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In this Guide, I’m going to show you how to
edit the Homepage text on your EKM online shop. From your Dashboard page, what you need
to do is click your Shop tab, up towards the top middle of the page and once you get onto
the editable version of your Homepage, you need to make sure that on the top right-hand
side you’ve got Edit Design – that button turned on and turned white. Now I’ve got the
Qwerky Theme on this little test shop, but if you scroll down, somewhere on your Theme
and definitely on the majority of Themes, you’ll have an element for you to add some
Homepage text, okay? So I’ve got a headline up here and then I’ve got a bit of a paragraph
down here. Now you don’t need to put a lot of words into here – maybe 50, maybe 100 words
tops – okay? But what you need to do is make sure that you’ve got a bit of a summary sentence
here – so why you should shop with that shop, what’s your shop all about – and then down
here, a little body of text to basically tempt people into buying with you, why you’re different
from the rest and so on. Now when you’re filling out this area, you need to make sure that
you just type directly into the box, don’t copy the text from elsewhere because you might
drag in some formatting from wherever you’ve copied the text from…so only copy it if
it’s coming from a .txt file, like a Notepad file or Text Editor if you’re on Mac. So you
can copy your text in if you do that, but otherwise just type directly into the window.
Now you don’t need to highlight this text, you don’t need to change the font style – please
actually, don’t change the font style ‘cos if that doesn’t fit with the rest of the Theme,
that can look really quite bad. You don’t need to change the colours of the text – again,
because all of it is already programmed in to look like the rest of the Theme. What you
need to do is give the customers a reason to shop with you. Now you’re gonna be writing
this text for brand new customers, repeat customers and search engines as well, but
your customers are the most important part. You need some real human content in there,
okay? So why should customers buy from you? What kind of products do you sell? What’s
different about your shop to all of the other online shops on the internet? And have yourself
a little summary down here, so you need a headline and then you need a summary. Obviously,
you can edit these directly by clicking Edit and then Edit again and you’ll get a window
up. Click Content, and you can change the text in that area there and then click Save
& Close, okay? Little top tip for you: You’re gonna use this description on your Homepage,
you’re probably gonna use it in other places as well, like on your Twitter profile for
example, or on the Facebook Page for your EKM online shop. So if I were you, I’d get
a .txt file or a Text Editor file, and save this text – once you’ve got it perfect and
reading exactly how you want it – once you’ve got it perfect, save that text so you can
reuse in other places as well, and copy it directly from that document. It’s also worth
as well – get someone to read over it, check it for spelling mistakes, check that you don’t
have any grocer’s apostrophes because there’s nothing worse. Because if someone reads down
and sees spelling mistakes or ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, it can put people off shopping with
you. So make sure your grammar, punctuation and spelling is bob on, okay? For more of
our Support Guides, check out our Support Centre which is support.ekm.com or alternatively
if videos are more your thing then just come and find us over on YouTube. Bob onto YouTube.com,
type in EKM and you can find us on there as well.

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