Crime Patrol – Ep 887 – Full Episode – The Online Friend – 14th January, 2018

Guys, 59 seconds
after uploading the picture I’ve received 57 likes. Chill, Vicky. My post has been
shared 20 times. Oh! The
count is 24 now. Sandy, don’t be too happy. All of us know that you share
most of your posts, yourself using different profiles. Not at all.
Don’t talk nonsense, Nisha. Why are you guys fussing
over single and double digits? My baby doll selfie
has received 1,125 likes. Oh, ho!
That’s great, Rashmi! I think you have become
the queen of FriendSquare. Yes, yes, Nakul. Why won’t Rashmi get many likes? She accepts friend requests
from any random person. And you know what, guys? She tags them in her posts. Right, Rashmi? So what? I have more followers
than the people whom I follow. So, don’t be jealous. Ritika, haven’t you liked
my post yet? Vicky, I only like the posts
which I actually like. You are so haughty. I like all your posts
without reading them. So what? Ritika, I read your post. I liked it,
that’s why I liked it. Thanks, Rahul! Guys..
I uploaded a picture just now. Come on, like it quickly. Like it! ‘Did you really like my post?’ ‘Really?’ ‘Not just a thumbs up
or tick mark like.’ ‘Real like.’ ‘Yes.’ ‘I think your workout
is working.’ ‘Your biceps
are looking hot, pal.’ ‘Oh, babe!’ ‘You are looking like
a bomb in this picture.’ ‘Seriously, sensuous.’ ‘Well, I am in a similar mood,
Vicky.’ ‘Sensuous.’ ‘You are coming
to the point now.’ ‘Nice!’ ‘Are you alone?’ ‘Maybe.’ ‘What is your intention?’ ‘May I come over
to give you company?’ ‘We’ll play adult games.’ ‘You are a guy who doesn’t
miss any opportunity.’ ‘Thanks for the compliment.’ ‘Seriously, I am alone at home.’ ‘Mom and dad have gone
to Ghaziabad.’ ‘There’s a veneration
at aunt’s new house.’ ‘I have to reach there
tomorrow evening’ ‘for the function.’ ‘Oh, no!’ ‘You are alone at home.’ ‘I’ll be there soon
to protect you.’ ‘My strong biceps
will keep you safe.’ ‘No way.’ ‘Your biceps are not safe
for me.’ ‘Oh, God!
Somebody save me.’ ‘Shall I come over
with protection?’ ‘I mean, to protect you.’ ‘Depends.’ ‘Palak, I have crossed
Shanti Nagar.’ ‘Next?’ ‘Turn right from there.’ ‘You’ll find Nanak Chowk.’ ‘Take the first left
from there.’ ‘Where should I go now?’ ‘I am lost.’ ‘Give me your number.’ ‘I’ll call you.’ ‘Have patience, tiger.’ ‘Keep walking straight.’ ‘You’ll find KP Supermarket.’ ‘Take a right from there.’ ‘We’ll meet face-to-face.’ ‘We won’t just talk,
but we’ll rock the night.’ ‘I’m going crazy
to meet you.’ ‘I mean it, Mr. Biceps.’ ‘Take a left from
Chanda Colony.’ ‘Take a right now.’ ‘This is the last turn.’ ‘Come straight to me now.’ ‘Palak, where is
Jupiter Apartments?’ ‘I cannot see
any building here.’ ‘Don’t spoil my mood, Vicky.’ {an5}’Where did you reach?’ {an5}’I have reached Dubai.’ {an5}’If I keep following
your instructions’ {an5}’I’ll reach Hong Kong next.’ {an5}’So funny!’ {an5}’Where are you?’ {an5}’You asked me to turn right’ {an5}’from Sundar Nagar D Extension.’ {an5}’I took a right
and walked for 100 metres.’ {an5}’I have been looking around
like an idiot.’ {an5}’Wait right there, idiot.’ {an5}’Two minutes.’ {an5}’I’m coming.’ Vicky, where are you? You have not returned home
since last night. Vicky will return home
only when I get Rs. 20 lakh. Rs. 20 lakh? You’ll get 20 slap. You know, dad’s blood pressure
has shot up because of you. Do you think
this is Vicky speaking? Listen to me carefully. Vicky is with us
and this is a ransom call. Stop it, Vicky. I don’t have time
for your mimicry now. Do you think this is a joke? Listen, better take me
seriously. Or else.. You take my words seriously
and stop your overacting. You are not going to Mumbai
for acting. Come to the factory and act. Vicky is pretending
to be a kidnapper. He was demanding Rs. 20 lakh. Durga, Vinay and I have decided
that Vicky won’t go to Mumbai to become an actor. He will join the business. Don’t go soft on him
if he cries in front of you. Understood? Vinay, you could have told him that you’ll give him
Rs. 5 lakhs extra and you should have
brought him home forcibly. Mom, why should I waste
my time on Vicky whenever he starts his drama? Dad, I think he was not doing
the mimicry. It sounded like
Sandeep’s voice. They must have sat together
all night and planned this drama. I think we should let him go
to Mumbai once. Durga..
