Do I Still Need A Website?

Websites are ancient history. -No. Don’t I
still need a website? -We’re going to talk about that and why. -Alright. Let’s dive right in. Websites. Why? If. And
do I? -So, I feel that I have a pretty unique perspective on this because I
used to own a web design company. We designed 500 plus websites and
I used to believe that websites were a lot more important than I do now.
I think a websites are a lot less… -Because they were, right? They were very important then,
right? But now we have social media. And now we have YouTube. And so, websites have
become less and less important and you may not even need a website at all.
-Really? So, even though if I’m a YouTuber and I have my stuff out there and if I’m
trying to make money off of my own business, through my YouTube presence, do
I not want to send people to this site anymore or what? -So the answer is yes. But
instead of spending 10 grand on a website or you know putting so much
thought into it, make a one-page website. Or… I mean the exceptions of that is if
you’re gonna have a sales funnel and whatnot. Maybe well we’ll get into a
little bit more. But instead of having a page that’s that’s your homepage and
then the about me page and this page and that page. And creating all these
articles and things to try and do SEO for your website. You have to do any of
that. You just want one clean simple site or people can come and say, “Ah, Scott is
legit. There’s this and here’s what he offers. Here’s how to contact.” And maybe…
And you’re going to feature a YouTube video. -I was just going to ask. -So, on that pared
back simple page, one page, am I still putting my YouTube videos or
is it just a link to my channel or how do what does that look like? -So, your
website is a sales page. And so, any of your typical daily episodes on
YouTube, you don’t need to feature in there. You don’t need to you know… Just
link back to YouTube for that because then you’ll get more engagement. But on
your website, that’s your sales page. And so if you’ve got promo video, the steps
that will take people emotionally through that the process of having them
enter your sales funnel. That’s what your website is for. To give you
credibility, enter your sales funnel. You don’t you don’t need it to develop a
relationship anymore. -So, it’s all about… I mean I see you basically are saying,
“Whenever I’m doing on YouTube is where that relationship is now a core other
forms of social media. YouTube obviously being the one of choice. -So, I’m
assuming that a lot of people watching this video right now are kind of like
they’re feeling at odds with what I’m saying. -Right. -So, let’s just talk about it
from principles. And I’ve got some notes here that I’m going to reference
because I put some reasons why you would want a website or why people think they
want a website. And let me preface it by saying that of the 500 plus websites
that we designed, that my clients were so proud of and they were happy. Like, “Look
at me. I’ve got a beautiful website.” They got so little traffic. Even back then you
know when social media was less important that it is now, that how
important really is a website if you’re not even getting that much traffic on it.
But for most the clients that I work with that are influencers, that that’s
kind of what I’m focusing on here is is websites in this niche. Yeah. People think
that a website will help you build a relationship with a client, okay? Where
are you really building relationships with the clients? Right now,
we’re might be doing that on Facebook. -Yeah. -Obviously, I’m going to promote YouTube
because people see you, they interact with you. They see your face and they’re taking on this daily adventure with you. But they’re
communicating with you on maybe on Twitter. They’re following you on
Instagram. So, this is really where the relationships happening. So, is it then
happening on your website too? No, that’s usually where they’re they’re finding
more about the products that they want to buy or how to interact with you or
what programs you have. How to actually contact you. -So, because the
website is primarily fairly static. I mean it’s there’s nothing there’s
nothing really dynamic going on unless you have a real media filled site and
all these things that you’re linking to. But the fact is is through these other
platforms you just mentioned, there’s so much energy that a website almost by
comparison seems rather last century. -So, I closed on my website company because I
really believe this. I think that clients now can just go to or something
like that and just put up a quick website. And don’t worry about, “Ooh! I got to
do this and this. I kind of create an about me page and telling my whole story
so they can get to know me. I can build a relationship.” That’s not where it’s going to
happen. So, another reason is so people can find out what you do. I think that’s
still pretty legit. You know, if you’re talking about what you do in terms of
what you offer service wise or product wise, that’s what people to expect to
find on your website. But it’s real simple to do that. You don’t have to have
as an elaborate of a sales funnel. Because typically, you want to build a
relationship first and then step them into your sales funnel gradually. Now, you
can just have your sales funnel blatant on your website. Because that’s what
people are there for. You start to build the relationship off of your website. And
you drop seeds. You let them know, “Yeah, I was speaking at this event such-and-such
and this is what happens.” Okay, now they know that you speak. Or “Yeah, I put on
this event and so…” Okay, now they know that you put on these boot camps. Or “Yeah,
I had a client that was telling him he gave me feedback on this product he
bought from me.” You know, so you just you dropped seeds of what you do. You let
people know it just through conversation about that. Now, they have reason to go to
your website when they’re ready to buy something. -Are people still buying
things from websites? -There’s one cool thing that most people don’t realize.
