GreenGeeks Hosting & Installing WordPress

This is Rita from Brainy Girl Designs. Today
I am going to take you through the process of purchasing your website hosting and installing
WordPress onto your domain. The link to this site is below. When you get to GreenGeeks click on the big
“Sign Up Now” button. It will take you the area where you can enter your desired domain
name. Enter the domain name, click next, and it
will take you the next page where you will enter your contact information and payment
information. Please note that the default option is the
higher three year option but you can adjust that accordingly based on your situation. Click on Create My Account when you ready. You will receive some emails with your login
information then you click on the Client Login option at the top of the Home page. Once you log in, a Dashboard similar to that
shown will appear. Click on the cPanel login. The cPanel looks like this although it can
be intimidating just scroll to the bottom of the page and select the WordPress icon. Click the Install button and find the Domain
that you would like to install WordPress
on to. Remove “wp” from In Directory if you will
be using this for your main website. You will also change the first two letters of the Database
Name and Table Prefix. I usually pick something to differentiate each domain. You can update the Site Name and Site Description
although this is optional because you can update those on your WordPress dashboard at
a later date. Change the Admin Username to something more
difficult and use the Strong Password Generator to come up with strong password. Remember
to copy and paste this
password for your use. Update the Admin Email to your current email.
Installation details can be emailed to you or someone else by entering the email address
in the specified field. When finished, click Install. WordPress is now installed on your new domain. The next
video will show you how to add Thesis Theme to your website.

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