– Listen to me once. If he goes there
and struggles for few days he will learn a lesson
that life is not like cinema. Yes, Vicky. Did you reach home? Vicky will reach home
when I get Rs. 20 lakh. Sandeep, there is a limit
to playing pranks. Put Vicky on the line. Is the entire family
a bunch of actors? Doesn’t anybody live
in reality? Aren’t you worried
about your son? Even his brother
took it lightly. Can’t you understand?
I am demanding a ransom. Give me Rs. 20 lakh
in exchange for Vicky’s life. Give the phone to Vicky
or ask him to come home. I will permit him
to go to Mumbai. Hey, you!
If I don’t get Rs. 20 lakh Vicky will neither come home,
nor will he go to Mumbai. He will be dead, understood? Shut up, Sandeep!
This is the limit. Just put Vicky on the line. Dad, even I don’t have
Sandeep’s number. Find it out
and yell at him sternly. What kind of friends
does Vicky have? Don’t they have some manners? This is not the way to joke
with a friend’s father. Instead of
making Vicky understand he is supporting Vicky
in this stupid prank. Dad, Sandeep’s house
is close by. I’ll go there and talk to him. Dad, we’ll have to
teach Vicky a lesson too. ‘The number you have called
is currently switched off.’ ‘Please try again later.
Thank you.’ We thought Vicky
is playing a prank on us when we received two calls. Sir, my brother, Vicky,
wants to become an actor. He wants to go to Mumbai
and become an actor. Sir, he keeps trying
such tricks always. Sir, I don’t think
it’s a drama this time. Apart from Sandeep which friend’s house
could Vicky go to? Did you contact
his other friends? We spoke to Sandeep, sir. Sandeep is contacting
Vicky’s other friends. I can’t understand one thing. Where did Vicky go if he didn’t go
to Sandeep’s house? Ms. Durga, why would I call
Mr. Vinay or sir for a ransom? Who else can it be, Sandeep? Vicky and you planned something
last night. What are you saying, Ms. Durga? Vicky didn’t come home
last night. When Vicky went out last night he told Vinay
that he’s going to your house. Where are you going to act
so late? Brother, I am going
to Sandeep’s house. So late? – Brother,
everyone has a life. Everyone doesn’t lead
a life like yours, understood? Mr. Vinay, was it my voice? Did I ask for Rs. 20 lakh? Sandeep, I thought it was you because Vicky told me
that he was going to your house. Vicky likes acting,
not me. Am I crazy to call you
and sir and ask for a ransom? Sir, Vicky’s phone
is still switched off. Were both the calls
made from Vicky’s number? Yes, sir. Vicky’s name
flashed on the screen. Sandeep, what did
your other friends tell you? Sir, I asked everyone. We have three girls
in our group. Rashmi, Ritika and Nisha. He cannot stay at their house
at night. I asked Rahul and Nakul, too. No, Sandeep. Vicky has not come
to my house. And I was working
till late night yesterday. Last night? No. What is the matter, Sandeep? Sandeep, Vicky didn’t take
his bike last night. His bike is in the compound. So what?
– What do you mean? He has only one friend
who stays close to our colony. And that is you.
He doesn’t take his bike whenever he goes
to his house. Otherwise, he travels by bike
everywhere. Mr. Vinay, do you still think
I am lying? What do you mean? Sandeep, I feel so ever since I heard
your voice over the phone. Mr. Vinay,
you are talking nonsense. Vicky didn’t come here
last night. And I don’t know
why he lied to you. Sir, we didn’t take
this matter seriously at first. We thought
this is Vicky’s new drama. But the matter
seems to be serious. Mr. Randeep,
you don’t worry. We’ll start looking for Vicky
immediately. Even you keep trying. Contact all your friends
and relatives in Mumbai. You told me
that your brother likes acting. He wanted to go to Mumbai. He might have actually gone
to Mumbai. We’ll track Vicky’s movements
from last night. He might have taken
some other transport if he has left
his bike home. Randeep, I am scared. Has somebody really kidnapped
our Vicky? Even I fear the same,
Durga. The police is tapping
all our phones. This is the sixth message
that I sent to Vicky’s phone. I want to talk to the caller,
whoever it is. It was Sandeep’s call. Sandeep confirmed with
Vicky’s friends once again. Vinay, did Vicky have
any bag in his hand when he went out last night? Did he go to Mumbai
by train? No, Mom.
