Flag Maker

It stands for freedom It stands for All the men and women that died to give us that freedom I love them and thank them
for doing that for us. But it’s just what the American flag stands for. I love my country. Greatest country on Earth. My dad was my hero and he told me he
says “What do you do every morning when you get up?” I said, “Well whatever I feel
like doing really.” He says, “Yeah, it’s called freedom go defend it just like I
did and just like all your uncle’s did.” He says, “In fact go join the Navy.” So two days later I told him to getting the car he drove to the Navy base and I joined. I got really detail-oriented working on aircraft. And when you look at that pilot
sitting in a cockpit you know something could happen to him it might be your
fault you better not ever make a mistake. You better be very detail-oriented. And around here my wife said you know if I walk past the picture
that’s off a little bit I gotta straighten it. It drives my wife crazy. I saw it on YouTube, somebody making American flags, and me, I’m an American flag junky.
I saw how they were made and I said “Oh I like doing things with my hands. I work at a furniture store and we get a lot of our products on pallets. I’ll just break
them down and use the wood. First thing I want to do is make sure I cut the board straight! That’s really important Each board is different, there’s none of
them alike. They’re not straight. You have to square them off, you have to cut the stripes to the tee. You can’t leave any gaps in them. I’m concentrating on doing
it right. I like to look at the grain of them because I burn them with a torch and it brings all the grain out and the better the grain prettier it gets. Before the military, I was kind of a
rebel; but I now I take my family really really serious and the military
had a lot to do with that. I just started taking things more serious things that I have to take serious, instead of Instead of just pushing them aside I take everything seriously I give it more thought. That’s Sydney Madison My squad girl. Yeah, that’s my girl. One of our relatives took in a child as a foster child and they had her for about a year and a half and during that time
she was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which is the life-threatening
illness. your muscles break down over time and it was just a lot for them to deal
with, they had two small children of their own then all of a sudden she had
ten doctors and they just couldn’t keep up with it. The state was gonna take her
back.. but we already fell in love with her. She was like a granddaughter for a year and a half. We decided to go ahead and take
her. Once a year there’s a big fundraiser for spinal muscular atrophy to find a cure. They already have the treatment but they gotta have enough to find a cure. When I found out I could do something to help yeah I jumped all over that I said man I
never thought about that before it’s perfect you know they have
a silent auction and they keep the money to try to find a cure for and on a last
year I donated a small one and this year I’m donating a big one. Yeah it’s great. It does my heart good. For what I’m doing for my daughter… I’m nowhere near a hero. The only heroes they have are the guys that went to
defend our country and didn’t come back I consider them heroes. Me I’m not a hero. I’m just doing something for a child I think God wants me to do it. And I’m glad he I’m glad he picked me. Really, because she’s a great little girl. I love you Pumkin. That’s what I tell her all the time, “I love you Pumpkin.” When I went in the Navy, they kinda polished me up a little bit. And I got out and I was a
whole different person I was more polished I mean I knew a lot more. My
attitude was a lot different. It did a world of good for me. That’s the same thing with a pallet, I mean, look at it… it’s a pallet. It’s two ny fours with
some scrap wood nailed to it. you know you take it off today you refine it you
polish it up and you make a flag out of it something
beautiful something to hang on the wall and keep forever. If you look around my house and you look at my shop I got American flags everywhere. I love my country. Greatest country on Earth.

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