Differentiating Instruction | Top 5 Leveled Texts (Websites) for ELLs!

I think all teachers can pretty much
identify with that feeling Sunday night when it’s not quite Monday yet but your
mind is already starting to transition into the school week ahead and you’re
thinking about your students one of the things that are a challenge for me is
finding text that is appropriate for all the different reading levels in my
classroom coupled with that when I think about the newcomers and the beginners in
my classroom it’s really hard to find material that’s appropriate for them
that’s engaging and it’s also something that they’re going to be able to
understand in this video I’m gonna share my top five favorite resources that I
have used in my classroom that have really changed the game for my students
and help them to be engaged and help them to understand certain concepts that
I am teaching also I am going to throw in a bonus at the end of the video of a
free resource that you can order and you can start using it in your classroom hi I’m dr. hem fill the language lady
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please know that all of the links and resources that I mentioned in this video
will be included in the description below the hardest things to deal with as
a classroom teacher is classroom management and one of the reasons why
students act up or do not pay attention or they’re unfocused in class is because
the material is too high for their level without further ado I’m gonna share with
you my five favorite resources that I use in my classroom to help increase
engagement and ease the transition for students into reading first on my list
is a resources as familiar to most teachers but it’s still worth mentioning
is new ZOA newsela is an online platform that houses articles on a wide variety
of subject areas starting with science social studies and ela the beauty of
newsela is that there’s a free version and there’s also a paid version which is
called pro but in the free version it unlocks a multitude of different subject
areas and you can be teaching an anchor text it is at grade level but then all
of your students then when they’re doing the independent part of the lesson can
have the same subject and content area but the article is at their specific
reading level and no one has to know and they all come out knowing the same
information it’s just at a level that is readable for them the beauty of newsela
is that a lot of the articles already have embedded follow-up activities that
go with them and you can hook it up to an online platform like Google classroom
for example where – on my list is a resource is very summered – newsela and
it’s called rework let me explain to you how this resource works one of my
favorite features of reworks is that they have curriculum supports and
contained within that is the e ll collection in addition they have a
humans voice audio which is great for students who benefit from having text
read aloud to them then they also have grade levels that are from K to 12 and
they also have nonfiction fiction and poetry the third resource that is very
new to me that I just discovered and I love utilizing it with my students it’s
called DePaul reading it is a website that inclusive a multitude of different
resources and I’m also gonna walk you through it so you understand how to use
it for your students the beauty of the DePaul reading website is that it houses
not only these types of fiction text and nonfiction text but it also has
different types of graphic organizers that can be used for social studies
science they also have guides the Common Core thinking and they also have
one-page nonfiction readings from grades 2 all the way to grade 10 research
number four is called news and levels a great resource that is very wonderful to
use especially if you are social studies teachers or an ela teacher and want to
hone on on specific content and skills that they need in reading news and
levels is a wonderful website that houses world news for students of
English they have tons and tons of articles that range from different
topics are having around the world and I also recommend that you keep checking in
because they’re constantly updating the website each article houses three
different levels level one for your newcomers beginners level two will be
for your students at the intermediate stage of language proficiency and last
but not least level three is for your students who are at the bridging to
advanced stages of language proficiency within each article they will also
highlight in bold key vocabulary terms that may not be familiar to your
students but I also recommend it to in addition to these vocabulary words and
phrases that you also have them skim through the text and highlight any key
vocabulary that is unfamiliar to them before diving deeper into the text then
at the end of each article there are there is a test that will test the
reading listening writing and speaking skills and resource m/45 and my most
favorite resource that I’ve been using with my language learners is called
breaking news English it has a wide range of language
levels and topic areas that are appropriate for the students that are in
your classroom in breaking news they have various articles that are written
from a level zero all the way to level six they even have many news lessons and
they also have different topics ranging from business environment education
health issues lifestyle people and gossip technology world news they even
have Edition activities like speed reading speed listening grammar
dictation discussion question spelling and prepositions and there’s so much
more I could spend so much time talking about breaking news English but it’s my
favorite because you don’t have to pre-plan or think about how to find or
how to unpack this for a student who is at that level because it’s already
written at the appropriate language level for the student those are my top
five resources that you can use in your classroom to help language learners
access the text in your classroom and as I promised in the beginning of the video
there is a free resource that you can order today and arrive in your classroom
and you can immediately start using them with your language learners and this is
not sponsored this is not ad this is a wonderful resource from Saddleback
education publishing company and they produce books that are specifically
tailored for language learners all the way from newcomers and all the way to
advanced level of learning English and for example this is a newcomer book that
is about school expectations and that all the books are organized in a very
similar way they have books are appropriate for elementary but they also
have it for middle and secondary and as you can see the book the pages have
white vibrant pictures and the words are written in a way that is very simple
that they can understand but yet it doesn’t they don’t feel like they’re
reading a baby book when you order the books I recommend that when you request
them that you ask that you get a sample of all the language levels so that you
can tailor them specifically to the language
levels that are in your classroom we have any questions about how to identify
students make sure that you list that in the comment below as always thank you so
much for sticking around and for watching please make sure to tune in
next week when I produce another video for you on strategies tips and resources
for your language learners bye

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