He went empty-handed. He might have left his bag
at his friend’s house. It’s difficult, Dad. His friends cannot lie
for a long time or play games. Sir, Vicky’s call records
are clean. I didn’t find
any suspicious number. He didn’t call anybody
last night too. Kavita, did you
contact the people who spoke to Vicky
on the 7th of December? Yes, sir, but they are
Vicky’s regular friends. What about the location report? Sir, Vicky’s phone location
starts from his house and moves towards
Sundar Nagar where his phone
was switched off. Two calls were made
from Vicky’s phone on the 8th of December which was probably
a ransom call. ‘The first call made
to Vinay was from Gurugram.’ ‘The second call was made
to Randeep from Noida.’ The first call was from Gurugram and the second call
was from Noida. Something seems to be fishy. Has Vicky really
been kidnapped? Sir, no more ransom calls
were made to Randeep or Vinay apart from the first two calls. Sir, Vicky left from home
by telling Vinay that he is going
to Sandeep’s house who is his friend’s house. Vicky must have lied
and gone to meet somebody else. But whom did Vicky go to meet? Sir, may I come in? We spoke about Gurugram
and an informer is here. Sir,
my boys checked the area from Vicky’s house in Chhaya Enclave to Sundar Nagar where
his phone switched off. Vicky didn’t use flag down
any bus, rickshaw or any private
or public transport. Tell us where he went
in Sundar Nagar and to whom. We have addresses
to all of Vicky’s friends. None of them lives
in Sundar Nagar. Recall again, Ritika.
Do any of Vicky’s friends live in Sundar Nagar? No, sir. I don’t remember
any friend who does. Did Vicky say anything
when you met on the 6th, Sandy? No, he didn’t.
I’d have informed you he had. Vicky was quite desperate
to go to Mumbai and try a hand at acting.
But getting himself kidnapped and demand ransom? Never, sir.
Vicky would never do that. Sharma family doesn’t
have any friend or relative in Mumbai. What would
the ransom call mean if he wanted to run away? If he did want to run away,
why was his phone switched off in Sundar Nagar? He’d either be in Gurugram
or in Noida from where his family got
two ransom calls the next day. One was from Noida
and the second from Gurugram. This seems to be
well planned. There must’ve been
someone from Sundar Nagar involved with him,
with whom Vicky might’ve planned this kidnapping. You’re right, sir. Be it real or fake,
there must be someone who was communicating
with Vicky Sharma constantly. There’s no one
in Vicky’s call records who’s been
in contact with him. Sir, check in FriendSquare. You’ll find out everything. FriendSquare is like their
home and the chat rooms are like their own rooms. Get in touch
with the cyber cell. We’ll be investigating
FriendSquare now. ‘Come back, Vicky.’ ‘Your parents are in distress.’ ‘Where are you?’ ‘We miss you a lot.’ ‘We’ll convince your dad
to send you to Mumbai.’ ‘Hey, Vicky! Come on.
Your family is suspecting me.’ ‘They think we’re doing this
together.’ ‘Don’t make us worry.
This is not done.’ ‘At least send a message
that you’re okay.’ ‘I promise that
we’ll share all of your posts.’ ‘But please, contact us.’ ‘Vicky.. Come home safe
wherever you are.’ ‘At least send us a message.’ ‘Let us know that you’re safe.’ ‘We’re getting worried!’ Ritika, come on.
I’ll drop you off. Are you going
through Chatthpur Road? Yes, that’s why
I offered to drop you off. Okay, let’s go. Bye, friends. Rahul, I’m getting
worried for Vicky. So am I, but you know what?
I think that someone has definitely tricked Vicky. Or else he wouldn’t
have lied to his parents. That’s so not Vicky, right? You’re absolutely right, Rahul.
Vicky is irritating but he’s not a liar. ‘The number you have
called is switched off.’ Vicky mobile phone
is still switched off, Dad. Why aren’t they
calling for ransom now? Dad, I’m getting worried. Is it possible that Sandeep
or some other friend of Vicky’s is trying to trick Vicky
and get money? Who can we suspect, Dad?
They’re all kids. I wish the current generation
wouldn’t grow up sooner. Vicky is stubborn
but he can’t go this far. Sir, there’s hasn’t been
any communication through the phone’s
chatting apps. Here’s the chat history
for 6th and 7th December. Then we should find something
in FriendSquare chat history. There, sir.
I’ve cracked it. I’ve opened Vicky
FriendSquare page. These are all Vicky’s
FriendSquare post. Vicky’s posts for missing
have got many likes. This is their world, sir. It revolves around
likes and dislikes. Abdul, we want to look into
Vicky’s private chat messages. ‘Oh, babe! You look sexy
in this picture, Palak.’ ‘Seriously sensuous.’ ‘Even my mood is such, Vicky.
Sensuous.’ ‘Oh!’ ‘You’re coming
to the point now.’ ‘Are you alone?
– What are you thinking?’ ‘May I come to keep company
to you since you’re alone?’ ‘We’ll play adult games.’ ‘You’re such a sleazy
opportunist.’ ‘I’m seriously alone
in the house.’ ‘Mom and dad have gone
to Ghaziabad for a veneration’ ‘at my aunt’s new home.’ ‘I have to be there by evening
tomorrow for a function.’ ‘A girl alone in the house?
