How To Build a Website in Under 6 Minutes

For this project, let’s see how fast we can
build a website from scratch. My goal .. start to finish in 6 minutes flat. Some of you might remember, a few months ago that YouTube accidentally deleted
my entire channel and terminated my account. Thankfully, it’s back online now, but obviously
we need a backup plan for you “King of Random” fans in case of another emergency. With or
without Youtube, I’ll keep making videos, but how are you gonna know when and where I post them? I’ve formed an inner circle, and you can become part of it by clicking
here. Now to setup a 6 minute website, let’s start
by going to and clicking on the button that says “get started”. You can
see the first thing that pops up is a number of templates that we could use to design our
webpage. And I’m gonna keep it simple by going with a template called “Beatrice”. Here
are some examples of what other people have done with the layout, but let’s just go ahead
and click “start with this design”. If we enter a name, email, and password, that’s
really about all we need to get this started. Now this next part should go fairly fast,
so don’t try to keep up on details. Just sit back and enjoy. With the timer started, we
can skip the intro video by hitting escape, then go to the main navigation bar on the
left, click the gear icon, and click to “make a page like this”. This is gonna be our
home page, so let’s change the name, and the url to match, then click save. Now all you’d
really have to do is swap out your text and pictures with what’s already here. But in
this case, I’d prefer to start with a blank page, so let’s just delete the items one by
one until everything’s gone. Now that our page is blank, why don’t we make another one
by clicking “Add page”, selecting a blank page, and let’s call this one “Videos”. While
we’re here, let’s add one more page, and call it “Contact”. Ok, with that’s saved, let’s
go back to our home page and click on the “+” sign at the top. This opens a bunch of
item options, and the first thing we need is a newsletter block. This will create our
mailing list for the inner circle. Let’s change the name, then click the storage tab so we
can connect it to a databasing service like “MailChimp” or “Google Docs”. I chose to use “Google Docs”, and as you can see it’s as easy as creating a name for the database, and clicking
save. Now if we go to the top and click “view page”, it will ask us to save our work, and
here’s what the webpage looks like so far. Now check this out. If we click the pencil
at the bottom, we can highlight the footer text, and paste in some custom information
in its place. Now if we save that, click the “X” and now click on the “paintbrush” icon,
we can access the “style mode”. This means we can edit the banner image, delete it, and
upload one of our own. There we go, much better already. But I’m not a very big fan of this
site title covering the bottom of the banner. Unfortunately we can’t delete it, but if we
click the “site title” properties, we can adjust the line height down to 1 pixel, and
that pretty much gets rid of it. Now it’s hard to tell, but there’s a yellowish background
image as well, and if we delete that, then click on “site background”, we can adjust
it to a custom background color. I’m going with black. The only problem with that is
that the words are harder to read. To fix that, let’s adjust the text colors for the
navigation (active) text, the navigation (hover) text, the standard navigation font, the main
body font, and the text color for the footer. I’m basically just changing the colors of
all the different words. and I’m sure you get the idea. Now you can see the mailing
list area is still pretty dark, so let’s fix that by scrolling to the bottom left, and
changing the “newsletter style” from “dark”, to “light”. That’s better already, but we
can also change the “newsletter background” to a custom color of our choice, and while
we’re at it, change the “button” color so it’s a little more prominent as well. Now
to tighten everything up, let’s go to the “page padding scroll bar” and adjust the padding
level down to around 25 pixels, so it pulls everything together. Now let’s “X” out of
the style mode, and see how it looks. Ok cool. Now let’s “escape” back to the edit menu,
click the left side gear icon, select “basic information” and give our website a name.
Of course this one is for “The King of Random”, and we can customize it further by scrolling
down and uploading a logo into the “browser icon” section. Next let’s click the index
for “domains”, and you can see this will give us the option to customize our URL. In this
case I’m just going to call it “TKOR”, but that can be changed anytime you want. Now
if you look at the URL at the top, you should see your icon, as well as your custom squarespace
URL. Ok cool, let’s keep going. Let’s try adding a page in the “not linked”
section, and choose the “gallery page” option. I’m gonna name this one “video gallery”,
and although this page will be invisible to our visitors, it is still very valuable to
our page. Let me show you why. When I click “Add images or video”, “select
video”, then paste the URL for one of my YouTube uploads, you can see it automatically populates
the video title, thumbnail, and sets the image overlay. Now when we save it, a little video
thumbnail pops up on the unlinked page. I’m gonna add 7 more videos just like this,
and I’ll speed the process just for convenience, because I’m sure you already get it. At this
point, let’s head back to the home page, click the “+” sign, under the mailing list, and
select to add a line. This is mainly, just for looks. Now let’s click the “+” sign again,
and this time choose “gallery”, “use existing gallery”, and select the video gallery we
just created. Now if we go to “design”, and click “gallery design”, there’s an option
for a customizable grid layout. That looks pretty awesome, but watch this. If we add
another gallery the exact same way, but this time keep the “slideshow” option, and click
the “auto play” feature, watch what happens. We can drag and drop the slideshow gallery
down beside the thumbnail grid gallery, and it automatically reformats the layout. Let’s
save that, and view the page now. Here we’ve got a clean looking signup page, with a video
slideshow, and video thumbnails set right beside it. Nice. Ok to finish up the other
two pages, let’s click the gear icon at the bottom and quickly edit the “videos” page.
This time when we add a new block option, let’s scroll down until we find the block
for inserting “code”. All we need to do is delete the code that’s already there, and
paste this free embed code, I got from You can see that if we view the page now,
all of my recent YouTube videos are automatically populated into a grid. But they are a little
off center. Let’s fix that in the style mode by grabbing onto the side of the page, and
setting the page width to 1100 pixels. Now you can see the video list is adjusted so
it’s perfectly centered. And this page is done. Lastly , let’s hit escape, and click
to edit our “contact” page. This is gonna be as simple as scrolling down to find
the option for creating a “form”. I’m gonna call this one “contact”, then deselect
it from sending emails, and instead, sync it up with my Google Docs. Now let’s see what
this is going to look like. Click “view page”, “save”, and there’s our contact form. So there
you have it. In under 6 minutes we have a website with a built-in registration, for
my private mailing list. Not to mention a few of my favorite projects, all my newest
posts, and a contact page. Everything else from here on in, is just supplemental, and
you can see how easy it would be, to add a page for blogs, photo galleries, or even making an online store. By the way, if you haven’t joined my mailing list yet, now is the time to do it. I’ve got
a lot of prizes I’m gonna start randomly giving away, and of course it doesn’t’ cost
you anything to be a part of it. Well that’s it for now. If you liked this project, perhaps
you’ll like some of my others. Check them out at