People actually don’t buy stuff from your website. They buy it from a shopping
cart. You can spend a lot of money and create your website into a shopping cart
but that’s the lame way. Even when we designed websites for our clients, we
would use an outside shopping cart and then put a link. So, when they’re ready to
buy it or add it to their cart, they hit the link. A popular example is PayPal.
Okay, PayPal is the shopping cart. They’re the merchants. They take care of all of
that. And you just put that PayPal link on your website. When when people buy
something from you, they’re not actually buying it for our website. -Right. -Your
website might be a portal. So, you can actually… You don’t even need a website.
You could have a PayPal link that you share on Facebook or anywhere in your
e-mail. -Yeah. -You know, if people are ready to buy something, “Here’s the link”. You’ll
drop a link down in the description of your YouTube video. And they’ll go right
to the shopping cart. They won’t go to your website. But obviously you know,
you can have a portal or an entrance to it on your website. Next one here’s
people… Can people have a website so people can join their list, what is that?
-So, that’s a real big one. Now, again. It’s actually not your website where they
join your list. We’re talking about an email list or becoming a part of your
own… -That is similar to being a subscriber? -Exactly.
-Okay. -If I have a YouTube channel and people subscribe, I don’t actually get a
list of all those people. I don’t get to send them a message whenever I want.
-Right. If I upload a video, they may or may not see it. If they if they ring that
bell then they’ll get notified from YouTube. But I don’t really
control who does that or how many people or anything. And so, the biggest reason to
have a website is so that people can join your list. But you’ll actually use
an autoresponder. A tool like MailChimp or one shopping cart or procarte or
Infusionsoft. And so you just have a little forum on your website that then
links to one of these tools that I just mentioned that that it manages your list.
So, you could have a thousand different people on your email list. And if you
want to tell them it about an event or you want to let them know, “Hey, this is a
special video I just made. You got to check this out.” You can then notify them
and send it out yourself. So that’s one of the biggest reasons to have a website.
Again. Like in Infusionsoft, you can just create a landing page using their
software. You don’t have to have your own website and you just link people to the
opt-in form. You know “subscribe here”. One of the best wasters is kind of a site
bonus to throw in there, one of the best ways to get somebody to join your list
is to give them something valuable for free. So, if you’ve got a book or an
audiobook download or something like that, you can let people know in your
videos or whatnot. “Hey go to this link and you can get my book for free.” It
might be a page on your website that “Yeah, here’s the free book.” Put your name
in your email hit submit and then they join your list. That’s hugely important
because you control that now. If YouTube disappeared or a facebook disappeared,
now you don’t have followings anymore. -Right. -Now you’ve actually created your
own following. -So that is a good reason to still drive them to the site? That’s
probably the most compelling. -Mmm. -That last one there a place where people can
go that you control 100%. Well that’s similar to what you were just saying a
little bit but the lists. -Yes. So, if I have a YouTube channel
or somebody’s watching a YouTube video, what’s on the side? Other people’s videos.
