look at it, either on your phone or in a laptop. Some of us old folks thinks that makes the web page look a little bit too simple. Again for a class like this, I think it works fantastically. I will share with you some of the projects from past semester that you can see. They’ll look, you know, to see how they look and how they act. Of course, you want to make your own models and your own graphs and stuff. But I think seeing how the web pages are laid out, Will help you with that. So again, as always, if you have any questions, shoot me an email or let me know. But this was kind of just a quick introduction to setting up a Google Sites web page. Alright, thanks.

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