Free Agent Websites by NAAIP – Conference Call – Weekdays at Noon, Sundays 2pm ET

Hi, I’m Suzanne Daily of Tampa, Florida and
my family would like to say a big thank you to for giving my husband, who is
an insurance agent, the help that he needed to kick-start his insurance business. NAAIP
is the National Association of Accredited Insurance Professionals. It’s a co-operative
project which gives free websites, quote engines and sales tools to insurance agents. Signing
up to NAAIP takes less than thirty seconds. Then you will put your NAAIP website on your
own domain name by “forwarding and masking.” Certainly an insurance agent that has a website
on their own domain name will earn more. Domain names only cost 99 cents per year. Many agents
use NAAIP as their up-line or FMO. Yet, there is no obligation to do so whatsoever. Full
time employees of other entities are welcome to sign up to a NAAIP site and put that site
on their own domain name. NAAIP works with over 100 carriers and guarantees agents highest
compensation – which are paid direct from the insurer. Insurance agents often feel a
sense of gratitude and instinctively contract, especially since it is higher pay. A few words
about myself: I am a professional actress that makes spokesperson videos. A video such
as this can be on your website for as little as five dollars. Take 30 seconds to enroll
with NAAIP and see the difference it can make for your business today.

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  1. I had to cut/splice the video to cut the words forwarding and masking. The proper technique for hosting is via the IP address which will make the site SECURE and good on all devices. Click here for instructions to properly host your website on GoDaddy.

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