I’ll come flying to your house’ ‘to protect you!’ ‘Hey, Palak.
I’ve crossed Shanti Nagar.’ ‘Turn right from there.
You’ll arrive at Nanak Chowk.’ ‘Take the first right there.’ ‘Where do I go now, Palak?
I’m lost.’ ‘You’ll find KP Supermarket.
Turn right there.’ ‘We’ll meet each other then.’ ‘I’ve already turned right
and am standing 100 metres away’ ‘looking all around
like a moron.’ ‘Stay there, idiot.
Two minutes.’ This seems like a trap. This girl, Palak,
invited Vicky and abducted him. But none of Vicky’s friend
have mentioned Palak. There might not be Palak
in real life. This seems totally
like a fake profile. Online fishing?
Laying a trap on internet? That’s right.
Have a look at this. There’s only one friend
in Palak’s friends list. And that’s your Vicky Sharma. Have a look at
Palak’s profile history. On 15th November,
three weeks ago Palak’s profile
liked a picture of Vicky. Oh, nice!
Another like. Same day, 15th November,
30 minutes later. Vicky received first
private message from Palak on his FriendSquare
chat messenger. ‘Cool picture, pal! I must say,
you look handsome.’ ‘Are you an actor?’ ‘Wow! You recognised me
in the first glance.’ ‘Yes, I’m an actor.
I’m the star of the future.’ ‘Hi, I’m Vicky!’ Vicky accepted the friend
request of the fake ID and got entrapped. Did none of his real friends
find out about it? I’ll have to look into it. You see, for youngsters lately
their self-image depends on how popular
their online personality is. They’ll accept friend requests
from anyone who likes their posts
without inquiring anything so that their following
can grow. Actually, everything is
about following, sir. In layman’s terms,
flocking like sheep. That’s right. The friends
compete amongst each other. As to whose posts
get most likes and shares or who has
most number of followers. And they get ensnared
in this blind race. Someone among
their unknown followers comes in and entraps them. That’s right.
We’re getting many such cases. There must be a real identity
of this fake ID, right? It’s highly probable that
it’s a guy who has created this fake profile of Palak. A clever one. I’ll create a profile
and try to get everything I can like IP address and so on. This profile must’ve
been created somewhere. But.. – But what?
– It’s also possible that Palak’s profile is fake,
but Palak might really exist. Palak? – There’s no one
named Palak amongst us. She’d be our friend
in FriendSquare if she were a mutual friend. Even you six and Vicky have around 3000 friends
in your friends list. Do you know
all of them personally? No, sir, there are many
friends in FriendSquare that become our friend there
and just stay there. We never even
actually meet all of them. So you don’t even know
if your friends on that profile even exist in real life. But, Palak, or whoever she is.
Why would she ensnare Vicky? Exactly! And Vicky isn’t
dumb enough to fall for it, too. It seems as though
a trap was laid on social media to ensnare Vicky. A trap? To kidnap Vicky?
– But Vicky has been trapped Vicky has been kidnapped.
So we should’ve got another ransom call, right? Who would ensnare Vicky
and why? Has Vicky become a part of
some dangerous game, has he? I read about it
in the newspaper. It’s an online game where
dangerous tasks are put forth and kids get so blinded that they get ready
to do anything. It’s difficult to comment
for sure right now, Randeep. We’re still investigating
about Palak whose profile
was used to ensnare Vicky. Let’s find out
if Palak did everything or if someone else
is using Palak’s profile. I’ve found out Palak, sir. That girl exists,
but Palak is not her real name. What’s her real name? Falguni Gupta. I was
hacking into Palak’s profile when Falguni account came up
through photo matching software. Can you give me any offline
detail about Falguni Gupta? A phone number,
or her address? Anything. Give me 10 minutes, sir.
I’m hacking Falguni’s account. I’ll definitely get some detail. But one thing is for sure.
Falguni Gupta is a real profile. She is real girl with whom
Vicky was probably chatting. Falguni Gupta lives
in Gurugram, sir. The first call for ransom
was from Gurugram, right? Yes, sir.
– Who is Falguni Gupta? What does she do? Falguni Gupta, you’re a student
of MA, Psychology? Yes, ma’am.
– What’s the problem? Would you please tell us?
– There’s a boy from South Delhi Chhaya Enclave. Vicky Sharma.
– Who’s Vicky Sharma? And what do you want to
tell me about him? Vicky Sharma
is this girl’s friend. Who’s this Falguni?
– That’s my picture, ma’am. But I don’t know anyone
named Vicky Sharma. How did you get
this picture of mine? And why are you
showing it to me? What is this, Falguni? Palak, Vicky Sharma..
Who are they? I don’t know, Dad. You have another profile,
Falguni, with the name Palak. We want to know
your motive behind creating it. I didn’t make it, ma’am.
I don’t know anything about it. My name is Falguni, not Palak.
