How Much Does A WordPress Website – Really – Cost?

Hi, this is Topher with WinningWP. In this video we’re gonna try to answer the question, “How much does a WordPress website cost?” There are two different scenarios we’re going to take a look at here. One is building it yourself and the other is hiring a developer. However, there are a couple of universal costs regardless of which method you choose. You’re going to need a domain name and you’re going to need hosting. Domain names are about $10 a year and beginner hosting is about $60 a year. Let’s take a look at that real quick. I’m here at which is a fairly common place to buy domain names. I just invented a name, octocrock, and it says that all of these different variations are available. Now .com is usually the gold standard of what you want and they charge $8.88 a year. However, the retail is $10.69 so that’s where I got my number of about $10. But as you can see, .xyz is only $1 a year and .life is a $1.88. On the other hand, .global is $17.88. So the prices can vary quite a bit, but generally speaking you’re gonna pay about $10 a year. Now for hosting, when you’re starting out, I like SiteGround and they have a start up plan for our $4 a month and then a medium plan for $6 a month and then a larger plan for $12. I averaged those out to get about $60 a year. But now let’s take a look at some of the other costs and we’re going to start with looking at building it yourself. You might end up paying nothing more than just hosting and a domain name. It’s perfectly possible to set up a WordPress website using only free plugins and, if you building it yourself, then you’re not going to pay anything. But generally speaking, people do end up buying a few premium plugins. Let’s take a look at a couple. Gravity Forms is an excellent forms builder for contact forms. You can even build forms to let you sell things and that’s about $60 a year. iThemes Security is an excellent security plugin and for a blogger you’re gonna pay about $80 a year. And you’re going to want a backup plug-in. Backup Buddy is an excellent one and it’s about $80 a year to start with. Now iThemes sells their entire suite for $247 which, if you need these other things, is a really great deal. If you don’t you’re better off going one by one. But I ballparked your cost for plugins at about $200 a year. One last piece of software that we want to talk about before we move on is a theme. Over here at there’s the commercially-supported GPL themes and these can cost anywhere from $30 to $100. And then over a ThemeForest, we’re looking here at the top sellers page, and you can see that they’re from $60 to $40 to $60 and here’s one for $30 and so on. So you can expect to pay anywhere between $30 and $100 for a good quality premium theme. Additionally you may want some higher-end hosting. WP Engine starts at $30 a month and can go up to $250 and even more if you really, really need it so I ballparked that at possibly $480 a year. So let’s review real quick building it yourself. You might end up paying nothing more than hosting and a domain name, but with some high quality paid add-ons you’re looking at maybe $200 a year and then some higher quality hosting possibly $480 a year so that’s almost $700 a year. But again it varies depending on need. You may not need all of those plugins, you may not need any, you may not need the advanced hosting, but now you’ve seen some of the things that can cost money. But now let’s take a look at having a developer be involved. It’s almost the same in many ways. You may still want those higher quality paid add-ons and the higher quality hosting, but then you add in the developers time to build it and that can range anywhere from $500 to $2,500 depending on whether or not the developer is actually building custom work or just installing your plugins for you and getting everything set up. And, again, this varies depending on need. I’ve seen websites go to $10,000 and $20,000, but they’re very advanced and they have a lot of custom work with excellent developers. I would say the bare minimum, if You simply want them to set things up and install your plugins, it’s going to be about $500. If you ask them to do a little custom work, maybe some design, you’re probably looking at $1,500 to $2,500. So as you can see the answer to, “How much does a WordPress website cost?” can vary pretty wildly. If you’d like to learn more about WordPress, check out

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  1. I like that you try to provide the bigger picture and mention that premium themes, plugins and hosting may need to be purchased. But for someone that it's barely starting out, just paying for a domain name and hosting should be enough. There are tons of good free plugins and themes. For example, for form creation, Contact Form 7 is an excellent free plugin. I mention this to not discourage people that may be trying to get into WordPress but believe it may require a considerable investment upfront.

  2. Dam good thing I didn't spend that much when I started it only cost me about $500 for Domain hosting SSL certificate plus ads to gain traffic

    PS who is that lazy that they can't spend time to make there own website.

  3. WordPress is the perfect platform for building low-budget business sites. WordPress is easy to use, but not so dumbed down that it lacks essential features. It scales well, and can support everything from a business site with a few visitors a day to the largest corporate websites with tens of thousands of visitors a day. And WordPress is freely available; you don’t need a license to use it and there are no usage limitations.

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  5. Thanks for this great video..
    Do i need to pay for wordpress plans after installing it on a domain?
    Anyway can I earn from a wordpress website before I pay for their plans?

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