Giving Tuesday at Kent State Geauga – Molly Smith, Associate Director of Advancement

I’m Molly Smith, and I’m the Associate Director of advancement for Kent State Geauga and the Regional Academic Center in Twinsburg. My role with Rising Scholars is to really connect the community members – their passions – with our program and helping us to fund it. Rising Scholars is such a unique program that it connects students who are in seventh grade and continues that connection through 12th grade with Kent State students. And it really allows them to explore different career options and get that extra support that they need to complete 7th through 12th grade with the added support of our mentors from Kent State. So everything that we do with rising scholars is funded by Kent State and our generous donors, so that’s the reason why I think it’s so important to contribute to it. It really gives these students the opportunity to succeed in 7th through 12th grade as well as in the future

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