I’ve one FriendSquare account where I’ve clearly mentioned
that I’m a student of MA Psychology,
and that I live in Gurugram. But the picture
in Palak’s account is yours. Yes, sir,
it’s my picture exactly. Someone must’ve taken it
from my account. What’s your mobile
phone number, Falguni? It’s not mentioned
in your profile. Why you want
her phone number? Who is Vicky Sharma? He’s a missing guy.
He’s been kidnapped. His father’s been demanded
Rs. 20 lakh for ransom. But what connection
do I have with Vicky Sharma? I don’t know anyone
named Vicky Sharma in Delhi. Why are you hesitating
to give your phone number? I’m really sorry,
but I know nothing about this. It’s neither my account,
nor my name. Someone has made
a fake profile with my picture. Even your photographs
could’ve been used here, ma’am. If that were the case,
I’d lodge a police complaint. I wouldn’t hesitate to
give them my phone number. And I’d cooperate
with the police. Sorry, ma’am. You cannot
drag my daughter into this mess. Guru the informer will
get us Falguni’s phone number. Falguni refused to
give us the number. Is this a valid reason
to suspect her? I don’t think so, sir.
She might be refusing either out of anger,
or shock. Anyone can download
someone’s photographs and create a fake profile.
It’s very easy. I don’t think that
Falguni created the fake profile under the name of Palak. Why would anyone use their
own pictures in a fake profile? Falguni, is there anything
that we should be aware of and we don’t know? Tell me what’s wrong.
Why did the police come here? Falguni, tell me
if there’s anything like that. Oh, God! Come on, Dad!
There’s nothing as such. It’s the police’s job
to suspect everyone. At least, you trust me. It’s not about trust, dear. I don’t understand the thinking
of your generation. Is it your practical
experiment of Psychology? We perform experiments
in classrooms and labs. Moreover,
only with subjects. Honey trapping, kidnapping
and demanding for a ransom is not the work
of a Psychology student. Only criminals do such things. Here’s the IP address. It’s in the Sundar
Nagar locality. Thanks, Harish. This IP address belongs
to an open wireless router of Sundar Nagar locality. The owner
of Palak’s fake account used it to comminute
with Vicky Sharma. And sir, these chats
happened over a laptop. Sir, Vicky’s number
doesn’t get featured in Falguni’s call
records at all. You didn’t find Palak
or Falguni’s number even in Vicky’s call records. There were no unknown
or inactive numbers either. Sir, Sundar Nagar’s
wireless router has been traced. It’s confirmed that Vicky
was definitely trapped in this. Abdul, could it be a game? What do you call it?
Blue.. This case has no connection
with any game. It’s a clear-cut case
of honey trapping. In fact,
they did receive a ransom call. But I don’t think
Vicky Sharma’s kidnapping has been done for money. Sir, Vicky Sharma
has thousands of friends. I’m sure he doesn’t
even know half of them. Just like Palak’s profile. This has been created
just three weeks ago. I think this was created
specially for that. Sir, this fake profile was
created just three weeks ago. If this was created
to harm Vicky he must have gone through
something very recently. For example,
a fight, enmity, a rift or some personal issue. Sir, all these friends
are very active on social media. They know each other’s strengths
and weaknesses very well. Kavita, interrogate all of
Vicky’s pals again, in private. Fetch their background,
both online and offline. Malhotra, till then,
we will go to Sundar Nagar from where
this entire game was played. Ma’am, remember this. Vicky’s friends shouldn’t
come to know about Falguni
or that wireless router. Maybe somebody from
this close friends’ circle has hatched this conspiracy. They will be alerted
unnecessarily. ‘Nisha,
did they call you again?’ ‘Yes,
they called up Rashmi too.’ ‘They even called me.’ ‘We told them
whatever we knew.’ ‘What should we tell them
additionally now?’ ‘But why are they calling us
time and again?’ ‘Have they come to know
anything?’ Is this your house? If I’ve opened the door,
it’s obvious that it’s my house. What is your name? Nirmala Jaiswal. Ms. Nirmala, who stays here
apart from you? It’s just my husband,
Kishan Jaiswal and me. Nirmala! Yes? – What happened? Mr. Kishan,
do you use internet? Everybody uses internet lately. I mean, do you use wireless
connection from a router? There is something
like that here. I think that’s a router. See this. Does this IP address
belong to your router? Do we need to memorise
this number? We have an only son. He stays in Washington DC. He had come home last year
during his vacation. He is the one
who set up all this so that we can make video calls. It’s the same router, sir. It’s an open network,
not protected by a password. Anybody can come into
its range and access internet. They can surf,
chat or do anything. They can even hack
their router and computer. Look, somebody used
your open internet network and created a fake account
on FriendSquare. What is FriendSquare account? Ravi told us about that. He even created our accounts. But we never used it. Were you sharing your internet
connection with someone? See, only both
of us live in this house. We just have one computer. How can anybody
else use it? Mr. Kishan, not the computer,
but the wireless router. That machine. Which gives internet access
to your computer. Somebody else apart from you can also use
your internet connection on their laptops
and computers. How can somebody do that?
