Google Analytics Tutorial – FIVE THINGS you’re measuring WRONG in Google Analytics

In this video let’s take a look
at some of the things that you might be measuring in Google
Analytics but might actually be measuring incorrectly. The very first thing we’re going
to take a look at in our analytics, we’re going to go to
aquisition and then we’re going to go to all traffic and take a
look at our source media reports. This is the very first
thing that I normally check whenever we’re working with a
new installation. We want to see how the traffic
is being tagged because it’s important analytics will make
its best guess as to where your traffic is coming from. But there are things called UTM
tags or UTM parameters that you can actually put onto the
different sources of traffic so that when they come from
Facebook when they come from Twitter you know they came from
Facebook you know they came from Twitter and not just Facebook
but you’ll know things like that came from Facebook and it was
the ad group that was retargeting your blog readers
that had the image of a puppy dog on it. You can get very very specific
with UTM so make sure that you’re using UTM or else you
might be measuring your traffic coming in but you’re not
measuring it in a really really useful way. That’s the very first thing to
take a look at. Another report you want to take
a look at to see if you’re measuring in the proper way here
is under landing pages. So here you take a look at your
landing pages report and just ask yourself, does this make
sense? Does it make sense in this case
that the basket the cart page is a landing page, because
shouldn’t that be in the middle of a customer journey? Well it might it might if the
retargeting is actually sending them back to the cart. So that could entirely be
correct when you can do is create a secondary dimension to
verify that and go to source medium and you add in a
secondary dimension of the basket page and we can actually
see what that looks like fact that we’re going to type in
basket here. So we see just all of the pages
that are coming through that have basket as the landing page
and here’s all of our basket pages along with the source
mediums for those baskets so we’d see all the different
sources of traffic coming back. So if I had a referral source
that was a third party targeting ad or something like that that
was coming back if I’m using CMS I would be able to see all of
that here and say yeah okay this is my retargeting traffic like
in this case you see Google Sibisi that’s Google ads traffic
that’s sending people directly to the basket. Now at the same time if that was
not something I was intending it could be a mistake. Somebody maybe meant to send
them back to a landing page a different landing page or
different offer page and accidentally sent them to the
basket or worse maybe the page is broken and it’s accidentally
redirecting to the basket. So you can find some errors here
in your implementations and it can help you while you’re
measuring making sure that you’re actually measuring a
little bit more usefully. Let’s take a look at a couple of
other features that will help you to measure a little bit more
accurately as well and that’s under the events now events are
going to look an overview here events are something that you
customize in Google Analytics but it can actually give you
unique specific behaviors. So if you’re not using events
you’re absolutely not taking advantage of the full power that
Google Analytics offers to you. For example we can see the
contact us event that’s firing here on the Google Merchandise
Store. So if I click on the Contact Us
this is the category and we can get a little bit more details
perhaps under event action can drive down see if they’re
selling any more details or on site click that actually cause
that contact us to happen. Sometimes I’ll put information
even the label sometimes not so there’s people that clicked on
the e-mail versus clicked on the phone number to get contact
information. So really quickly you can
measure how the interaction of contact us is actually happening
on the Web site using events. Again, they do they do have to
be set up. You can use tools like Tag Manager by the way to
make this really so much easier than it used to be. So if you’re not using Tag
Manager, make sure that you do that. But set up Tag Manager and you
can track events and put those into Google Analytics so that
you can start to measure very specific behaviors that are
happening on your site and get you to a whole new level of
ability to ask more important questions. Finally one other section we
want to take a look at. So we go to custom dimensions
here and you can see that on this particular installation for
the Google merchandise store. They are testing all sorts of
stuff. They’ve got sales region coming
through, the user category coming through, product id
coming through, the logged in status, they’ve shipping method,
they’ve got the session goals. All sorts of customized
information and this is something that people don’t
realize you can use Google Analytics for you don’t have to
use it just out of the box in fact you shouldn’t you should be
customizing it with things like events which we just talked
about and things like custom definitions specifically custom
dimensions and custom metrics. So these are unique individual
pieces of data that are unique to your company that you can set
up to track things like in this case Google went through about
sales region and user category. Now they’re able to do that
because they set it up to track that. So customer dimensions
incredibly powerful feature that will actually help you to make
sure that you’re using Google Analytics in a best possible
way. Let me know how you you’re using
what you’re learning in the comments below just leave a
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