How Do Hotel Booking Websites Like & Make Money? 😨 Not What You Thought

How do websites like Trivago hotels
don’t come and Cetera make money and the short answer is Jerome commission. Thanks for watching. This video is the end of the video and I’m
glad you stayed around the city and see how do they make money and how do they get away
with it and boy or girl want to find that out? So Random, Joe are Joanna Gholson Google and
I’m seeing hotels near Chernobyl you wish to comfort yourself for your vacation is a
bunch of referring or affiliate debased websites, like booking Hotel Trivago or whatever offering
accommodation worse is they are out of commission based business. They make commission on every sale that goes
through their website, but the question is who and what is the main key. Let them even being a platform or successful
business sticking to the end of the video and you have the answer to that question. So friend group is the largest online travel
company in the world. They are booking a Joda and Sorry, if I don’t know them right in your
language G Holdings / 12 billion dollars in Revenue in 2017 their competitor Expedia group
with Jones Hotwire Trivago Orbitz and Travelocity big 11.2 billion the worst
in 2018. So what they’re doing, what are they doing? Why did Google using Google serve those websites? Ask their commission based business? They should be serving the client and connecting
the client to the business, but the reality is. Side the Nick lion to Google why me about
hotel owners for kind of old school and were slow to go and get a proper Westside program
on page optimization. So on so happened was especially than 12 years
ago optimization was taken over by spamming bad things and so on. So getting Goose Bay draft in front of the
eyes of many people and the guys that didn’t do that was burnt down to Google Drake page
4 5 6 7 and nobody’s checking or looking for so I like them those platforms the proper
SEO berries many methods to wrap on Google. Acrostic for them if they managed to perfect
customer acquisition and customer lifetime value because they were really good at squeezing
the most out of the customers. Once they get your email, you know, there’s
no going out. I mean unsubscribe button on the email so
they were able to make money on the front end and on the back end from the use of Renton
Seattle is when a customer please go to the website in purchases Beckinsale is upsetting
that user or if you didn’t buy this registered they have his email to keep thinking is queued
email coupon codes discounts in whatever to make him convert their mother of conquistadors. No wonder they’re after the same thing muddy
even worse your money. Probably want to own your customers and make
money from them on the front end and the back end because that way you get more money from
your customers. You can afford to spend more money on customer
acquisition because if you’re only getting $100 conversion
the back end in making purchase two or three times on average and the last time value of
issues or goes to three hundred bucks to give him I’m going right customer acquisition or
marketing words, you can use instead of marketing is what will help you scale your business
out there. We can check my website. But if you want to do things on your own make
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away is no Financial. Do you know why not? I mean, I mean no matter what you do.

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  1. please stop pushing dark patterns on your users. changed their app so you can no longer search on specific price. minimum search price is now 54$ pr. night. which means that in places like asia traveling on backpacker budget you now have to scroll through thousands of hotels out of your budget. They do this in hope you giveup and book over your budget.Β 
    Before this you could quickly do a booking now you can spend hours searching for a room. shame on for doing this.

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