I want to know. We stay at home the entire day. We lock the door
when we go out somewhere. Actually,
this Wi-Fi routers have a range which goes even
beyond your house. Anybody can
come into that range and use your internet connection with their mobile or laptop. Did you have
any paying guest here? Do you share your internet
with any of your neighbours? We never had paying guests here. Even our neighbouring flat
is closed from many years. Did you buy this router
from your internet operator? Yes, I know that technician. May I get his name
and number? Sure. Ma’am, fights between friends
are very normal. What type of fight
are you talking about? Nisha,
I’m talking about the fight which didn’t end in 10 minutes and which was very serious. Was there an instance
where Vicky hurt someone? No, ma’am. In fact, Vicky and I are
the oldest friends of our group. We are friends from high school
and did our college together in the same class,
same bench. We never fought with each other. Did Vicky fight with Nakul,
Rahul, Rashmi, Ritika or Nisha? No, ma’am.
We had no serious fights because of which somebody
would trap Vicky and kidnap him. We are normal
and decent people, ma’am. Rashmi, it’s a fact
that Vicky has been trapped. But ma’am, Vicky never
mentioned a girl named Palak. Rahul, you both
become friends on FriendSquare met in real life
and began hanging out together. Even Vicky’s offline friends
became your friends, right? Right, ma’am. Was there anybody else
who met him online and became friends
offline too? Ma’am, I know such a group. But I don’t know if he made friends with
someone in real life apart from our group. Ma’am, I scanned all of
Vicky’s friends on FriendSquare as you had asked me to. Perhaps, it must be one among
those who are not responding. How many such profiles
are not responding, Nakul? Ma’am,
there are 75 to 80 profiles who are not responding. I’ve no idea
who these people are and when Vicky accepted
their friend requests. Are you talking about
hand-to-hand fights? It could also be word-to-word. Did Vicky get into
any serious fights with someone? Ritika, can you recall anything? I’m trying to recall, ma’am. See, Palak’s fake profile
was created on 15th November. The friend request was
sent to Vicky on the same day. If somebody had
tried to harm Vicky Maybe the fight took place
before 15th November. Ma’am, I’m unable to think
of anything now. Ritika, did they ask even you
about his fights? Exactly. Sandy, tell me something. Do you genuinely think that somebody
wanted to harm Vicky? Even I don’t know, Ritika. Vicky is missing
from the past four days. The matter is
indeed very serious. I’m very scared. Sandy, tell me something.. The police has come to know
about a wireless router through which a fake ID
was created from a laptop on FriendSquare to trap Vicky. Dear, we have made
a very big mistake. Your mother was right. We should have let Vicky
go to Mumbai. Dad, I don’t think
this is related to his desire of going to Mumbai
and pursuing an acting career. Then what is the actual matter? I read the chats
of Vicky and Palak. The police showed it to me. And? Vicky had fallen in love
with her. This is the Jaiswal mansion
where the router is located. Is that router placed
near a window? Yes, there’s a table
in their drawing room next to the window. The computer and router
has been placed on it. The cable connection
comes in through that window. Abdul, we spoke
with the internet provider. They say that they
had assigned a simple password to the Jaiswal family. It was ‘123456’. Their last visit to their house
was three months ago. But Palak has been using
their internet from November 15. That’s, three weeks before
Vicky went missing. And Jaiswal family don’t know
if anybody entered their home during these three weeks
and used their internet. Jaiswal family has
no knowledge about internet. We spoke to
the installation officer. He said that
he is the one who has done most of the online work
for the Jaiswal family. They could’ve sought
somebody else’s help too who probably visited
their home. We asked them about that
many times. But it seems,
they don’t remember anything. So, when you went
to the Jaiswal’s residence their network was open. Somebody must have
deleted their password and hacked their network. Sir, there was a similar case
in Mumbai few years ago where threatening emails and
messages were sent to people. They found out later
that the culprit didn’t use to stay where
the routers were installed. Then how did he use
to do it? That man used to
wander on a bike. He used to stop
near the buildings and check if he can find
an unsecure network. Then, he would to login
and send e-mails immediately. It could be the same case
here too. But the range of this router
cannot be that far, right? Not at all. Wi-Fi’s range is very limited. The Jaiswals’ network was used
from 15th November until the night of 7th December. It could have been operated
from a nearby house or from a car. Could its range be of 50 meters? 100 meters at the most. ‘We were working
on cracking the plan’ ‘which was used
to trap to Vicky Sharma.’ ‘But where was Vicky Sharma?
What happened with him?’ ‘Why did it happen to him?’ ‘We had no information
about that.’ ‘But then,
we got two leads together.’ ‘We got the first lead
through technology’ ‘and the second one,
through an information.’ 444..
