D2L Home Page at FRCC

When you log into D2L, you’ll be brought to this homepage. So I want to go over what these different icons mean as well as the different sections that are found on the homepage. So this first one, we like to call it the waffle icon and this is where you can find a list of all of your courses and if you click on it, a drop down menu appears and it shows every course that you have been enrolled in. These two icons are used to access our Internal Messaging system and you can use this to send and receive messages between yourself and your classmates, as well as your instructors. When there is an orange dot on the envelope, that indicates that you have a new message. Keep in mind that our internal message system is separate from your student email in eWolf so be sure to check both of those frequently. Up next is this bell icon and this gives you new updates and alerts for your classes, announcements and different things like that. An orange dot means that you have a new alert as well. Over here is your profile section so you can create a profile for youself as well as upload a photo. Over here is the announcements section and this is where important information for you all will be posted on a regular basis so be sure to read any new announcements when you log in. FRCC Resources and Tech Support – this is where you can find a variety of topics to assist you with your classes and get any tech help that you may need. And then over here, you can access Office 365. It’s available to you as a Front Range student and we also have My Courses, which is very similar to this waffle grid. It’s just another place that shows you all of the courses that you are enrolled in.

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