E-commerce Websites

We’ve setup a very simple e-commerce website
here at MangoPublic to show you just how easy it is to maintain your website. Once we’ve set your website up, we’ll give
you your Admin login details so you can jump right in to your Admin Dashboard. So let’s have a quick look at editing an existing
product. Over on the left hand side we have our Navigation Menu. I’ll click on Products,
then sort them by name by clicking on the top of that column. When I hover over a Product in the list, the
Edit link will become visible, so I’ll click Edit, then make a quick change to the Name
of the Product, and the Price. To save these changes, I’ll hit the Update
button over here on the right, then go back to the website, refresh the page, and there
we have it, you’ve just updated a Product, live on your website. Adding new products is a very similar process,
entering the product name, description etc, and uploading images are all very easy for
you to maintain yourself.

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