How to Add Subtitles to YouTube Videos [New Method]

– Question for all of
you to kick this one off: do you use YouTube captions
or subtitles in your videos? Well, if you don’t, here’s how
to do it and why you should. – [Announcers] vidIQ, vidIQ, – When you are logged into YouTube, you should see your
channel logo in the top right-hand corner of most YouTube screens. If you click on that, you have the option to go to YouTube Studio. This is currently in beta, but will become the standard as 2019 progresses. This is the dashboard, or homepage, of the new Creator Studio,
and to upload captions you will need to go to videos. This will show you your
most recent videos. So, for a video that you
do have captions for, click on that video and then go to the Advanced tab at the top. In the dead center of the screen, you should see Subtitles and
CC for original video language. YouTube should usually
automatically try and caption your videos, but it
never does a perfect job. So, if you have gone to the trouble of captioning your videos, or
used a professional service such as, you’ll
have a file that you want to upload to your video, and you can do it here with the UPLOAD SUBTITLES/CC link. Choose whether or not your captions file has timing or not, and
when you click on continue, it will ask you to upload a file. The YouTube caption system supports many different file
languages, some of which you can see on screen now. For more information, do
look at the support page. A link is in the video description. Once you select your captions document, it should automatically
add it to the video where you can press save. But what if you don’t have a captions file and you want to download the one automatically created from YouTube? Well, you can by clicking
on the three dots next to the caption and
then selecting Download. And this will download the file as an .sbv format to your computer. Once downloaded, you should be able to open the file with any
type of notepad program such as Notepad++, and then you can make changes to it, perfect the grammar, change the spelling, make
sure everything looks right, and then re-upload it to YouTube as a perfectly captioned video. So, why should you use captions and subtitles in your videos? Well, first of all, it gives the viewer a better experience of your content. To find out just how people
used subtitles on your videos, go to the Creator Studio and then your channel-wide analytics. Click on the BUILD AN AUDIENCE tab and scroll to the bottom,
and here you will see just how many people
are at using subtitles. In our case, 10% of our
audience watch videos with subtitles or captions. So, we’re giving a large
portion of our audience a better experience, and
hopefully bringing in more people who can enjoy our content. Another thing to remember
is that more and more people are watching YouTube
videos via a mobile device, which means that the listening
conditions may not be ideal. If they’re on a busy bus, or out in town and it’s just too much noise,
they would prefer possibly to watch the video with
captions and subtitles on. And finally consider this, with captions, you can use them for
Facebook and Twitter videos, where the audio is usually turned off by default when it also plays. And so, having captions on
there helps grab the viewer, and then they may turn on the audio and watch the rest of your video. Now, one thing to bear in
mind as I record this video, there are still features
missing from captions in the new Creator Studio, so you may need to go back to the Classic
Studio to do things such as full editing on your captions if that’s what you need to do. In the meantime, if you want a bit of fun, rewind this video back to the beginning, turn on captions, but use
YouTube’s auto translated ones, because I guarantee you the words coming out of my mouth will not be the same ones who are reading down here. If you want to take your YouTube channel to the next level then make
sure to download vidIQ. It will help you research YouTube, analyze videos, order your own channel, and take actionable steps. There’s a link in the video description. Make sure to check out our
YouTube beginner’s guide playlist over here, and
more awesome content, we’ll see you on those videos. Enjoy the rest of your video making day.

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  1. Hello mate it seems the download feature for the subtitle is not available on my phone & laptop's page.. what could be the problem..? Thanks in advance

  2. HI, I just added my file to show cc on one of my videos, but then I started looking through my other videos and when I chose cc it started showing subtitles automatically. Am I adding the extra file to help with search to be found on youtube? Because it looks like it's adding them automatically. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  3. Brilliant just what we were looking for and easy to follow your step by step visual tutorial. Have bookmarked your site for future reference. Thank you.

  4. Awesome…
    Who among you here needs a visit….hug me and I'll hug you back. I'm fast. Let's help each other. Promise!

  5. This might be a bit of noob question here, but i always thought some sort of youtube algorithm recognized the voices in the video and made a cc caption out of it, or is it not computer generated and do the youtubers have to make the cc by themselves, or is it a combination of both?

  6. My problem is that when I put on the closed captions is that some of the captions don't show up when someone is talking and some do

  7. Hey guys, I managed to add Portuguese subtitles to an English music video, and it said the community would check if the subtitles are alright, do any of you guys know how long it takes for it to be approved?

  8. So, and for those cases where one video that I want to watch there is no option of automatic captioning? Can I do something? I'm not understand English very well yet, but I can do that with subtittles. I did it in this video. I watched him with subtitles. Greetings from Brazil.

  9. I want to add subs to other peoples vids not mine, but the 'add subtitles' section doesnt pop up so i cant. I searched but couldnt find any info plz help me

  10. wait how come I tried using automatic but youtube kept on giving me Portuguese sub tittle. I want english..

  11. I've seen people make crazy awesome captions for music videos. They made the captions change size, font and colour. How are they able to do this?

  12. But isn't there any way to add subtitles before uploading the video? It just sucks that everyone can already watch the video, but I still have to add the subtitles.