-Right. -Right? Or if I’m on Facebook and I want to control the conversation, there’s
all sorts of stuff going on around that are distracting people from paying
attention to me. -Correct. -Whereas if they’re on my website, they’re only
seeing me. I control the whole experience. -Yes. -So, that’s obviously a big plus. But
much time are people really spending there? You know, so when you get them
there, you want to what you specifically want them to do. Do you want them to opt
in? Then don’t worry about all that all the fluff or all this fancy stuff trying
to build a relationship. Just give them what they want. Tell them the next step
so that you can get them to join your list. Be real specific. If you want them
to watch a video. If you want them to then leave there and go to another place.
I mean be real specific about what you want them to do. Keep it simple. -So, you
talked a little bit about website SEO. Which I know stands for Search Engine
Optimization. And I know that has something to do with search terms and
and how people get to your site or something. But that’s pretty much…
-Absolutely. I would say across the board anyone watching this video does not need
to do website SEO. They don’t need to do to try and get any organic traffic to
come to their website at all. The biggest reason for this is you can’t
compete. Making this long story short, you can’t compete. On a website for a small
business or an influencer, your website will not rank where it’s going to be… -Simply
won’t end up on the front 2 or 3 pages. You’re searching for a product, we
go right now onto Google and we search for a product.
What’s one website that I know we’re going to see? -Amazon. -We’re going to see Amazon.
You point… You put your product on Amazon and focus on getting your Amazon
product to rank. Try not don’t worry about getting your product to rank on
your website because it’s not going to happen.
You’ll be way more successful of creating a video about that product and
putting it on YouTube. You can get it to rank like that versus all the work it
takes to get your website to rank for it. -So, it’s SEO for your video topic. Am
I saying that right? As opposed to your website. -The exception to this rule is if
you go to Google and you search for something and you’re a competitor, you
see your competitors right there in front of you, then maybe yours is the
type of business where you need to ignore what I’m saying. And then do SEO
on your website. But if you’re not seeing your competitors there, just build up a…
Build up a YouTube channel. Focus on SEO on social media which we’ll talk about
in more detail in our next video. -Well, I would think most people that are
watching this have the kind of small business that we
all have. So, that for them they hear… You don’t waste your efforts on SEO for your
website. Use it on your YouTube channel, your YouTube videos and all of that. That
makes more sense to me. -And it’s good news. It’s good news too because it just
relieves stress. Because SEO or building your website or stressing about
making every page perfect, it should be a good relief that you can just simplify
things. And when we say, “Okay. You still got to do SEO for your YouTube videos.”
It’s so much easier. So much easier to market that way and we’ll talk about
that. -Because you said you know how to do that. -Yeah. -So you have clients that you help
do that with. And that’s what… That’s what he does. That’s all I’m saying.
So, if I’m understanding correctly, the answer to the overall question “Do I
still need a website?” Is yes. -It’s a yes but you could get by without one. And
I’ll say instead of having this much energy put into your website, just put in
a little bit of energy. Go to and create a free one. That’s
that’s beautiful. -And I love that. Because I’m literally in the process right now
of kind of revamping mine. Good to hear that to make it simple is better plus
with the social media. -Here’s a strategy for you. Hire a professional photographer
not a professional web designer. Get a photographer to take a real amazing
picture of you that that conveys what you want it. Put that as the entire
background for your website or wix. -Yeah.
-And then put put you know a few links here and there put a video. -Yeah. -That’ll
look really sharp. It’ll show that you’re professional because you had a real
professional photographer do that and it’s yet it’s simply you don’t have to
hire a web designer. -Right, right. Good. Love it. So, what do you think? Do you
think I’m crazy or do I know what I’m talking about here? I’ll let you be the
judge. If I’m the judge, I’m going 50/50. But it
makes good sense. -Hopefully it was helpful and we’ll see in the next video.

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