eCommerce Home Page: 3 Quick Tweaks to Make It Trustworthy & High-Converting

Hello and welcome, I’m Tavleen, and I’m doing a very quick review of this store right here So I am basically not going to go into all of these pages But I’m going to look at the home page and give a strategic advice on how the home page can be improved so that the visitors coming on this page trust this website’s more. And They buy from the store. Yeah, that’s the ultimate objective all right, so let’s look at it now firstly above the fold This is the first thing that I see as soon as I land on this store and what I see is ‘WELCOME’ Now welcome may sound like a great thing to put and it might even sound like the obvious thing to put but the problem is That it is very redundant And you could have better used this real estate to communicate your value proposition And to talk about what is different about you right instead of saying welcome, right? Also the next thing is free worldwide shipping on orders over $50 or over $50. Well this statement was better put if it was right here like a sticky header or something. And I it was at the top right you could have easily used the real estate above here in form of a Sticky header that stuck here you and while we stroll down and that could have just said that free worldwide shipping on orders over $50 so now that we have freed up this space, and you know we have put we we’ve sort of we’re not writing welcome here anymore and also we have we have put up this statement in the sticky header. We’re left with an empty space here Now this is a perfect opportunity for you to tell your visitors. What is it that is different about you because listen okay? They have lots of options to choose from so this website actually supports a cause and the cause is that it Contributes a percentage of the revenue to Parkinson’s Disease right to the research of that disease for securing for the patients right so that is a great Know because to support so might as well pushed out here, so what we could say is that? Drinking fine quality tea Crafted by skillful hands is now noble cause or enjoy fine quality tea with the deep flow And feel good about it right so something like that and then the sub the sub headline the line Which goes just below the headline I could actually follow up on that and then it could say the 10% of proceeds are donated towards fighting against Parkinson’s disease so now it really makes sense because the headline is quickly telling me that well it is fine quality tee And you know it there’s some noble coils associated with drinking tea, right? And you can you can feel good about drinking tea And then the sub-headline is actually following up with the claim by saying that 10% of the proceeds are donated towards fight against Parkinson’s disease disease So I’m instantly clear about what this website is doing what the store really stands for and what really sets it apart Now let’s move a below the stroll So when when you scroll down further you actually see there’s featured tee of the month? I’d much rather replace it with the bestseller of the month because that has an added social proof to it and also it makes people Watch to explore more because they want to know what made it the bestseller, so what is so good about it? So if I were to particularly review this I would say that replace it with the bestseller tee and also What you can do is well I can only see the tea leaves here Which to me is not very appealing so for a visitor just the tea leaves alone is not very appealing what you rather want to Do is that you want to also show the packaging options? How which will be packaged? how it will look so you know the product shots from different angles that would actually add a lot of credibility to this particular product, but Here’s my suggestion. I would say that replaced this second section with with you know talking about again What really now instead of focusing on one product? Well this is your chance to talk about? What makes your product special so what makes your tea leaves special? Right so what you now must Understand is that you need to develop a bit of an empathy to burst your visitors so again They have lots of options to choose drawn right there lots of teas and coffee options available out there that they can choose from Thousands and thousands of them so what makes you unique is the here that is exactly what you should highlight in this section here Right below the fold so well This is where you should actually say that coffee and other tea versus your tea right so other options Versus you so this is where since this makes for a perfect place to do a bit of a comparison and say that unlike other Teas or unlike other coffees guess what we are not caffeinated There are health benefits associated with this tea, so you would have highlight on that right And then you could also say that are you thinking of gifting this the the tea to your friends or family well expedited shipping? Options and great gift wrapping is also available So that is what makes you that is what puts you in a great position because now as a visitor I know that you that you really understand me right. You know that I might be thinking of gifting it You know that I’m I’m I’m a fan person who’s like overwhelmed with choice And you helping me make a decision by actually telling me that your your tea is different from the other teas out there Because it has certain health benefits the other teas don’t or Because it does not have caffeine that the other teas do right so that is how you are setting yourself apart in addition to that You’ve got subscription service available So this is the place where you should mention then the subscription service is also available so talk about Talk about it mention here that the subscription service is also available, right well that you’ve got your the Collection here where I can see there are about one two three four eight eight options. So those are the only options You’ve got well. That’s okay. So this is your chance to tell them that here. This is your limited Collection right so instead of saying tea party tea collection, and I only see these I don’t see any categories I do not see I do not see more product than these right these are the unique products that you have so it could work in your advantage You could you could make it work in your advantage rather than Letting the letting people kind of thing that one of the categories Or you know where are more products right is it all They have so instead of the sort of make this work in your advantage by actually Mentioning it over here in the headline shop from unlimited, but carefully hand-picked collection well now I know that you folks your focus is not on the quantity But your focus is on the quality so make sure you let me know that right Like I don’t know if you’ve seen the bond will they add and then In the chocolate ad they clearly say that only the best cocoa from Ghana makes it to bond well right so Yeah, you know it earns its place there right so this is what you want to highlight over here that it is a limited collection But Gaspar is carefully hand-picked collection, right? That that and then you’ve got your story here. Well. I have read the story and it’s an excellent story it makes for a It’s a very beautifully written I should definitely comment you on that But here’s the thing you might want to actually put sort of start the story with two three lines here And then say continue reading right so what you’ve essentially done is that you’ve used the open-loop technique So you’ve actually opened the loop now They’re going to continue reading and go further and explore more about you, right So instead of just saying my story you might want to actually give them a few lines Start the conversation here, and then once they click on it. That’s how you complete the conversation right now You’ve got some latest blog posts here now I must comment you on this because a lot of people lot of store owners are there they’re just focusing on selling their products They’re not really talking about the you know the environment Or other things surrounding the product, which is where you’ve taken a different league And you have made sure that you talk about things that matter to your target audience. You’ve you talked about meditation here Are you talking about some books to pair with your cup of tea which is great conversation starter? I don’t know what’s talking about your own little details about your own product, so there’s a healthy mixture of you’re a promotional post and an educational or Conversational post so this is something which is really good That’s that and then you’ve got some benefits here over here I would suggest that you if you want people to sign up Instead of just saying sign up to get the latest on sales new releases and more why not talk about you know Stay updated with our latest flavors our new additions to our room To a hand-picked selection of teas or stay connected with us so that you Can be the first one to find out about the deals and discounts on our site? and all of that right, and this is what actually would pull them in and make them more to sign up and Finally I would say that instead of first name last name enter your email You might just want to ask for name and email right so enter your best email enter your name And that’s about it because that would increase your conversion rate, right Lesser number of fields the better it is so that was that that was just a few tips a few quick tips It was just a 10 minute shot video and just a few quick tips about this website I’ve got there more pages and I can go on and on and on but I want to really give you a gist off of the improvements that you can make here, and I hope you enjoyed this and You know let me know in the comments. Thank you so much for tuning in I will see you next time

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