Firewall solution|Networking Product|IEI Case Study (Closed Caption)

Hi everyone I’m salesperson, Joe and nowadays we know the importance of big data so the security information is an important issue now we are going to share some application stories with you the main purpose of this solution is used in firewall so this time we are going to share the PUZZLE-IN002 application with you for CPU selection we have provided the lowest spec Pentium to Core i3 The reason we designed this product is because we select Gen 8 as the solution This platform provides 137% better performance vs 4th Gen processors and 10% better performance vs 7th Gen processors and more it is equipped with the entire needed hardware feature for the networking products Furthermore there are enough expansion slots for your clients such as M.2, mini PCIe and PCIe x16 as the expandable solution so at the end Telecom & Network Operators can build network services easily As a result it can help our client to save a lot of time and money Firstly standard hardware is without extra NRE cost or design fee Secondly flexible & scalable is that we have a lot of reserved slots And more like lower power consumption lower capital expenditure and operating expense and it is compatible with open source software perfectly this PUZZLE-IN002 has plenty of features to fulfill market demand that is the reason why our PUZZLE-IN002 is eye-catching so right now let’s take a look at our PUZZLE-IN002 hardware design At front as you can see that we have enough 6 LAN ports and it is very easy to meet our customer’s deployment And more we even have reserved 2 USB 3.0 for keypad or other purposes At the back there is PCIe x16 for expansion purpose and there are 4 active fans to release the heat easily inside the machine Currently Internet can be separated to network infrastructure and cyber security There is no machine with all the functions together but now we can distribute the resources via VM and to reach the UCPE application And we can make one machine with multi-functions and to customize our customer requirement For example it could not only be a router but also be a firewall and VPN as well As a result that is the reason why we call it PUZZLE as it can do all our clients’ needed functions and services so right now I’m going to share the applications This application story is from southeast Asia as the firewall application in police station As you know that there are a lot of important and confidential data So, it is cautious to upgrade the equipment keeping using the old equipment might have some concerns about security loophole In order to reduce the possibility of security issue happened it is essential to catch up with the latest technology and adopt the new information security solution IEI is very careful in information security and that is the reason why they chose us as the selection This customer chose PUZZLE-IN002-i3T-R10 which supports above Ubuntu 16.04 version if our customers want to use Ubuntu 18.04 version it can support it as well And more this product is equipped with the high performance CPU i3 8100T to meet the client’s high performance demand so let’s come to our second story this is our second application story in the modern age where information is exposed every minute and is flooded with virus and malware If we did not have the protective measurement the important data would be stolen and ruined maliciously In this case Philippine hotel customer there are a lot of important personal information and customer credit card trading information and so on Therefore we could understand it is very important to protect it They chose PUZZLE-IN002-PGT-R10 as the solution because it could support Linux Pfsense perfectly If you are going to set up this kind of firewall you need to check carefully whether the hardware is compatible with it or not? and our product PUZZLE-IN002 can be totally suitable for it when they are more and more machines need to be served you have to choose the better Core CPU of course But for this application they adopt Intel Pentium G5400T as the solution The performance of this CPU is enough to be used in the small and medium-sized hotel to protect the information security from attack This is my presentation today If you have any questions please scan the QR code to our official website If you like this video please subscribe our YouTube channel and click the like and share and comment on our video thank you, bye bye

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