– 444.. 67.. – 67.. 87.. – 87.. 64.. Who all stayed here from
15th November to 7th December? Who all checked in here? A lot of people would’ve
checked in here, sir. It’s a lodge, sir.
A lot of people visit here. I need to check the register. Check the information about
the check-ins right now. May I know the reason? Cottage number 3
is nearby your lodge, right? Yes, it is nearby. We suspect that somebody
logged in from their network between 15th November
and 7th December and committed a crime. Your lodge falls in the range
of that wireless connection. Who was that delivery boy from whom you got
your router checked? Dear, I don’t know his name. But he is a helpful boy. One day,
my internet was not working and I took his help. What did he used to deliver? From where did he
used to come? There is a store nearby from where they deliver
vegetables and groceries home. People order them online
and they deliver it. The name is Baccha Kushal. He checked in here
on 15th November, first. He came here quite often
after that, for a night or two. He never showed up
after 7th December. Did you take
Darshan’s ID? Here it is, sir. Wait a second.. Is it an online
grocery store? Yes. I will call you
in a while, Mr. Kishan. I hope the name and address
mentioned in the driving licence are not fake. Is it
the same delivery boy? Yes!
Exactly! He is the one! I’ve been trying to
access the internet for days but am unable to do so. Is that so?
I will check. Thank you. Sir, there is an issue
with your router. I have to reinstall it. How will you do that? I can do that right now. Provide me with
your Wi-Fi password. I was handed
an easy password then. ‘123456..’
I told him my password. Maybe he unlocked the network
deliberately using it. Are you Rahul Pal? We are
looking for Darshan Kaushal. Does he live here?
– Yes, sir. He stays here. Darshan! Kavita, we came across a lead. But it’s confusing. Sir, even I got a lead.
Maybe Vicky’s friend Rahul Pal could be the culprit. I’m headed
to his address. Let it be.
He is here with us. It’s your licence, Darshan.
You can’t deny it. Sir, Rahul Pal broke into
the Jaiswals’ wireless network. What do you say now? Where is Vicky? Ma’am, I can’t believe it. Weren’t you aware
of this argument, Ritika? Ma’am, I doubted that. When
you called me again that day I even had a word
with Sandeep about it. I’m so sacred.
Sandy, tell me something. What? – Could it be related
to Rahul and Vicky’s argument? That argument?
Was it so serious that Rahul would do
such a thing to Vicky? But something serious
has happened to Vicky. But I thought that
they had resolved the conflict. Ma’am, I don’t know
the exact date, but the fight took place in November. Actually, Rahul had posted
something on FriendSquare. Guys, people have posted
likes on my funny post. ‘Lions sleep for 18 hours
and donkeys work for 18 hours.’ ‘Yet, who is the king
of the jungle?’ ‘Moral of the story,
one must sleep for 18 hours.’ Wow, pal!
Too good! 120 likes? You are famous, pal! But I’ve read the joke
somewhere else as well. Rahul, did you copy
this status from somebody? Come on.
As if you post original. All I’m saying is when
I share someone else’s posts I give the owner credits. Even when I share
anyone’s quotes I credit the author. I don’t act like you. As you know,
my posts aren’t bad. What good are you?
Are your bodybuilding photos quite intellectual? One needs to have a physique
to post photos like that. Sleepyheads like you
can’t achieve that. Do you wish to
become an actor? You dream to go to Mumbai
to become an actor. You will fail miserably. I will become an actor. I will be a star. But I don’t think you can
achieve anything. No matter how hard you try are you any better
than a delivery boy? Do you have other options? Guys, it’s getting ugly. Ritika, he was the one
who started it. Sandy, didn’t you notice
how he had insulted me? What did you tell me then? You claimed
that I’m a delivery boy. I take pride in being one!
So what? There is something
called dignity of labour! Don’t actors have dignity? You were not a member
of our group as well. Just because
you posted on our walls did you get the right
to hang out with us? How dare you call me
a failure? Don’t you dare
say anything to me. Look at yourself! Spoilt rich brat! Do you wish to become
an actor? Your father pays
for your lifestyle. I earn my own living. I pay the rent for my house
and my clothes, too. I send money to my parents. I’m not a freeloader like you. You don’t earn a dime. You are a failure.
Do you wish to become an actor? Mumbai movie industry
is not run by your father! Why you..
– Vicky! Don’t you dare talk
about my dad! Just keep it to yourself.
Rahul, don’t get personal. Vicky, apologise to him. Why should I apologise
to him? Rahul, you apologise
to him. No chance! Let’s not feed our ego.
We are friends. People have liked
Rahul’s post! That’s it! Sandy, are you defending him? I’m not bothered
with his post anyway. Do you think
I’m jealous of him? You are so jealous! You should not have dragged
his father in this argument. Show some maturity.
Apologise to him. Ritika.. Come on, Rahul.
Apologise to him. Just do it. Sorry, Vicky.
– Vicky! Say sorry. Sorry. – That won’t do.
