High Performance Under a Heavy Load – Managed WooCommerce Hosting by Liquid Web

If you ask any WooCommerce developer,
what’s the most frustrating thing about WooCommerce? Right, the thing that they
have to deal with, especially if they’re building out a store they expect to get
a lot of traffic and they’ll tell you it’s the data structure. It’s the
underlying set of tables because WooCommerce sits on WordPress and
WordPress initially was designed as a platform for content in blogging. And so
all those orders that come in and hit the post meta table, just the way in
which those queries work, it just makes it hard to get a lot of high concurrency.
So, what happens is, the orders start queuing up and that makes everything
slower and that becomes a big problem for customers on the actual site. And
that’s why we spent most of last year and a whole bunch of money to build out
a different set of tables and the integration with WooCommerce so that now
we’re not using that post meta table we can move the data into another set of
tables and reduce the query volume by more than 85%. Right, which
increases that capacity without you having to upgrade to the next plan or
the more resources on the server just allows more people to hit the site more
people to make orders all the same time.

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