98 Replies to “How To Build a Website in Under 6 Minutes”

  1. This is all fine and stuff but using HTML and CSS is way more satisfying. It only took me a day to learn the basics and set up a website with pictures and links.

  2. how do i save the website it seems that i used my computer and search my website it says server not found

  3. well, impressively quick and comfortable. But syncing the second channel with google and youtube does not exactly seem a valuable Plan B strategy for an account deletion. (That's kinda RAID and not a backup.) It's just like securing yourself against falling from a tree by tying your rope around the very branch you fear will probably break on you. Anxways, I spent the last couple of hours watching and enjoying your other crazy videos and I'm not done yet…

  4. 1. This is pointless because Square space isn't free.
    2. If your youtube channel got deleted again so would all these videos as they are just embedded
    3. Websites cost money, no matter what. Domain name is money, Hosting is money, square space is money.

  5. This doesn't make sense. It's not made in 6 minutes it you sped the video up. Also, the videos you added DEPEND on youtube because you pasted the links of the videos to the website so if the videos get deleted on youtube they also get deleted on the site.

  6. do people receive a confirmation / validation e-mail after joining the mailing list? or could anybody just add other people's e-mail?

  7. Why do you always do stuff like saying you made a website in six minutes when you speeded the video up or saying we can make a lot of things for something like under a dollar when there is a ton more things you really need but didn't mention that are worth a lot. Still love your videos though probably less than one percent of your subs actually make the things you do.

  8. Could just do I use it and its free and you can have more than 1 site I have 2 there for clans on different games

  9. hi i don't have a credit card and i suriname we don't have postal/zip code
    how can i still get the blowgun i want to buy it

  10. HI Grant, thanks for the video. I'm always looking for projects to help teach chemistry and making it fun to learn. When i looked to see your rocket assembly video, it said it was a private video to which I couldn't gain access.

  11. Granted this is s sponsor video so I understand but you had a ton of that info pre prepared and ready to go off screen. You also obviously took lots of time to study this and most likely made this exact layout many times seeing how efficient you could make it. All to make the sponsor happy.

    In reality most people will take much longer, and spend hours like you most likely did just exploring the options and features.

    6 minutes if you study real hard learn the features and prepare all your content in advance. More like 6 hours if you are not so well studied on the service.

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