Expert Analytics – Install and configure open-source R algorithms: SAP Predictive Analytics 2.0

Install and configure open-source R algorithms using Expert Analytics You can install and configure R 3.1.0 from the SAP Predictive Analytics File menu. Note that to work with R algorithms when connected to SAP HANA, R must be configured with the HANA server. Note that you can skip the R installation step if you have already installed R-2.15 to R-3.0 or R-3.1.0 and already installed all of the packages required by SAP Predictive Analytics. If you have installed R-3.1.0 but not all of the required packages, completing the installation procedure will install them. If you have installed an earlier version of R and have not installed the required packages, you must uninstall R before you can run the integrated installer. After R is installed, you must enable SAP Predictive Analytics to use the R algorithms. Next we will load a sample document and check in the prepare room to confirm that the R algorithms are available. R algorithms can be identified by the R at the beginning of the component name. You now know how to install and configure R in SAP Predictive Analytics. For more SAP business intelligence tutorials, visit

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