  13. I've been searching how to ad subtitles and found your video which was super helpful. However, I think something must be wrong with my interface? As this will be the 3rd time round I have attempted to add captions/subtitles 1- I went into Advanced>English by Youtube(automatic)>Edit on Classic studio>saved. I repeated this process because still the captions/sub were not showing. I cleared my history and cache and then carried out the 3rd attempt Advanced>English by Youtube(automatic>downloaded the captions file> Made the corrections>Upload subtitles CC>with timing>save.
    Yet the captions/subtitles are still now showing. Please could you advise as I will have no hair left at this rate! Thank you once again for great videos.

  14. For those who CAN'T find the option in the new video editor:

    –when you sign into youtube click on your icon on the upper right corner and click on youtube studio (beta)

    –then on the left hand side click on creator studio classic

    –hit skip with the little window that pops up, then click on the video you want

    –and at the top it should have an option for subtitles/cc

    –set the language and then when you click on the language it should give you an option to transcribe and auto sync.

    (thanks to Shela for the comment)

  15. Surely wished you would have mentioned The Deaf population…I”m an interpreter of the Deaf and have wondered how I could myself add captions for them on various youtube videos….There are thousands of Deaf in America and not sure how many across the world. But you missed saying anything about them.If you could correct this it would be awesome thank you..Sheyrl

  16. This helped me figure out how to add my .srt file but when I turn on the cc each line begins with <i> and ends with </i> Any idea why?

  17. thank you for helping me do custom subtitles NOW AT PIKACHUUKILLERPLAYZ DO NOT GO TO MY RECENT VIDEO COZ MY subtitle will be.. wierd IN A HOUR OR SO COs im no where near done with editing iT. I've been doing this for 9 hours HELP!

  18. I have tired so many times. Its not working. Im getting so frustrated. What do you think it might be? Do you think is because we speak portuguese in the video ??

  19. I guess I'm still on the classic subtitle editor. I move the video time pointer to start at the right place and I put the subtitle there, but the subtitle only flash for about 1/2 a second, so I went down below and grabbed the blue bars and stretched them (much like you do on a video editing timeline). But some wouldn't stretch far enough. I tried deleting empty blocks that were overlapping but that didnt work. How can I stretch the subtitle box out so that the words are up for the full time those words are being spoken? It just only goes so far then stops. This is not English BTW.

  20. This is helpful but you still need to learn how to write .SRT file.

    This is the fastest way to add subtitles to youtube video. Learn .srt file format

  21. Hey there. Great content. I couldn't find anything about how to actually force my videos when played to display captions by default. Can this be done? I share a lot of my videos in linkedin and I'd like these videos to play with captions enabled.

  22. The question is how to get rid of them for good. Currently I am having to turn them off several times a day and they keep coming back.

  23. I just want the dialog in my video to show in cc. I uploaded 4 with dialog and only one wont show cc. What gives?

  24. I think I’m too old to understand anything here! I used to write code back in the 1980s, but I’m totally lost on subtitles. I sang an opera aria, and I want to insert both the original German text, along with an English translation. I thought this video might help, but I haven’t got a f__ckng clue.

  25. If there is a delay between the uploading of the .srt file and the captions appearing in the video it would be good to discuss this in the video. I have uploaded the .srt file using the instructions provided (thanks), but the captions still do not appear in the video. how long is the delay pls?

  26. Could you please advise how I can add subtitles to my video?

    If you check out the video on this link…. you will see that on a mobile device the subtitles don't show up but on a PC they do. Can you help?

  27. Hey man thanks, this seems very informative. Just created customs captions for my new video but it won't let me upload them and it says it's because of "file contains errors on line 132" I've checked/ edited this line but I don't see anything different about it from the other lines. I deleted the whole line but when I tried to upload the file this way it says "file contains errors in line 131." I just wanted to provide captions for the one spanish conversation in my video. Do you know of a possible solution? Many thanks, keep up the good work.

  28. But why this option not available on most videos. i need automatic captions but you tube not giving this option.

  29. Thank you for this video! I need to add captions in a quick fashion for my students' parents so that they may access their children's videos.

  30. How about videos that are not yours? Is it possible now? I used to add subtitles so people could understand what someone was saying, but now I can't find that option. Some people perhaps opt to block this, in that case it's a non-issue.

  31. When I watch a none English video (say German).. I press the three dots.. Go to captions…. & all I get is Turn of captions & German (auto-generated) it doesn't give me the option to select English (my native language)! Can you help me please!? Thank you!

  32. hi i try this doenst work i download the srt from youtube and editted and after tha save it on srt and uploaded on the same srt file they gave me with the same name and give me an error, what could i do, or there is a program that save srt for youtube or what tha hell i do this is always a headache

  33. Hello my friend. Thanks for the video tutorial. I know YT fairly well as a Creator. I have enabled captions on my videos, but the CC Tab does not appear when watching the videos. How long does it take for these changes to come into effect? I also did a caption file for a friend that is also nowhere to be seen though it has been enabled. Even on this video, the CC tab appears and the captions appear very tiny, unreadable. The tab and option to edit edit the caption sizes is missing. Cheers. Keep it up.

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