Shake hands and hug each other. You guys are friends. It’s fine, pal. Hug each other. Okay!
One selfie please! I had even posted the
handshake selfie on the wall. Vicky and Rahul had
liked it as well. Ma’am, I had commented
on it as well. ‘A handshake can
resolve many problems.’ Many friends had
shared my post. You were friends
on social media but in reality
you were bitter rivals. Rahul and Darshan,
where is Vicky? He is in a place
where he belongs. Where is he? Vicky just didn’t insult me
about my posts. Not only me, but Sandeep
Rashmi, Nisha, Nakul, Ritika and Vicky too posted
others’ post claiming them to be their own. He had insulted me
because Ritika fell for me. We were getting close
to each other. I was supposed to privately
propose to her on friend square. But Vicky had insulted me
in front of her. He mocked me
for being a delivery boy. Moreover,
he had slapped me as well. That’s because
Vicky was jealous of me. Ritika not only
liked my posts, she loved it. She used to share
all my videos. So, Vicky was jealous. So, you hatched
a conspiracy on the web. You made a fake profile
by the name of Palak. Sir, I just wanted to
teach Vicky a lesson. He claimed that I forwarded
others’ posts as mine. Sir, I wanted him
to look like a fool by falling for
a non-existing girl. Pal, we need to catch
Vicky’s attention. What are you waiting for? Let’s use FriendSquare. Let’s lure him
into a girl’s profile. Darshan, look at her.
What do you say? Who is she? Some Falguni Gupta. Her privacy settings
are non-existent. She has many photos.
Shall I download them? Let’s make a new profile. What name should we
lure Vicky under? Palak..
Operation Palak. What was your intent? Revenge?
What did you plan? Rahul and Darshan.. Where is Vicky? Vicky is here. Let’s make him wait
for a while. ‘Vicky,
don’t spoil my mood.’ ‘Where have you reached?’ Darshan and I chatted with
Vicky under Palak’s identity. Is that why you didn’t
talk to Vicky over phone? Absolutely. He had fallen for our trap. Where is Vicky? ‘I’ve reached Dubai.
If I follow your instruction’ ‘I’ll end up in Hong Kong.’ ‘Wait there, idiot!
Give me two minutes.’ ‘I will be there.’ Let’s go.
We will return normally pack our things and leave. Rahul, what are you
doing here? Are you waiting for Palak? How do you know? Isn’t she attractive?
She is seriously sensuous! Are you trying to
woo her as well? Indeed! Mr. Biceps. You killed Vicky
and buried him? Did you make ransom calls
from Vicky’s mobile? No, sir.
That was not my idea. I didn’t want money. Sir, it was his idea. Darshan? You claimed to be
a taxi driver. Yes. Are you sure? Or, are you hit-man? Vicky had troubled Rahul a lot. He was sad.
I thought of helping him as a good friend. Murder is not helping. How dare you
ask for a ransom? I thought of taking
advantage of his death. His father is a rich man. His mother would
long for him. I thought it would be
easy to extort money from them. Is this the truth? Yes. There was no Palak. That’s how his argument
on social media finally ended. Just once.. Vicky had never mentioned
about Palak even once. Even he didn’t talk to Palak
even for once. How would he have
done that? She never existed. He didn’t care about that. He fell in love with
the messages and pictures of a fake profile
and ended up dying. The culprit has used
your photos to commit crime. Dad, I’m speechless.
I can’t believe it. It’s so shocking. What has he done?
Going by his appearance nobody could’ve guessed him
to be a criminal. I thought
he is a hard-working guy. He was very friendly. ‘Rahul Pal and Darshan Kaushal
were charged with murder’ {an5}’under IPC section 302.’ {an5}’They were also charged
under the IT Act 66′ {an5}’for identity theft’ ‘and IT Act 66-D’ ‘for cheating by false
impersonation using a computer.’ We are advised to resolve
our disagreement with anyone and keep it within limit. Such wisdom, patience,
common sense should also be used
in the online platforms as well. Likes, shares, smileys
are mere expressions. Let’s keep them limited
to online. It’s better to limit
our differences online. Taking revenge
and insulting others in person is a sign of foolishness. Let’s secure our online life. Let’s secure our
privacy settings passwords, Wi-Fi settings network information,
social accounts, photographs our uploaded videos. We must exercise caution
with them. Many social media users
feel that it’s a need for them to express their emotions
on the internet. After a while,
it turns into an addiction. When we proceed through
a lonely alley at night either alone,
or with our partners or family our gut feeling tells us to stay alert as we proceed. Even cyberspace is the same. We hardly know
who is stealing our details. We hardly know
how others interpret our posts. We even don’t know
if there are multiple stalkers behind us. We can’t say if the person
we are chatting with online exists or not. Maybe it’s a program. It’s advisable to take
the same precaution online that we take
in our real life. We will meet again
next week with a new case in ‘Crime Patrol, Satark’.
‘Jai Hind’!

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