How I Enrolled 43 New People In ONE MONTH // Network Marketing Recruiting Tips

– Struggling to
get new customers? Watch this video, for
my tips and tricks on how to grow your
network marketing business with double-digit recruiting
numbers each month, and exactly how I recruited
43 people in one month. For the best tips to living
a freedom-based lifestyle, growing your network
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just one new enrollment, each month, or new customer, in your network marketing
business, this video is for you. By the end of this video,
you’ll have three new ways that you can grow
your MLM outside of your friends and family. I’ve used these exact methods
to signup 43 new customers in just one month, in my own
network marketing business, so I know these strategies
work and they can work fast. Now it’s your turn. First tip is to find
a niche, or a niche, whatever you want to call it, but this is the way to
secure yourself as an expert, especially whenever you
are presenting yourself, and your product, in
front of an audience who doesn’t already know,
like, and trust you. As you niche yourself
down, that means, to find an audience of
people who relate to you, who relate to your
stories, and have a need for your product,
just like you did when you got started. So my favorite way
to find a niche, is thinking about
yourself a few years ago. So thinking about the
time, and the place, and the mindset
that you were in, right before you found
your product or solution. This way, you know how to
relate to that audience more than anybody
else in your company, which can really
set yourself apart, and that’s exactly
what I dive in to inside of my free
Instant Authority Bundle. It’s a workbook,
and a mini-training, that helps you find your story that can lead to your
niche and position yourself as your own expert. So if you want to
get that free bundle, go ahead and click the link
in the description below, and signup, I’ll send
it right to your inbox, and you can dive
into these exercises to be able to position
yourself as an authority in your chosen niche. My next tip, is to own it. Own what you’re doing,
own your product, own your solution, own your
network marketing opportunity. If you don’t have full
confidence in what you’re doing, who is going to have the
confidence to buy from you, or join you in the business? So get really clear about
why you have decided to pursue this opportunity
in network marketing, because people love
to see that vision. You probably heard before,
that people don’t necessarily buy from you, they’re
buying why from you. So they’re buying why you’re
doing what you’re doing, or why you’re using the
product that you are, and the ways that
you’re doing it. So make sure that you know this, and you can share this vision, with the people that
you’re looking to recruit. I know it’s hard
to own what you do, especially if you don’t
have the support system in place that you need,
so watch this video above for five signs you’re
going to be successful in network marketing, even if your spouse
doesn’t support you. My final tip today is close it, and when it comes to
closing, it’s so important to actually ask somebody
if they are ready to buy, but not just buy, if
they’re ready to buy or get started, today, and
my favorite ways to do that are to start with a bonus. So some kind of fast action
bonus that they’re having just if they purchase right now. This gets rid of that
objection that we hear often of, oh I need to think about it, I need to talk to my spouse, or I need to talk to
my husband about this, or I need to look
at my finances. When you have this
fast action bonus for them to purchase
just on the spot, they’re gonna be
more likely to buy, and I probably actually
couldn’t count on one hand, how many products that
I’ve bought instantly just because of one of the
bonuses that they offered, was even highly more
valuable for me, than the product itself. So think about
what you can offer to set yourself apart from
every other network marketer inside of your
company who is selling the exact same starter sets
or products that you are, and typically we do that, through some sort of bonus, and also owning our uniqueness. So thinking about
what sets you apart, so that you can share that
with your new prospect, or your new recruit,
and get them started. My favorite line to close is, would you like to get
started with option A, or option B? Let’s get that started for you. So you just fill in
option A, option B, with the names of your
top selling starter sets. I typically give a higher
price and a lower price, and I see where they are. Found a helpful
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in network marketing, but I want to hear from you. What is your record
of new enrollments, or new customers, or
recruits, in just one month? Comment that number below,
and I can’t wait to see who holds the record
in this channel.

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  1. What is your number one tip for consistently recruiting new members into your network marketing business each month?

  2. Love the tip about owning your product! You can't sell anything or convince people to join something that you aren't 100% behind yourself

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