How to Access Blocked Websites in Your Country?

There are times when you want to access a
website but as soon as you enter the URL in your web browser, and hit ENTER, you notice
that the webpage is not opening. There can be many reasons for not loading
of website, and one of the primary reason is the website being blocked in your country
by government authorities or by your Internet Service Provider. But don’t worry, with a simple tweak, you
can access blocked websites in your country. Hey everyone, I’m Rahul from TechReviewPro
and welcome back to another episode where you’ll learn how to access blocked websites
in your country. To access any blocked website, you simply
need to follow this process. Once you are on the browser page and getting
this error, simply open a new tab and type then hit Enter. This will take you to the official page of
CyberGhost VPN where you can download and install the CyberGhost VPN. Although there are many other VPNs as well,
but I personally use CyberGhost that’s why I recommend you this. You’ll also find the download link in the description
below. I have already installed it so I’ll connect
to it, wait for a few seconds and you’ll notice that it is now connected. Now you are ready to access the website which
is blocked in your country. Go to the previous tab and refresh or reload
the page, and now, you’ll see that the website which was blocked earlier is now loading. That’s how you can open blocked websites
in any web browser. However, if you want a completely free solution,
keep watching because the step I’m going to show you next, will teach you how to access
blocked websites completely for free. Simply go to Chrome web store and search for
VPN, you’ll see many VPN extensions. Tap on more extensions, and scroll down until
you find Hotspot Shield VPN. Once you find that, click on “Add to Chrome”
to install it in your chrome browser. Now you may close these tabs if you want and
you’ll see an extension icon in the top right corner. Click on it and go through the basic installation
process. Now, click to connect, and once connected
it’ll ask you to start a free trial. But since we want to use it for FREE, we’ll
choose “No thanks, continue as free”. Great, now you are ready to access websites
that are blocked in your country. Click “Reload” button and you’ll notice
that now the website is loading. Let’s try again with another webpage which
I’m not authorized to use in India, I’ll refresh this and as you can see, now it’s
loading. Thus, I’m able to access websites that are
blocked in my country. But the only downside of this process is that
it only works in Chrome or some of the other web browsers that support extensions. So that’s how you can access blocked websites
in your country. Hope you found this video helpful, if you
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